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Lattice is a talent and performance management platform aimed at making the corporate workplace enjoyable to work. It allows the company and the employees to understand the value they add to the development of the enterprise. Set goals for the teams and monitor their progress every day. Integrate the objectives into every task that is assigned to the side and the employees. This creates ambitions in the minds of employees and motivates them to work better. The companies can choose from the available goal framework and leverage its capabilities to increase productivity.

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Top Lattice Alternatives
  • ETS
  • Trakstar
  • PeopleFluent
  • Reviewsnap
  • Impraise
  • UpRaise
  • Performance Pro
  • Technomedia
  • Spidergap
  • Synergita
  • Reflektive
  • emPerform
  • Cognology
  • Echospan
  • GroSum
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Top Lattice Alternatives and Overview



ETS 360 degree feedback system has been designed for companies and HR managers to keep track of their employees’ performance, and to create training workshops and programs for performance development.

By: Expert Training Systems plc From UK
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Trakstar is a simple employee evaluation and performance review application used by managers and companies.

By: Trakstar, Inc. From USA
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Performance Management from PeopleFluent is an application designed with the aim of increasing employee engagement and interest in the company goals.

By: Peoplefluent From USA


Reviewsnap performance management software is used by organizations to expand their employees’ talent and to develop their staff.

By: Applied Training System, Inc. From USA
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Impraise is a people enablement platform. It helps you build...

By: Impraise
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UpRaise is a new employee management product to help users build an efficient team and continuously set and meet their goals.

By: Amoeboids Technologies
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Performance Pro

The software measures and documents employee performance, simplifies the appraisal process by generating performance reports...

By: From USA
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By: Cegid
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A company’s growth is usually associated with the development of its employees and that’s why...

By: Bridging Insight Ltd. From UK
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Some of the functions performed by Synergita include setting goals and periodic appraisals, regular feedback...

By: Asteor Software Private Limited From India
Based on 33 Votes


Employers can analyze performance data, interact with their employees, and send surveys when necessary...

By: Reflektive
Based on 279 Votes


The software comes bundled with many applications including online appraisals, 360 degree reviews, pay for...

By: Corporate Renaissance Group From Canada
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Featured with several tools such as, onboarding, competency assessment, 360-degree feedback, learning management, performance management...

By: Cognology From Australia
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Its key features include web-based system, no installation required, customizable review forms, unlimited reports, integrated...

By: EchoSpan, Inc. From USA


It supports the traditional end to end lifecycle of Performance Reviews...

By: GroSum From India
Based on 8 Votes

Lattice Review and Overview

Motivating employees to work and be more productive in their respective fields is essential for the success of every company. Unmotivated employees lack the desire to improve their skills and are not bothered by the goal set for the success of the enterprise. This creates problems for the company as it becomes unable to fulfill the requirements and profit targets. Every employee should know the value of their contribution to the overall growth of the firm and the role they play in its development. The goal should be integrated into the daily tasks provided to the team, and the performance of the employees must be monitored. Lattice is a platform the lets companies automate this process by integrating employee management and goal setting deeply into the workflow.

Integration of goal in workflow

Lattice ensures that every goal of the company is integrated into the workflow of its employees. Even a comprehensive business plan is wasted when it is not well received by the employees of the organization. The purpose of the goal and its impact should be made clear to the employees for them to implement it in their working strategies. The results are more efficient and productive 1:1s and actionable feedback. It helps them to focus on shared success and, consequently, more substantial performance improvements.

The companies are allowed to set meaningful goals for their workforce and motivate employees to work towards achieving them faster. Whatever the purpose may be, it should carry the performance measurement forward.

People driven objectives

Make your company objectives clear and understandable to the employees. Only then can they work according to the enterprise business model. Get them to apply the objectives into their achievement and priorities. Make them believe that the success of the company is due to the excellent work each of them did at the workplace.

Let Lattice integrate the goals into the everyday work and tasks assigned to the team. Use the progress meter to find out the completion percentage of the target and enable work accordingly. The final result is more focused and driven employees and happier management.

Track and analyze progress

The streamline goal management process from Lattice allows for more flexibility in managing their objectives. The out-of-the-box reporting provides quick reports and insights on the development and helps the company board to make mission-critical decisions regarding the operations. Manage performance and employee satisfaction simultaneously using a Lattice powered workflow.

Companies are required to select the goal management workflow from the list of frameworks and optimize them as per their needs. Drive measurable results and improvements with the platform and using OKR and Smart Goals system.

Company Information

Company Name: Lattice

Founded in: 2015