Performance Management System

Employee is an integral part of an organization and it is important to manage a healthy employee engagement for overall growth of the company. While some companies run their own programs to keep employees interested and motivated in their work, others have no idea of the process. This is where performance management software can be used. A performance management and appraisal system allows companies to manage employees' performance, decide appraisals based on performance and design strategies for improving healthy engagement.

Here are some performance management applications you can consider for your organization.



ETS 360 degree feedback system has been designed for companies and HR managers to keep track of their employees’ performance, and to create training workshops and programs for performance development.

By: Expert Training Systems plc From UK
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Lattice is a talent and performance management platform aimed at making the corporate workplace enjoyable to work.

By: Lattice
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Trakstar is a simple employee evaluation and performance review application used by managers and companies.

By: Trakstar, Inc. From USA
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Performance Management from PeopleFluent is an application designed with the aim of increasing employee engagement and interest in the company goals.

By: Peoplefluent From USA


Reviewsnap performance management software is used by organizations to expand their employees’ talent and to develop their staff.

By: Applied Training System, Inc. From USA
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Impraise is a people enablement platform.

By: Impraise
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UpRaise is a new employee management product to help users build an efficient team and continuously set and meet their goals.

By: Amoeboids Technologies
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Performance Pro

Performance Pro is a performance management system for HR managers, allowing them to measure employee performance aligned with company goals.

By: From USA
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By: Cegid
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Spidergap employee assessment tool creates 360 degree feedback to let employees decide and plan their personal growth in the company.

By: Bridging Insight Ltd. From UK
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Synergita is a simple and easy to use modern employee performance management system that allows organizations to manage their talent in the best manner.

By: Asteor Software Private Limited From India
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Reflektive is a talent management software that helps you and your employees to connect and reach your collective goals.

By: Reflektive
Based on 279 Votes


emPerform is an online employee performance management system helping businesses with talent management and employee development.

By: Corporate Renaissance Group From Canada
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Cognology is an employee performance management and learning platform, allowing employees to grow and develop while contributing their best for the organization.

By: Cognology From Australia
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Echospan offers simple and professional employee management through online performance reviews, 360 degree feedback and goal management.

By: EchoSpan, Inc. From USA


Briefly, GroSum, helps companies manage employee performance through continuous Reviews, Feedback & performance Analytics.

By: GroSum From India
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Small Improvements

Small Improvements is performance management and employee reviews software that allows companies to set and analyze private or public objectives, send messages, write notes, and praise employees on their good performance.

By: From Germany
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Clear Review

Clear Review is a platform that assists the establishments in managing the employees.

By: Clear Review
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Cornerstone Performance

Cornerstone Performance software helps organizations in improving employee productivity by detailed performance analysis and lucrative awards.

By: Cornerstone OnDemand From USA
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Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives is a performance management platform designed with the aim to improve employee performance, workforce engagement and company culture by linking appraisals with the performance.

By: Xactly Corporation From USA
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Saba Performance@Work

Saba Performance@Work is performance management & review software that increases engagement at work by giving employees the tools they need to understand the business plan and their role in the system.

By: Saba Software, Inc. From USA

Lumesse Performance

Lumesse Performance is complete employee performance management software that focuses not just on measuring employee performance against objectives, but also on increasing employees’ engagement with business results to motivate to perform the best.

By: Lumesse AS From UK


PerformanceHub by Congendo is online performance review software designed to help companies and managers with employee performance feedback, appraisals and talent retention.

By: Cogendo From UK
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Organizations world over, strive to improve their efficiency and productivity continuously. There is a constant effort from them to improve various processes and workflows so that maximum productivity can be achieved. Obviously, they have their own motives behind pushing for such levels of productivity. After all, good productivity leads to the maximum utilization of resources with the best quality of work output at an optimal cost. However, many organizations don’t do it properly. Often they rely on outdated processes and ideas which do more harm than good. There is a definite procedure of going about improving the processes and systems, and it ought to be done that way.

What role do the performance management systems play?

The various performance management systems have a key role to play in this transformation. They offer users a proper system that not only involves the management of the organization but also onboards the various employees working on the shop floor. These systems break the larger goal of improving productivity into smaller, more specific actions and enable each employee to understand their role in bringing about the transformation. The performance management systems also help several employees in understanding the objective of the organizations and align their goals and aspirations with it.

Beneficial to employees as well

Apart from helping employees understand their role and the process, these systems also bring about a certain transparency to the process. The systems enable the management to have a better understanding of the skill levels of various employees by offering a comprehensive view of it. Moreover, it also helps the employees improve their existing skillsets by adding the necessary skills to their profile. Using these systems helps organizations improve the overall communication between employees as well as management. Additionally, the recruiters of the organizations also uniquely benefit from these systems.

The advantage to recruiters

As these systems give recruiters a view of the skills possessed by various employees, the recruiters can easily find out the skills and human resources that the organization requires the most. Therefore, while recruiting fresh talent, the recruiters will have a clear idea of what is required, further enabling recruiters to discharge their duties more effectively. The other major talking point about these systems is the integrations on offer. Many of these performance management systems offer integrations with a variety of tools.

The integrations that make them more useful

From CRM tools to online learning platforms, integrations are offered as a part of the overall package. The users can make use of these integrations to have better visibility over their processes and evaluate the performance more effectively. The organizations can extend access to learning platforms and enable employees to upskill themselves while on the job. The new opportunities provided to the employees would act as an ideal motivation for them and would also reduce the attrition rate. It would further equip the organization in creating a more stable and satisfied workforce.

Performance management systems - A growing need

With organizations planning and executing rapid expansions on a global scale, the importance of performance management systems has increased manifold. These systems act as the ideal platform for understanding and evaluating the performance of employees and making the necessary changes to get the desired results.


1. Is the information displayed by these systems available to everyone in the organization?

No, it isn’t. The systems come with adequate access control features that enable the management to share only the data they want to and maintain the required level of confidentiality.

2. How beneficial are these systems for small and mid-level organizations?

The solutions offered by these systems are relevant to almost every business, regardless of its size. Moreover, some service providers offer tailor-made solutions, especially for small and mid-level organizations.

3. What are some of the leading performance management systems?

Cornerstone OnDemand, Workday, and Silkroad are some of the leading performance management systems.