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Landingi is a landing page creator software that help to creat thatreate landing pages for your marketing campaigns. It features unlimited landing pages, multiple logins, custom domains, unlimited A/B tests, autoresponder, integrations, publishes to Facebook, leads notifications, pre-made templates, professional editor, subscription form, and more. It offers four pricing options: Free, Lite, Standard 5000, and Premium.

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Top Landingi Alternatives and Overview



Unbounce is a landing page builder software built specifically for marketers.

By: Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc From Canada
Based on 22 Votes


LeadPages is the next-generation lead generation platform that helps marketers create mobile-responsive landing pages.

By: Avenue 81 Inc From USA
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InstaPage is a landing page software designed to help improve your business marketing process.

By: Instapage, Inc From USA
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Wishpond is a landing page builder that allows you to design, publish, and test the effectiveness of your landing page.

By: Wishpond Technologies Ltd From Canada
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Lander is a landing page creator app that allows you to build, publish, and optimize your landing page.

By: Making Sense, LLC From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Tomodo offers web modification technologies that provide API-based products. It...

From Israel


It features sales and marketing pages, free training and course pages, webinar registration page, product...

By: OptimizePress
Based on 12 Votes


It does not expect much technical know-how from the user and allows them to churn...

By: Etison LLC From USA
Based on 24 Votes

Deadline Funnel

It sends the marketing messages to the customers at the correct time and hence drives...

By: Deadlinefunnel
Based on 1 Vote


It features modern block-based builder, 100% responsive design, customer commitment tools, social network sharing, Launchrock...

By: Launchrock From USA
Based on 6 Votes


It features autoresponder, domain setup, viral boost, campaign management, mobile-friendly templates, viral referrer tracking, widgets...

By: KickoffLabs LLC
Based on 1 Vote

ion interactive

It features various platforms, including Rapid Deployment, Targeting and Personalization, Zero-Code Testing, Measurement and Insight...

By: i-on interactive, inc From USA
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It features professional themes, mobile-optimized templates, sharing and analytics, privacy and security, drag and drop...

By: Project 10K, Inc From USA
Based on 40 Votes

Inbound Now

It features lead collecting and analysis tools, A/B testing, landing page templates, call to action...

By: Inbound Now From USA

Acquia Commerce

It is an expert in creating an open-source digital experience and inspires the world’s leading...

By: Acquia
Based on 1 Vote

Landingi Review and Overview

If you are starting a new business and need an avenue to attract consumers through the internet, a smart and effective landing page is imperative and Langingi makes it possible for you. With Landingi, you can make attractive landing pages to successfully convert traffic your digital campaigns into customers without any programming skills whatsoever.


With over 200 sample landing page templates stored in the library of Landingi, if you do not have time to make a custom landing page of your own, all you need to do is choose the template you like the most, fill in the page with your business specifications and publish it online within minutes. If you are looking to make a custom landing page, the drag and drop landing page editor of Landingi provides you with a plethora of options.

The image library contains pictures that you can use for icons and graphics on the page. The Icon library and Font library allows you to choose icons and font styles to enhance the styling of the landing page. With Landingi’s lead generation software, business owners can manage and analyze all their leads in one place and easily export the information into CSV files or integrate them with current processes.

Landingi provides seamless integration with various software and schedule planners for the holistic growth of a business. Fully integrated with Google Analytics, Landingi allows users to analyze and optimize their output by stressing more on underperforming pages of a landing tunnel.


It often occurs that a business needs more than one single landing page to support and utilize their online customer base. Landingi helps build funnels that effectively connect several landing pages together. With the URL builder, added parameters to existing URLs can be used to track marketing campaigns in Google Analytics and the like. To attract leads, pop-ups can be made in landing pages by using the Landingi editor to trigger specific events or promotional discounts in services offered. If you frequently use a certain section of your landing page in all pages that you make, Smart Sections of Landingi will do it for you saving the mechanical work of copying and pasting every time.

Increasing Work Efficiency on a Landing Page

Landingi is packed with tools that let you fine-tune your landing page until you finally attract your target audience. Setting A/B tests allows you to discover which parts of your landing page are most successful in converting leads into customers. The results of the tests can be implemented into other sections of tunnels to gain maximum productivity.

Agency services

Landingi services are also increasingly being used by agencies to manage multiple clients or campaigns from a single account. Landingi tailors custom templates for clients exclusively based on their requirements.

With great value for money and 14 days free trial period, Landini has proved to be a giant force to reckon with in the landing page building and marketing industries. The extremely cooperative support team of Landingi provides new businesses with great ideas and advice on choosing the right way forward. This proves to be an indelible experience for newly thriving businesses and Langingi paves the path for reaching greater heights.

Company Information

Company Name: Landingi Sp. z o.o

Company Address: Ignacego Daszyńskiego 1, Gliwice, Poland‎

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Unlimited Unique Visitors
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Custom Fonts
  • Drag-n-drop Visual Editor
  • Custom HTML & JavaScript
  • Cloud-based Hosting
  • Facebook Tab Page
  • Real-time Leads Notifications
  • Lead Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • SEO-friend Tools
  • Tracking Dropping Pixel
  • Custom URLs
  • SSL Security
  • Forms Creation
  • Collecting Form Data
  • Third-party Apps Integrations
  • Managing Collected Data
  • Detailed Campaign Statistics
  • Facebook Bookmarking
  • Users Invitation
  • Managing Customer Accounts
Core Features
  • unlimited Domains
Email Builder
  • Pre-designed Templates