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ClickMeeting is a video conferencing and webinar software that allows you to connect with team members and audience with relative ease. It comes with features such as the whiteboard and CTA section to help with both collaboration and marketing. The platform also allows you to take your streaming to Facebook and YouTube, which adds a lot to the already rich mix.


  • It comes with the option of four kinds of webinars.
  • Handles meetings as well as webinars.
  • Allows streaming on YouTube and Facebook.
  • It lets the user create landing pages and have automation to send reminders.
  • A dedicated section for live chat. Everything else happens on a different panel.


  • It doesn’t allow the user to add images to the CTA section.


The internet has brought the world to our screens. It also brings with itself the opportunity to reach out to the world, and a webinar is one of the many ways that one can use to reach out to a large audience.

A webinar can help one accomplish a wide array of goals. It can help you get more leads, engage better with the audience, launch a product or service, publish online courses, and much more. A webinar can turn out to be a superior marketing strategy in a lot of use cases.

There are a lot of webinar hosting tools that offer one to help with webinars intended for various purposes. ClickMeeting is one such tool that can turn out to be the appropriate choice for your next webinar hosting needs.

The tool comes with features intended to make it easier for the host to use the webinar for marketing, interacting, and sharing. In this review, we will be analyzing all these features on ClickMeeting and see if they can deliver what they promise.

We will also get into the kinds of webinars it allows you to create and inspect how easy or difficult the processes are. As we already mentioned, there are plenty of webinar hosting tools out there, and it’s only natural that we compare ClickMeeting with these other platforms.

There will be a few comparisons here and there just to gauge the efficiency of ClickMeeting features in different sections. By the end of this review, you will have a much better idea of the goods and bads of this platform, and you will be able to make a much better decision when it comes to webinar selection.

Create all kinds of webinars you want

Creating a webinar on ClickMeeting is a straightforward task. All you need to do is choose the kind of webinar you want to create. Speaking of the kind of webinar, we think this is one area where ClickMeeting shines.

They provide the user with the option of four different types of webinars. Some of these webinars are then further divided into more subsections. Let us have a quick look at the kinds of webinars ClickMeeting has got to offer.

Permanent: These webinars are open in nature and can be joined by anyone at any time. You do not need to set up a specific schedule for these webinars, and they provide a great deal of flexibility to both the host as well as the attendees.

Time scheduled: These are the most common type of webinars that we usually encounter on such tools. You can set up a live webinar for a set date and time. You can have control over the deadlines, and a live webinar helps the host leverage scarcity in a true sense.

Automated: This is probably one of the more interesting features of ClickMeeting. An automated webinar negates the need for you to be present in front of the webcam during the webinar. You can have one of your previous webinars, a pre-recorded video, or a combination of both plays during the webinar.

When it comes to interaction with the audience, you can have automated webinars with no chat, automated chat, and the option to answer the questions later. The three modes allow you to pick the method which suits you the most and also makes the audience feel like they are watching more than an online video.

On-demand: Finally, we have on-demand webinars. One can consider them to be a variation of automated webinars on the platform. It is up to you if you want the attendees to be able to chat and leave a message, and also if they can pause and rewind the webinar.

All these types of webinars combine to provide the host with a world of options and make the job a lot easier.

Once you have decided on the kind of webinar you want to have, you can go ahead and take care of the rest of the usual settings. You can specify the schedule, and if the webinar has subsections, then you can pick the appropriate subsection, and so on.

ClickMeeting lets you manage the webinar access too. There are various kinds of permission levels that you can install. It starts with an open webinar that anyone with the webinar link can access.

You can have your webinars password protected with a password so that only people with the password can enjoy your webinar. If you wish to take things one step further, then you can also generate unique tokens for individual attendees. It will make sure that it is only them who can enter the webinar and not anyone else.

And finally, there is the payment wall option too. You can monetize the webinar, and only the people paying for the webinar will be able to attend it.

There is the option of enabling a toll-free number for the webinar. The registrants can dial the number to join the meeting or the webinar if they are on the go.

We felt ClickMeeting did a great job of keeping it simple for the user to create a webinar on the platform. There is a lot more that you can do around the webinar while creating one, and we will discuss them in subsequent sections of the review.

The does-it-all webinar room

Before we get into any of the bells and whistles of the tool, let us see what they have got to offer for when the webinar is going on.

The majority of webinar tools have studios that have a bigger portion of the interface dedicated to the stream, and then there is a panel on the right where all the features are bundled together in a smaller space. We are talking about chat, polls, Q&A, CTA, and so on.

But ClickMeeting is one of the very few tools that have broken the matrix and come up with a fresher take on the webinar studio.

Instead of cramping up everything in a small panel on the right, they keep the area reserved for a chat and the list of presenters. Everything else can be done from a collapsible panel on the left.

Coming to the streaming part, ClickMeeting has got it all sorted. Apart from the webcam feed, you can have all sorts of other feeds in the webinar. The usual options are screen sharing and presentations.

ClickMeeting lets you upload presentations on the webinar in advance to keep the event functioning smoothly. You can also have YouTube videos play directly on the webinar to enrich the experience even more. And all this happens with just a few clicks.

