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Nextiva is a cloud-based telecommunication company founded in 2006. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. The purpose of the company is to help businesses in their communication system in order to improve their productivity and profit. They always aim to provide exceptional service for their customers.

Unlimited Calling

With unlimited calling, you will be able to make calls without any additional fee, as long as the calls are directed to numbers located in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. No matter how long you need to make your business call, or how long your customers need to talk to you, you will get your price covered by this feature. Please note that international calls to countries other than the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico will incur per-minute charges. The information regarding international calling rates is available on the Nextiva website.

Unlimited Faxing

This feature will allow you to send unlimited numbers of faxes without having to connect to any phone number. You can send your faxes from your email, PC application, as well as your mobile device. You will not pay any additional charges for sending these faxes.

Mobility Feature

Mobility feature will allow you to connect with your customers anywhere you are, since you can connect your mobile phone number to the virtual phone system. In this way, customers can still reach you even though you are outside of your office. You can also connect the virtual phone system with employees that are located outside of your office.

HD Voice Quality

HD Voice Quality will allow you to get the best voice quality in your communication. It means that you will no longer have noisy calls from your customers, as your voice communication will be crystal clear for both you and your customers. This will give the impression that you are talking directly with your customer in the same room.

Voicemail To Email

This feature will allow you to transcribe your voicemail calls into text and then send the transcribed version to your email. This feature will help to save you a lot of time, since you will just need to read the transcribed version of the voicemail messages instead of listening to the message one by one.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing will allow you to create a queue in your customer service department, in order to organize the communication line in your business. In this way, your callers can always reach your customer service team, since they will be automatically redirected to the available staff in your customer service department.

Plug-ins for Addiitonal Features

Nextiva offers various plug-ins that will allow you to integrate the virtual phone system with other applications or software that you are using in your business. For instance, you can integrate the system with your billing and reporting software for an easier organization within your business administration. You can also integrate your business contacts across multiple platforms for easier access.


This feature will allow you to have a virtual receptionist that will act as the initial receiver for each call. This virtual receptionist will then redirect or forward the call to a specific number, according to your customer’s need. For instance, if your customer wants to reach the sales department, then the auto-attendant feature will automatically redirect the call to the sales department upon the request of the customer.


With a wide array of features offered by Nextiva, you can always trust this virtual phone system to run your business. It will help you to manage your business calls even more easily, and as a result, increase your business productivity manifold. The plans are relatively cheap, and with no setup and activation fee, you don’t need to worry about paying a lot of money just for the installation of the system. However, you need to pay additional fees for some features, which are usually available free of charge in other virtual phone systems.

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