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By: Liquid Web Inc From USA

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LiquidWeb is a private web hosting company that was established in 1997 in Lansing, Michigan. For 15 years, LiquidWeb has grown to be one of the best managed VPS hosting providers with four data centers currently located in two different places, in Michigan and Arizona. The company currently has 400 on-site staff and 40,000+ customers worldwide. The company is popular for its Heroic Support customer service team, which provides quick and high quality support for their customers.

CPanel with Daily Billing Feature

All VPS hosting plans that are included within LiquidWeb service will have cPanel installed in it for easy access and management of your server. The cPanel feature will allow you to manage your websites, monitor your bandwidth, upload your files, install various web applications, and more. The daily billing feature will allow you to pay only for what you use, giving you the best price for the use of your server.

Easy Upgrade and Downgrade

The pricing plans that are offered by LiquidWeb are based on the RAM size that you are going to use for your server. Once you choose the specification that you want, you can easily downgrade and upgrade your server specification as you see fit. Whenever you want to upgrade or downgrade, you can do that as quickly as possible.

Include 5TB Outgoing Bandwidth

The bandwidth that will be counted in your pricing plan is the outgoing bandwidth from your server. It means that you will get the incoming bandwidth to your server for free. With free incoming bandwidth and 5TB outgoing bandwidth limit, it will prevent you from losing useless bandwidth in your server usage.

Free Storm Firewall

The Storm Firewall will protect your server from malicious programs and hackers. It is exclusively available on LiquidWeb service, and you will not be able to find this firewall anywhere else. With various features offered in Storm Firewall, your server will be protected all the time, with the latest security features available.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring will allow you to monitor the usage of your server in real time, including the disk space usage and bandwidth usage. You can also monitor various aspects of your server in real-time, such as the RAM usage. If you have a website, the real-time monitoring will allow you to monitor your website traffic in real time.

SSD Technology

The SSD technology that is employed in LiquidWeb servers will ensure the best performance of the server. Whether you want to use the server for database inquiries or web hosting, you can always rely on the quality of SSD technology, since this technology is the best technology that is available today.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee

LiquidWeb will allow you to have your server up and running all the time, without any downtime at all. It will be online 100% of the time, which is the best uptime percentage that you can find in any VPS hosting provider. If you compare it with other providers that only provide 99% uptime guarantee, LiquidWeb will always be more reliable in terms of uptime and availability.

Apart for uptime guarantee, they also offer 30 minutes hardware replacement guarantee, meaning if for any reason any hardware is failed, their on site team fix it and make server running within 30 minutes.

Four Data Centers

LiquidWeb has four big data centers to store all the servers, with onsite staff ready to answer your queries at any time. Those data centers are all located in the US, giving you the best quality servers available. There is no outsourced customer service staff in LiquidWeb, which means that the support that you will get will be the best you can get from any VPS hosting provider.


The service has a 100% uptime guarantee due to solid infrastructure that will ensure your server to be up and running all the time.

With various features that you can get, as well as the specification of the server that you can choose, LiquidWeb will bring the best VPS hosting experience that you can get. The uptime is 100%, which ensures that your server will be available at all time, delivering the best performance for you all the time. The 30-minute response guarantee means that you will get the help from qualified customer service staff quickly, whenever you need it.

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