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Videos lie at the top of the online content hierarchy. Everyone ranging from a kid to a professional creates videos for one reason or another. Some do it just for fun and to share with friends, while some do it create awareness. Videos have a significant role to play in marketing, as well, and marketers are creating more videos than ever before. Wave.video is a video creation tool focused primarily on fulfilling the needs of marketers.


  • Takes almost no time to create videos.
  • Supports multiple video formats.
  • Has a rich content gallery.
  • Stickers and gifs help make the video more engaging.
  • The calendar provides a constant supply of ideas for promotional content


  • Difficult to synchronize audio and video.


Videos are the best tools for marketing. Period.

Marketing is all about grabbing the user’s attention, and what better way to do it other than videos. Do you know what’s more impressive than a magnificent image of green mountains surrounded by clouds? It’s a magnificent image of green mountains with clouds passing across them.

Anything you can do with texts and images to promote something, videos can help make it all one notch better. And it’s not just marketing and promotion where videos are relevant, there are plenty of other cases where videos are more effective.

One is more likely to learn things better by watching a video seeing the practical implementation of the concept rather than reading about it. Similarly, if you want to broadcast some information, then also a video will do much better than any other form of communication.

The fact that we have now got much better devices to both create and view high-definition, high-quality videos, makes the case even stronger for videos.

Now that we have established that videos are the best way to move forward in so many cases, it should be easy for you to understand why there are so many video creators and editing tools available in the market.

These tools vary in the ways they propose to create or edit videos. Some will let you use animations, some will let you edit video clips to make them more presentable, and there will also be some which let you play only with images.

Wave.video is one such video creation and editing tool which provides you various ways to create short and engaging videos.

They focus primarily on how to create videos focused on marketing and promoting stuff. We will keep this fact into consideration throughout the review and gauge the product around those parameters.

We will try to find out how good it is at helping users create marketable content and how they deal with all the challenges that any content creator faces while competing with professionals in the field.

By the end of this review, you will know if Wave.video is good enough to satisfy all your needs and we also hope that you will get to learn something new about this category of tools, as well.

What have we got in here?

Wave.video does not propose to be the best video ‘editor.’ The best video editing tools are very resource-intensive, require a lot of skill, and are usually heavy on the pocket.

On the contrary, Wave.video allows you to create amazing content without the need of a beefed-up device, you being an expert editor, or burning a hole in your pocket. It means you can create awesome videos on the go without even breaking a sweat.

One of the biggest roadblocks that one comes across while trying to create great videos is the extremely high production costs involved with it. You may need some sophisticated gadgets, exotic locations, skilled artists, and so on.

Videos created with the intent of marketing are usually short, and it doesn’t make sense for a lot of people to invest so much for such a short piece of content.

Wave.video tries to tackle this issue with their vast resource gallery. From short videos and illustrations to spectacular images and a wide variety of audio files, you will find almost everything you need to create great videos.

In addition to the resources available on the platform, one can use the content of their own.

Coming back to the resource library, you can sort between various categories of images, videos, and music. The search bar makes things a lot easier. The only downside to this vast collection of resources can be that one may get overwhelmed by the choices here.

They haven’t compromised with the quality of videos, which ensures that your content is right up there with all your competitors investing heavily on the resources. While a good part of the content library is accessible for free, one may need to pay for some of the content.

It will depend upon the subscription plan if you can reuse a purchased asset in subsequent videos or not. The advantages of buying assets will be that your video will have somewhat exclusive high-quality content.

Stickers and gifs have almost become a language of their own. You put in some of the stickers and gifs at the right place, and it can do wonders for your promotional campaign.

Not only it makes the content trendier, but you will be able to convey complex messages by merely applying some stickers and gifs.

Wave.video is unique in the way it allows the use of stickers. There aren’t many video generators which will allow you to add such elements into the video.

You can easily find so many examples all over the internet of how one can use only the resources available on Wave.video to generate some fantastic content. There won’t be a need to upload even a single file (except your logo.)

Hit the ground running

They have dissected the whole process of creating a video from scratch into a few simple steps. The breakdown helps one keep all the priorities straight and introduce elements as they are supposed to be added.

Let us quickly scan this process.

Choosing the right format

You may be an Instagram influencer creating a video for one of your promotional campaigns or someone from the marketing department, creating a video for brand’s Facebook page.

The nature of your work and the place where your content is finally uploaded will decide the kind of aspect ratio you need for the picture.

