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SeeVolution provides website heatmaps and real-time analytics software that helps you to analyze the visitor behaviors on your website. The software is created by SeeVolution Inc., a software company founded in 2001 and based in Manhattan Beach, California. The purpose of the software is to help website owners to optimize their websites using important information analyzed from the visitors’ behaviors.

Real-Time Analytics

The real-time analytics feature from SeeVolution provides you with the ability to track user activity in real time. With this feature, you can find out about what your site visitors are doing on your website right now. This includes the information regarding how many people access certain pages within your website, as well as how they get into your web pages. The referring sources give you the best insight regarding the source of your traffic at any given time, which helps to measure the effectiveness of your website promotion.   

Click Heatmaps

The click heatmaps feature allows you to track your visitors’ clicks within your website, so that you can understand which web elements are being clicked the most by your visitors. Aside from that, you can also understand which web elements are not being clicked by your visitors. It helps you to give valuable insight which you can use to optimize your website and maximize your conversion. It also provides live click feature, which allows you to watch your visitors click the various areas in your website as they happen. This is useful to measure the success of your new campaign or new landing page.

Mouse Movement Heatmaps

SeeVolution’s mouse movement heatmaps allow you to track the mouse movement of your visitors while they are on your website. This feature helps you to track which parts of your website get the most attention from your visitors, and which parts get the least attention from your visitors. With this information in mind, you can start changing your monetization strategy and start placing your ads in the right place.

Scroll Heatmaps

Not all people who visit your website would scroll your website to the bottom of the page. Many people only visit your website without scrolling, before leaving your website. Scroll heatmaps can help you to determine how your visitors are actually scrolling each of your pages. In this way, you can measure the performance of each page, as well as whether your visitors are reading your website content or not. With the scroll heatmaps, you can find out where you should put your most important content based on your visitors’ activity.


Aside from providing website heatmaps and real-time analytics, SeeVolution also offers third-party plugins that help you to enhance the functionality of the software. The third-party plugins allow you to use popular CMS (Content Management System) and eCommerce platforms in addition with the regular usage of the software. In this way, you can build your eCommerce website and manage your content in one integrated platform. You can ensure that you can grow your eCommerce business easily with this solution.


The success of your online business is determined by how you can optimize your website according to what your visitors are doing on your website. If you neglect the visitors’ activity within your website, you may not be able to improve your website traffic and conversion rate. By identifying areas that are getting the most attention from your visitors, as well as the areas that are getting the least attention, you are able to apply the necessary revisions to your website in order to improve your website performance. Overall, SeeVolution provides a complete heatmap and analytics solution for your website, which gives you valuable insights to enhance your website performance over time.

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