Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities

By: Usoris Systems LLC

Remote Utilities provides a versatile remote desktop solution with remote administration, active directory integration, and MSI configuration features. The software is offered as a one-time purchase for business users, with a free version available, allowing you to use the software on 10 remote computers for free. The most important features available for this software include the ability to initiate unattended and attended access, direct and internet connectivity, multiple monitor support, network scanning, multiple monitor usage, and brand customization.

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Top Remote Utilities Alternatives
  • TeamViewer
  • AnyDesk
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • QEMU
  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • Aeroadmin
  • Zoho Assist
  • ShowMyPC
  • NoMachine
  • RaiDrive
  • LogMeIn Rescue
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Splashtop Business
  • Jump Desktop
  • RemoteView
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Top Remote Utilities Alternatives and Overview



TeamViewer allows you to do two important tasks easily: remote access and online presentation.

By: TeamViewer GmbH From Germany
Based on 529 Votes


AnyDesk allows you to access any remote computer securely from anywhere, without lags and without limits.

By: AnyDesk Software GmbH From Germany
Based on 36 Votes

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote desktop access can be beneficial for various organizations, and Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most well-known applications out there.

By: Google
Based on 19 Votes


By: Fabrice Bellard
Based on 2 Votes

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop management software provided by Devolutions, which allows you to manage all your remote connections within one unique platform that can be used by anyone within your network.

By: Devolutions Inc From Canada
Based on 23 Votes


AeroAdmin is a software that can be used to take control of a remote desktop elsewhere.

By: AeroAdmin Inc
Based on 6 Votes

Zoho Assist

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 23 Votes


You can use this software on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux...

By: ShowMyPC LLC From USA
Based on 11 Votes


With this software, you can access any content remotely and view the content directly from...

By: NoMachine S.à r.l. From Luxembourg


By: OpenBoxLab
Based on 3 Votes

LogMeIn Rescue

You can access any device 20 seconds without any pre-installed service, and both mobile and...

By: LogMeIn
Based on 95 Votes

Apple Remote Desktop

With this software, you can install your software remotely, get full control of other Mac...

By: Apple Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes

Splashtop Business

The features included in this software are remote control access, high performance desktop streaming, multiple...

By: Splashtop Inc From USA

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop helps to create a fast connection with your remote devices, allowing you to...

By: PhaseFive Systems LLC From Canada


It provides secure and fast access to data from anywhere in the world and includes...

By: RSupport
Based on 3 Votes

Remote Utilities Review and Overview

Often you need to access your workstation, server, or laptop remotely. It can be over a LAN or an internet connection. It will allow you to view your PC screen as if you were sitting right in front of it and using its mouse and keyboard. And, you do that by installing a remote access software like Remote Utilities. RU is a highly configurable professional remote access desktop software program that allows you to access and monitor your IT infrastructure remotely. Based on the client-server model, RU utilizes a proprietary protocol to facilitate remote access.

Get full view-only control remotely 

With active Directory Support, you can quickly integrate Remote Utilities into your directory environment and power up the remote connection. It comes with a powerful MSI configuration, a built-in utility with a wizard-like interface that you can use to configure your host installer file. All these ensure a seamless connection with the distant desktop whose screen will now be visible to you on your current system. You can even move around the mouse pointer or send keystrokes.

An ideal solution for restricted environments

For any LAN-only scenario where the company has strict security policies and restricts or blocks your internet access, the Remote Utilities software solution comes as an ideal option. You can opt to stay on your firm's relay servers or separately install a self-hosted server for internet-ID connections. The later gives you all autonomous features with strict security compliance to fully leverage the power of Remote Utilities. You can even directly connect with another computer without the need for an intermediate web server. For all installations and upgradations, you can either push-install the program or use the Remote Install tool. 

Two-factor authentication to prevent security breaches 

When you enable Remote Utilities Security, you can create multiple user accounts and groups, secure each of them with a password and specify the access permissions for each of the users. The two-factor authentication ensures that it is solely you and not a miscreant who is accessing your system remotely. To top it up,  you can integrate a trusted third-party application like the Google Authenticator to secure your ongoing session by generating a unique code.

Company Information

Company Name: Usoris Systems LLC

Company Address: 2 Veshnih Vod Street Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

Remote Access
  • Remotely Access
  • Unattended Access
  • Attended Access
  • RDP Over ID
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Proxy Server Supported
  • Callback Connection
  • Management Console
  • Syncing Address Book
  • Address Books & Folders
  • Domain Controllers
  • Active Directory Supported
  • Command Line Parameters
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Checking Online Status
  • Mobile Supported
  • Portable Viewer
  • Wake-on-LAN Supported
  • Desktop Shortcuts Creation
  • Scanning Network
In-session Tools
  • Multi-monitor Supported
  • Recording Sessions
  • Remotely Screen Previews
  • Capturing Sound
  • Blanking Screen
  • Full-screen Supported
  • Syncing Clipboard Contents
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Automated Re-connection
  • Remotely Printing
  • Data Encryption
  • User Access Control
  • Windows Security Supported
  • User Permissions
  • Filtering IP Address
  • Notification Panel