It is a good idea to take care of this thing right at the beginning because you will have a clue about how the final product is going to appear at the end of the process.

If you create the whole video in just any format and change its aspect ratio in the end, then the chances are that the end result may not turn out to be as good as you expected it to be.

Wave.video takes care of the various social media platforms that one may use to share the content. And then there are multiple options for each category. You will get a handful of options for YouTube, Facebook will have even more, Twitter comes with only two options, and so on.

On having a closer look, you will notice that a lot of the aspect ratios have been repeated in various categories. However, there are subtle variations in the format, depending on the group in which they are present.

For instance, the aspect ratio 16:9 is present in most of the categories, in fact, five times within the YouTube section. But all the different options have some unique attributes to them, and one can make things a lot easier for himself by choosing the right options.

Adding the content

The next step would be to add the images and videos that you want to modify. Now, there are plenty of ways to go about doing this job.

If you have some original content in the form of images and videos, then you can upload them on the editor and jump on to the next step.

But, if you do not have the appropriate content for the video, or if you have most of it and need a bit more and here and there, then you will not have to leave Wave.video’s content library.

They provide a lot of images and videos from various sources. There is free as well as marketable content right at your disposal.

One of our favorite parts is that you can type in the keyword, and there will be so many options at your disposal. It makes the work just so much easier and fun.

There are filter options to sort images and videos separately, to choose the price group of content, and to choose between popularity and relevancy of the material.

When it comes to promoting stuff, you would want to publish only the quality content. This also includes the resolution and clarity of images and videos. Wave.video has done a commendable job of ensuring that everything available to users is good enough to use as promotional content.

You will not have to worry if things will be just as sharp in the end video as they are in the preview.

You can mark some of the content as your favorite, and it will be accessible in a separate folder. There is a folder for purchased content, as well. It will spare you from all the searching process when you want to refer back to the same content again and again.

The editing part

Once you have got the right content, you can proceed with the editing and modification. Wave.video provides a minimalistic editor to users. You can primarily do three things in this case; putting together the different pieces, taking care of text on the video, and modifying the video.

Let us start from the beginning. If your video is a combination of different videos or images, then you would first want to take care of their order of appearance.

The panel at the bottom of the video will help you manage this part. You can control the duration of each segment and control what portion of it will be there in the end product.

You can take care of the transitions between different parts and have some stunning effects.

For editing individual segments, you will get options such as trimming, cropping, zooming, fading in an out, etc. You can apply color filters, have a background, and so on.

The editing options available here may not seem like much, but since the editor is also about keeping things simple, we think that it is an optimal editor for the purpose.

One of the features of marketing videos is that they often come with text messages. Despite the popularity of videos, written text is still one of the best ways to emphasize on stuff.

One tab of the editor is dedicated to this part only. You can introduce text on the videos. This part also comes with plenty of customization options. You can change the appearance and size of the text, take care of text effect, etc.

There are no extravagant features on this editor. You won’t be able to add layers or have a lot of effects that you can apply while using some of the high-end editors. But you get enough options to create a video with all the necessary elements.

And most importantly, using Wave.video is as simple as it can get. They have done a great job when it comes to the intuitiveness of the editor. It should not take long for one to get used to this interface.

Stickers and gifs

We now come to the most fun part of this tool. Just like the content gallery, you will once again get plenty of options to choose from.

Wave.video will provide a whole range of choices for stickers and gifs. You can also use some original ones if you want. You can upload them on the platform.

You can either drag and drop these elements on the canvas or simply click on them. There are customization options in this case too. You can resize the stickers, choose effects, edit frames, etc.

While there might be some users who will never apply stickers on their videos, there will also be some who can’t get enough of them. The good part is that you can decide upon the use of these elements depending upon the destination of the video.

If you are creating a video for Instagram, then stickers and emojis may come in handy. If it is for some formal presentation, then you may want to cut back on those dancing gifs.

In any case, you get all the ingredients you need to create the perfect video; it all depends on your recipe.

Adding logo

Promotion and branding go hand in hand. If you are creating some promotional content, then it is only obvious that you would want to add your logo to it.

You can brand a video if you use the Pro subscription plan. It doesn’t matter if you represent and organization, enterprise, or just your work, branding will help you prevent anyone taking credit of your work, and it helps with promotion for sure.

The music

We would have liked them to allow the user to take care of the audio right along with the customization of the video. It doesn’t make much sense to tinker with audio in the end.

This might be the only section which was not impressive for us while using this platform. Audio can convey a lot of emotions. Therefore, it makes sense to take proper care of this aspect.

