Recruitment Software

An ideal applicant tracking system (ATS) offers a central database for a company’s recruiting activities. It helps  HR professionals and recruiters by enabling the management and review of candidate information and professional status. An ATS other features include CV parsing, administration of job requisitions, reporting & analysis, response tracking, customized online applications, email integration, and much more.

Find your perfect recruitment software with the list of best recruitment software solutions and online applicant tracking systems below:


Unlike any conventional applicant tracking system, Greenhouse is a recruiting software with a latest built applicant tracking system designed to help recruiters/hiring managers find better candidates and enhance the entire recruiting process.

By: Greenhouse Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 49 Votes


Jazz, a latest recruiting software build for the modern employers. The software...

By: Hireku Inc. From USA


Darwin, a user-friendly CRM recruitment software that connects recruiters and candidates seamlessly.

By: 1 Click Software Ltd From UK
Based on 2 Votes


Compas provides cloud-based recruiting software for both staffing and corporate industries.

By: Compas Technology, LLC From USA


Bullhorn provides best-in-class staffing and recruiting software for companies to automate the recruiting process, from front to back office.



Broadbean is an innovative, smart, and global recruitment software. It helps...

By: Broadbean Inc. From UK
Based on 9 Votes


Jobvite’s analytics-driven recruiting software speeds up the hiring process with an applicant tracking system, mobile solution, and social recruiting.

By: Jobvite, Inc. From USA
Based on 50 Votes


Workable is an online recruiting software. It helps you with the process...

By: Workable Software Limited From USA
Based on 36 Votes


If you are looking for more than just a conventional recruiting software, then SmartRecruiters is all you need.

By: SmartRecruiters Inc. From USA
Based on 14 Votes

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit, an easy to use online recruitment software that helps recruiting departments and staffing agencies with their resumes, job openings, candidates, clients, and contacts - quickly and efficiently.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
Based on 67 Votes


JobAdder, a recruitment software and applicant tracking system for HR departments and recruitment companies across the globe.

By: JobAdder Operations Pty Limited From Australia
Based on 14 Votes


Recruitee is more than just a recruiting software. It integrates employer branding...

By: Recruitee B.V. From Netherlands
Based on 14 Votes


Softgarden is a web-based recruiting software that helps you in making better hiring decisions.

By: softgarden e-recruiting GmbH From Germany
Based on 20 Votes


PeopleAdmin is an academic information system that helps institutes get a comprehensive view of their processes and manage them easily.

By: PeopleAdmin
Based on 9 Votes


Recruiterbox, a recruitment software that optimizes and simplifies your entire hiring process.

By: Recruiterbox Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes


Beamery is an all-in-one platform for candidate engagement, sourcing, CRM, and employer branding- synchronized with your ATS.

By: Beamery Inc. From UK
Based on 5 Votes


JobScore is a premium applicant tracking system that gives in-house recruiters all needed tools right from hosting a careers page, referral campaigns, resume parsing, etc.

By: JobScore, Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes

Newton Software

Newton is a complete applicant tracking system designed to enhance the recruiting productivity for small and medium-sized employers.

By: Newton Software, Inc. From USA

Top Echelon

Top Echelon provides recruitment solutions through its recruiting software, recruiting websites, and recruiter split placement network.

By: Top Echelon, Inc. From USA


TrackerRMS offers a perfect recruitment software for any in-house staffing or consulting business.

By: TrackerRMS Ltd From USA
Based on 17 Votes


Not just an applicant tracking system, PCRecruiter is a staffing software as well.

By: Main Sequence Technology, Inc. From USA
Based on 35 Votes


TempWorks provides staffing software solutions for large staffing companies from online application portals and invoices to online reporting.

By: Tempworks Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes

HackerRank For Work

HackerRank For Work streamlines your technical recruiting process with its automated CodeChallenges to find the best engineers around the world.

By: Interviewstreet Incorporation From USA


HiringThing is a recruitment management software that helps recruiters and hiring managers post jobs online, manage and hire the best candidates.

By: HiringThing, LLC. From USA
Based on 12 Votes


Now companies and agencies can get right candidates with HireHive recruiting software that helps recruiters find great candidates.

By: Assembly Point Limited From Ireland
Based on 24 Votes


DoSelect is a technology independent and data-driven hiring platform that helps hiring managers in making best hiring decisions.

By: DoSelect, Inc. From India
Based on 1 Vote


Fitzii helps small and medium-sized businesses by providing them not just a free hiring platform, but also, a free applicant tracking and expert hiring help for a faster and better hiring process.

By: Fitzii Inc. From Canada


Jobsoid is a powerful recruitment software and online applicant tracking system that makes easier for recruiters every step of the hiring process right from sourcing to getting onboard the best candidates.

