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Landingi is a landing page creation app that can be easily integrated into your website irrespective of the platform it uses. The app claims to have 1,300 clients, having created 82000+ landing pages and given many conversions till the time of writing this review. That’s an array of impressive figures but what’s more impressive are its features that have the potential to give you similar stats for your landing page.

Plans and Services

Landingi offers a free trial for 14 days; you will be charged $29 per month after that if you prepay for 6 months. You can also contact them with your requirements for a custom plan. Additional paid services include template import and creating a personalized landing page template.

Over 100 Templates

There are over 100 pre designed templates to suit landing pages from different industries such as sales and marketing, business and finance, internet and technology, sports and tourism, health and beauty, games and entertainment, culture and education, fashion, insurance, events, services, etc. All templates are designed using editable elements enabling you to give unique look and design to your page.

Feature Rich Editor

The editor contains all the tools and features to help you adapt the selected template for your page. You can change the layout, integrate shopping cart and add text boxes, images, videos, background elements, HTML code, forms, timer, buttons, social media features, etc. to your page.

Creating a Form

If you are looking to insert a form to collect contact data from your visitors, you can either use an available template or create one from the scratch. In either case, you can easily add and modify various fields and background colors.

Inbox for Data Management

The Inbox feature allows you to effectively organize and manage your leads. All the contact data collected by your landing page can be found here. You can filter the data based on different parameters like campaign and conversion, and also view additional details about the user – location, demography, social media activity, and more.

Stats for Campaign Analysis

You can view and monitor the results of your landing page in the form of stats that are presented in a simple and attractive manner. All the important parameters like the number of visits made, actions taken, conversion rate, etc. can be found here.

A/B Testing

The A/B testing tool in Landingi app is an important feature that helps you check and optimize the effectiveness of your page. It allows you to test any element of your choice (text, button, image, form, etc.) in order to find out which ones actually go down well with your visitors. You can also compare various variants of the page by creating A/B/X tests. The testing takes out the guess work from your campaign and presents you with actionable observations to help you maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your page.

Linking to Your Domain

You don’t actually need to own a domain to publish your landing page with the Landingi app. You can use a premade, professional system domain for this purpose. But if you own a domain, you can also link your page to any part or path of your domain, or even to a sub-domain.

Integration with External Applications

Landingi supports some of the popular CRM, email marketing, online payment, social media and other services out there, and can be integrated with over 25 external applications. These include MailChimp, GetResponse, Mailerlite, OnePage CRM, Zoho CRM, Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more.

User Roles and Privileges

This is one of the distinguishing features of Landingi app. You can create and work on landing pages in a team along with other co-workers. This is facilitated through the provision of adding users with different roles and privileges in your account. You can give admin, user or read only access to your users. Thus, your landing page can now get the best input from different contributors – design from your graphic artists, content from your copywriters, optimization from your analysts, and so on.


Whether or not you own your own domain, you can create and publish any number of landing pages with Landingi app for a monthly recurring fee. It does not seem to be missing out on any of the significant features of a great landing page creator to give you an awesome page with handsome results.

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