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Apptivo provides various software solutions for business, including online CRM, invoicing, project management, and timesheets. It features third-party apps, multiple users, simple contact sharing, unlimited customization, email and payment integration, Google Apps integration, document storage, and more. The service is provided by Apptivo, a company founded in 2009 and based in Fremont, California, United States.

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  • Salesforce
  • Act
  • Close
  • Vendasta
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Capsule CRM
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  • Zendesk Sell
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  • PipelineDeals
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Top Apptivo Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By:, inc From USA
Based on 843 Votes


Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

By: Close
Based on 14 Votes


Vendasta is a unique online platform that is designed to help software companies boost their sales.

By: Vendasta
Based on 25 Votes

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that aims to do away with the buzzwords of advertisement and provides the most minimalistic, yet most complete solution.

By: Less Annoying Software
Based on 32 Votes

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM provides easy online CRM software that helps businesses to manage all their customer relationships in a simple, effective, and flexible way.

By: Zestia Ltd From UK
Based on 16 Votes


By: Moskit CRM
Based on 2 Votes


The mobile-centric approach makes it an excellent choice for business representatives to manage tasks on-the-go...

By: ForceManager
Based on 34 Votes


It features contact management, contributions, communications, peer-to-peer fundraisers, advocacy campaigns, events, members, reports, case management...

By: CiviCRM LLC From USA
Based on 29 Votes


It features sales reports, CRM online and offline, sales enablement, sales task management, pipeline view...

By: Pipelinersales Inc From USA

Zendesk Sell

It has a score of apps compatible with it...

By: Zendesk
Based on 14 Votes


It assists the companies in listening to the issues faced by their customers to sort...

By: Evoliz

Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM forges a strong bond between customers and the company...

By: Odoo
Based on 22 Votes


PipelineDeals is constructed around the user interface that is convenient to use and customizable, characteristics...

By: PipelineDeals
Based on 54 Votes


It also provides services that alert you whenever somebody writes about you so that you...

By: Womply
Based on 9 Votes

Apptivo Review and Overview

When you think of setting up your own business generally, you are willing to start with a smaller group of partners. Eventually, when your company grows and you start collaborating with a lot of new partners as well as customers, you will require dedicated software to manage all the chaos. A software which can handle everything that causes stress and is difficult to manage for you.

Apptivo provides a solution for all the kind of management and marketing service. So that you can and be more stress-free regarding this domain and focus more on the better side, which is developing and creating your brand to reach higher levels and generate more revenue. 

What are the benefits that Apptivo offers?

There are a lot of services that are provided by Apptivo. You can trust them for everything related to customer management as they provide responsive helpdesk and you can also manage all your contractors and partners.

Apptivo will also take care of managing your projects, it will help you in estimating the project costs and get an insight of the expected revenue along with maintaining invoice records and creating invoices for the customers as well as partners. You can also rely on Apptivo for your marketing needs. And is also helpful with the management of the supply chain. 

Why trust Apptivo?

And all of this is managed on the cloud so that you do not have to worry about the storage and accessing of your data; it can be accessed anytime and anywhere without any problem. This is accessible from any kind of device be it your computer, laptop, tablet or even mobile. 

And because of the integrations that Apptivo has done with many brands like G-suite, Office 365, PayPal, Dropbox, and more, you can connect with any of them through Apptivo to enjoy the best combination of services. 

Industries & Recognitions

There are a lot of industries that completely depend on Apptivo for their services. Be it real estate, travel, hospitality or manufacturing, to all the nonprofit organizations, NGOs and many more. Apptivo has been recognized and awarded as the best team by many leading organizations like PC magazine’s ‘Editor Choice’, Capterra, Frontrunners, GetApp, etc. 

Company Information

Company Name: Apptivo Inc

Company Address: 983 Corporate Way, Fremont, California, USA

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

Core Features
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Conversions
  • Capture Web Leads
  • Mobile CRM App
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Role-based Privileges
  • Google App Integration
  • CSV Import
  • Advance Searches
  • Custom Views
Sales Tracking
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Win & Loss Analytics
  • Sales Planning
  • Territory Management
CRM & Billing
  • Contacts Management
  • Customer Management
  • Leads Management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Sales Estimates
  • Sales Invoices