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Crazy Egg provides heatmap visualizer software that helps you to analyze what people are doing when they browse your website, as well as the reason why your visitors leave your website. The software is created by Crazy Egg, Inc., a software company founded in 2006 and headquartered in California, United States. The focus of the software is to help you analyze your website visitors’ behaviors so that you can use the data to improve your website conversion and ROI.

Heatmap Tool

The heatmap tool provided by Crazy Egg helps you to monitor the clicks that happen in your website and see which areas are getting clicked by your visitors often. This way, you can see the most effective web elements that you have on your website, as well as find out the web elements that are not attracting any clicks from your visitors. The software brings the visualization tool to make it easier for you to determine the most clicked areas within your website, so that you can redesign your site and make necessary changes to improve your click rate. The more click rate that you have in important areas within your website, such as “sign up” and “buy now” buttons, the higher your website conversion.

Scrollmap Tool

Are your visitors scrolling your website to the bottom area of your pages? You can analyze your visitors’ scrolling behavior on your website with the scrollmap tool provided by this software. It can help you to determine how attractive your website content is to your visitors. If your visitors don’t like your website content, they would likely abandon your website without scrolling at all. The good thing about this tool is that you can know exactly which parts are attractive for your website visitors and which parts are making them want to leave. With this knowledge, you can cut the unnecessary parts of the page so that you can keep more visitors on your website.

Overlay Tool

The Crazy Egg’s overlay tool provides detailed page analytics for your website, which is more comprehensive than any regular analytics tool. The report gives you the complete information about the number of clicks that you get on each of your web elements. In other words, you can track which of your images, buttons, videos, links, and other web elements that get the most clicks from your visitors. By knowing what are being clicked most of the time by your visitors, you can start working on increasing your click rate.

Confetti Tool

What is Confetti tool? It is a unique tool provided by this software, which gives you a more detailed report regarding the clicks that you get on your website. With this tool, you can get the information about all the clicks that are done by your visitors within your website, as well as segment those clicks into various categories, including search terms, referral sources, devices, operating systems, and more. With this tool, you can measure the performance of each traffic source and determine which site promotion works best for your website. Of course, you can also measure the conversion rate of each of your segmented clicks so that you can find out the best way to get more sales from your website promotion.


With Crazy Egg, you can easily determine which areas of your website get the most clicks from your visitors. From the data, you can then formulate a way to plan a good redesign of your website, which can help you to improve your conversion rate. The segmented click report allows you to know the best traffic funnel that you can use for your website, giving you further insight on how to effectively promote your website. However, the analytics tools provided by Crazy Egg are still not much if you compare it with other similar services. Moreover, you can only do a limited number of tracking with this software.

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