By: Teknorix Systems Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 13 Votes

Staffing Soft

Staffing Soft is an enterprise-wide recruiting software and applicant tracking system.

By: StaffingSoft, Inc. From USA


Hyrell is an online recruiting software with an easy-to-use applicant tracking system that enhances your entire hiring process.

By: Jordan Gilmore, Inc. From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Firefish Software

Firefish Software provides recruitment for all professional recruiters across the globe.

By: Firefish Software Ltd From UK


Simplicant is a social recruiting and applicant tracking system designed to boost your hiring performance.

By:, inc. From USA
Based on 6 Votes


Not only a cloud-hosted software, Exelare is a complete staffing and recruiting software.

By: cBizSoft, Inc. From USA
Based on 8 Votes

iCIMS Recruit

Not just a mere applicant tracking system, iCIMS recruiting software allows recruiting firms, staffing agencies, corporate HR, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to store and track profiles, jobs, and workflows in a central location.

By: iCIMS, Inc. From USA
Based on 64 Votes

Recruit So Simple

Recruit So Simple is an advanced, powerful recruitment software for HR professionals and recruiters across the globe.

By: Recruit So Simple Ltd From UK


AcquireTM is a web-based solution for small and medium-sized companies who want to use a user-friendly talent acquisition and applicant tracking system.

By: EON Applications, Inc. From USA

Qandidate offers a free recruitment system from big to small-sized companies.

By: Qandidate Holding BV From Netherlands


Talentsqaure, a simple, user-friendly applicant tracking system that manages all your vacancies across various platforms.

By: Talentsquare SPRL From Belgium

Human resources form an indispensable part of any organization. Recruiting the best-fit talents from a pool of applications becomes integral to the success of your organization as your employees decide your team productivity. For a single job posting, you may easily receive some 500 to 1000 applications. Wading through each of their files and answers and then screening for the final interview can be one cumbersome process. A great way to free your HR team from all this hassle involved in the process is to go for a recruitment software.

Find better candidates for your organization

Reaching out to potential candidates is not difficult in today’s world, thanks to the electronic media. A recruitment software lets you upload and update your posting across your website, all social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as well as other job posting sites. It helps you get the most desired applications not just from your city but possibly from across the globe. If an applicant is applying multiple times from different platforms, with the help of social media integration, you can streamline all the channels and leave out all duplicate entries. The right software would also be able to give you advanced search functionalities to cherry-pick the best from the extensive database of candidates by applying filters. You can also work on your sourcing strategies with the help of the software and improve it to receive applications from the right candidates.

Automating the talent acquisition process with recruitment software

Recruitment is a time-heavy and manpower-intensive process. Small organizations may not even have the workforce to select a candidate as an employee in the nick of time. To save crucial business hours from being invested in repetitive tasks, you can quickly transfer the load to an automated process brought about by the recruitment software. Do away with monotonous paperwork while also making communications more effective throughout the process. The later is equally vital as you would want every member of the team to be on the same boat and also respond quickly to the potential candidates. Automate emails and replies to candidates to turn your attention towards more important tasks at hand. For multiple hiring that mostly follows the same procedure, you can create one workflow and replicate it across all postings, both for now and the future.

Applicant tracking and resume management system

Having an applicant tracking system is an essential step in the long journey of the recruitment process. Not all applicants will be on the same page as recruitment often takes place over a period of time instead of just one day. Some may have already given the final interview while others may have cleared the technical round, selected for the next interview round, however, are yet to complete it. The tracking system helps to keep tabs on each of the applicant’s status. It also helps to centralize communication within the organization as the hiring process involves many individuals like managers, technical experts, recruiters, interviewers, and of course, the candidates. You can also archive the candidate profiles for future job considerations.

Use reporting and analytics to develop your recruitment further

Like any other business process, recruitment too can be improved with data-driven decisions. From the source of applications to the health of your recruiting funnel, a recruitment software gives you actionable insights that can help in understanding the process better. You can end up with a massive amount of applicant data from one posting, and you can leverage this to identify trends and discrepancies. Even if your opening did not receive as many qualified applications as you had expected, you could detect the exact pain point with the help of some recruitment software that gives you robust reporting features. Knowing which step is underperforming or overpricing your process will help you optimize it to see better results.

Opt for a recruitment software solution with a user-friendly interface

Despite being indispensable, recruitment software can be quite clunky and tricky to adapt to, for all members of your organization. A solution with a user-friendly interface, on the other hand, can add to the benefit of the software itself. Automated data entries, easy customizations, drag-and-drop functionalities, easy software integrations, etc. are some of the features to look out for before you decide on a hiring software.