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TinyLetter is a web-enabled application that is focussed on providing users with a personal and more private newsletter experience. Owned and backed by the developers of Mailchimp, the application’s services can be used to send mails, daily updates, digests and various forms of dispatches to family, friends and fans.

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Top TinyLetter Alternatives
  • GetResponse
  • Benchmark Email
  • AWeber
  • Mailrelay
  • iContact
  • phpList
  • Campaigner
  • dotmailer
  • Mad Mimi
  • Sarv
  • FreshMail
  • UniSender
  • Yet Another Mail Merge
  • MailPoet
  • lemlist
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Top TinyLetter Alternatives and Overview



GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software with email creator, autoresponders, landing page creator, and 99% email deliverability.

By: GetResponse Sp. z o.o. From Poland
Based on 21 Votes

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email allows you to send email campaigns with hundreds of templates to choose, as well as complete split-testing features.

By: Benchmark Internet Group From USA
Based on 15 Votes


AWeber provides easy email marketing tools that help to grow your business.

By: AWeber Communications From USA
Based on 59 Votes


Mailrelay is an advanced email marketing platform that allows you to track your subscriber behavior with detailed statistics.

By: CPC Servicios Informáticos S.L From Spain
Based on 11 Votes


iContact is an award-winning email marketing solution that helps to grow your business.

By: iContact, LLC. From USA
Based on 51 Votes


phpList handles the management of the mailing lists. It is...

By: phpList
Based on 10 Votes


It provides advanced email features, such as list builder tools, data import, CAN-SPAM compliance, suppression...

By: j2 Cloud Services, Inc. From USA
Based on 20 Votes


It features mailing list import, high sender reputation, customer segmentation, email creation tool, email marketing...

By: dotmailer Limited From UK

Mad Mimi

It allows you to send and track your emails, connect with your audience, take a...

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. From USA
Based on 41 Votes


By: Sarv
Based on 3 Votes


It features intuitive template editor, effective email templates, list builder, real-time email tracking, inbox inspector...

By: Freshmail Ltd From UK
Based on 39 Votes


It is an epitome of efficiency in simplicity...

By: UniSender
Based on 3 Votes

Yet Another Mail Merge

They have been assisting the companies in sending customized business emails to the users since...

By: Awesome Gapps
Based on 22 Votes


It features drag-and-drop content, easy configuration, email tracking, responsive email design, subscriber information, reputation management...

By: Mailpoet.com From France
Based on 5 Votes


This means that despite being a marketing mail, the Lemlist software ensures that companies who...

By: lemlist
Based on 27 Votes

TinyLetter Review and Overview

TinyLetter’s unique software provides its users with a much more personalised interface, which allows them to interact with a much smaller circle of people. This means that the content shared via this platform can be much more private than the usual social media updates, where a small post can be scrutinised by almost everyone, even the people who you don’t want to share your content with.

Clutter down

The Tiny Letter infrastructure is essentially based on the Mailchimp platform but is a much more cluttered down version of it. At TinyLetter, users get to access all the basic features available at Mailchimp, minus the usual business-related tools and kits, which essentially creates a much more personal and private space for the user of the service.  The developers have created this platform, keeping in mind the efficiency and resourcefulness that always come with a simplistic and plain user interface.

Trusted by many

The TinyLetter platform has been a huge hit with its users, which has led to more than 100,000 users amongst it, who further reach out to more than 9.3 million subscribers. The power of email-based newsletters is slowly starting to gain recognition by people around the globe and TinyLetter has been at the forefront of it, right from the start of the movement.

Simple and easy

The TinyLetter platform has been designed with the sole factor of providing efficient and easy to understand writing experience. The entire software has been created while keeping in mind the essential tools that are required to create a successful newsletter experience, both for the creators and the readers.


The hassle-free and seamless writing experience ensures that the joy of reading newsletters comes back to the public. Moreover, the entire platform is completely free of cost, and easy to access for everyone. This feature has led to a boost towards the success of TinyLetter, and more and more readers are flocking to it every day. 

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