Another one of the interesting features on the platform is the whiteboard. It allows you to showcase your freehand skills and use it to put the point across the table. You can even collaborate with others while using the whiteboard to make the meetings and webinars a lot more interesting.

The only thing we felt that they could’ve done better with the whiteboard is to merge it with other feeds such as slideshows and screen shares. WebinarJam is a great example of how to make the whiteboard multidimensional and a lot more useful.

As we mentioned earlier, they have dedicated the right-side panel to chat. You can expand or shorten it as per your convenience, and there is also no need to stuff the questions in the chat. There is a section dedicated to Q&A on the left panel.

It always helps a lot when the chat and questions are segregated. It helps the host as well as the attendees when they know the right place to refer to in case they need some answers.

The usual poll section is called “survey” on ClickMeeting. You can have questions with descriptive answers as well as the ones with choices. It is probably the reason why they did not name it poll.

You can have the survey prepared before the start of the webinar and make it go live whenever you want in the webinar.

Webinars are often there for more than just interacting with the audience. It helps the organizer get leads and also sell products and services. The CTA or the offer section holds great importance to those who organize webinars for these reasons.

ClickMeeting also comes with a CTA section for this purpose. It can be anything from a sign-up page to a product link, and you can showcase it during the webinar. All you need to do is type the message, the button text, and paste the URL to the product. The platform also lets you specify the duration for which you want to display the CTA button.

When you make the CTA go live, it will appear on top of the webinar, and you can choose an appropriate color scheme so that it gets highlighted against whatever it is that you are doing on the webinar.

We would have liked the feature better if there was a way to include the image of the product with the offer. It would’ve helped make the offer a lot more appealing for the attendees.

ClickMeeting allows you to host the webinar not just on their platform, but on Facebook and YouTube, as well. You can manage the streams on the two platforms from within the ClickMeeting studio and enjoy the extra exposure.

Both YouTube and Facebook allow you to reach a larger audience without much of an extra effort.

There are also multiple audio modes that are suitable for discussions or simply listening. One can enable the appropriate audio mode and make the best of their webinar experience.

ClickMeeting did a great job of coming up with a webinar studio that takes due care of all the needs of a host as well as the attendees. And even though there are a few flukes here and there, one should have a pleasant experience on the platform.

Registrations and automation

Let us come back to the webinar promotion part. It isn’t necessary that if you have created a webinar, then people will come to it. You need to make some efforts to bring people to it.

There are a lot of ways you can try to achieve more attendance, but this section is about the aids you need for more attendance. A registration or landing page is the first thing you need to provide the attendees with something where they can showcase their intention of attending the webinar.

A landing page is something that motivates the user to respond to your call to action, which in this case would be to register for the webinar. To do so, you need to keep the page clutter-free and highlight the CTA under a positive light.

ClickMeeting won’t provide you with a ton of templates for the page, but it surely provides the user with all the right tools to create an effective landing page. You can modify the fields that you want to have on the form.

It can be just the name and email address of the registrants or a lot more than that. There is also the option of including fields with checkbox and selection options, and they can help make the registration page a lot more dynamic.

Once you manage all the fields you want to have on the registration page, you can take care of its appearance. The platform lets you include your logo, change the color scheme, add a background image, and much more.

The two sections combine to provide the user with the right ingredients for creating an appealing registration page. However, it does not end at the user registering for the webinar. You still need to make sure they attend the webinar and do not forget about it.

It is where the automation section comes into the picture. You can use it for all kinds of things such as publishing about the webinar on social media platforms, to automatically start recording the webinar, etc., but its most important use is in sending out email notifications and reminders to the registrants.

You can use ClickMeeting’s automation section to set up reminders for before the webinar and also to send emails to attendees post-webinar. All you need to do is specify when you want to send out the reminder, and the tool will take care of it.

We felt they could’ve provided the option of modifying the text of the reminder, but one has to make do without that luxury. Things get a lot more surprising when you realize that there are customization options available when it comes to sending out thank you emails.

Anywho, you will not miss having the option of sending out reminders, and it should be enough to get the job done.


ClickMeeting comes with a lot of potential wrapped under a seemingly neat user interface. One might not be able to guess all that they can achieve with the tool when they start using it. But it’s a pleasant surprise to find out how this platform can help you host some of the best webinars.

It all starts with the different kinds of webinars you can create on the platform. The available options take care of almost all the possible scenarios one may encounter while creating a webinar, and things only get easier after that.

The webinar studio comes with a refreshing take on how one should host a webinar. A dedicated section for chat means that you get to interact with the audience throughout the webinar and keep them engaged.

The whiteboard, survey, questions, CTA, and all the other sections on the left panel bring more to the table. There is hardly anything that you can’t do on this platform. The options of hosting the webinar on Facebook and YouTube can also work wonders for the host.

They also help one in getting people for the webinar by using beautiful registration pages and applying automation to remind them about the event. The customization options for the landing page allow one to imply their branding and make it easier for registrants to recognize the brand, as well. There is also the option of creating a waiting zone that can keep the attendees interested in case of any delay.

We had a good time using ClickMeeting and would not mind recommending this tool to those who are looking for a dynamic webinar hosting tool. The free trial option on the platform makes things a lot easier for those who are considering trying this tool.

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