But you may not get all the necessary options to take care of the music in this case. When you add a video from content library or by yourself, the audio along with the video becomes the audio for the end product by default.

If you add an image instead of the video, then there will be no audio in that section. When you add a soundtrack at this stage, it will replace the existing one.

The editor does not allow the user to deal with layers of audio, which ends up making it challenging to optimize the video.

If you are planning to have the same audio segment throughout the video, then you are less likely to come across such troublesome situations.

However, if you plan to do something complex with the soundtrack, you may end up in a very tricky situation.

Publishing the video

Taking care of the audio will be the last thing you need to take care of before releasing the video. Once done, you will find the different avenues available to publish the video.

You can download the video, create a white label link, or share it on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.

Some of the publishing options are limited by your subscription plan. You may want to have a better subscription plan to post the content directly on some of the platforms.

The whole process, right from choosing the format to publishing the video, is simple and can be executed in no time.

Since the whole process can be executed with such ease, you can create a lot of videos for various campaigns in no time.

Video templates

Creating unique and compelling videos is no easy task, especially when someone is new to the game. Some users may simply get overwhelmed by the abundance of options and overthink about the end product that they fail to produce anything substantial.

Even the most experienced marketers sometimes find it hard to get out of the rut and may need some motivation to proceed forward.

Wave.video has got something to assist the user in both these classes. You will find plenty of video templates on the platform, which can be a great source of inspiration for anyone.

You will be able to not only use these templates to get some better ideas, but the tool allows you to open them in the editor and find out how to go about creating one such video.

You will be able to see what were the different elements included in the template, what kind of effects were involved, the various formatting settings and so on.

You can also use the templates directly for your video if you like it. You can make the necessary adjustments and have a video ready for use.

Some of the templates are available for free, while some can only be accessed by premium users.

Another thing worth noticing about the template section is the sheer number of categories available in the section. There are various sections of categories, and when you get into the section, you will find subsection, and then each subsection will have multiple categories within it.

It is like a treasure of beautiful templates.

The calendar

It is not just the templates section which will help you with ideas and motivation. A marketer needs to stay on top of her game to capitalize on all the current trends and topics to boost the campaign.

Making the campaign more relatable to the current situation of the audience will always improve the chances of success.

The calendar and Wave.video will provide you with all the necessary information and motivation to stay at the top of your game.

It will tell you what is it that the world is celebrating on a day so that you can involve the subject in your day. Be it Mother’s Day or National Relaxation Day; you will not miss any of it with this calendar.

It comes with video templates for all the days to give you that extra boost to take the campaign to new heights.

It informs you about the relevant events and hashtags so that you can use them to promote your content. You can expand the elements on calendar dates to get a better idea about the elements, and it also contains some ideas about how you can use the information in a promotional campaign.

The calendar is just an excellent aid for marketers, available throughout the year. Even though it might not be a great idea to rely entirely on the calendar, it can definitely be of some use, especially when you are running out of ideas.

Final words

It seems that needs of marketers were kept in mind while designing Wave.video. It is a tool which can quickly create a video which goes well with various platforms and can convey the message as clearly as possible.

The vast content gallery and an easy to use editor made sure that user had nothing holding him back from creating a video as quickly as possible.

When it comes to conveying the message correctly, you get the text section. There aren’t many video creators who emphasize so much on text. But Wave.video seems to know users and their needs very well.

With the text section, one can easily communicate a lot more. The different customization options help in keeping things fresh, and there is no need to keep on repeating the same formatting again and again. The Wave.video ecosystem is designed such that one can keep generating different kind of content each time.

The vast content gallery has definitely got a role to play in this case. You can always stay assured that there will always be some content suitable for your needs. There seemed to be an endless supply of images and videos from various categories.

To make things even better, they also provide a template section to users. The video templates can come in handy in various situations. One can use them to learn how to create better videos, to get some motivation, and even use them directly in the campaign.

The calendar is a smart addition to help marketers stay in the loop. The exclusive suggestions for various events and days can be a great help in the long run.

While there are so many things going the right way, there were a few areas here and there which can be improved.

One of the possible areas of improvements can be the audio section on the editor. Sometimes it can be a difficult task to take care of the soundtrack from within the editor. Inclusion of a few more filters for videos can also help users.

There is nothing much to complain if you consider Wave.video as video creation tool for marketers. They offer just the perfect blend of functionality and speed that most of the marketing professionals need.

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