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By: Liwio S.A.R.L From France

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ABTasty is an effective solution designed for e-commerce websites, media publishers and generation players and it helps data driven marketers for easing their processes of A/B testing. The company belongs to internet industry and was founded in the year 2009. ABTasty is headquartered Paris, France and it offers innovative solutions for website conversion by using all kinds of tests. It includes visual and interactive editor with the help of which you can edit and change different WebPages of your website quite easily. It helps in achieving profitable objectives with the help of its feature set that includes WYSIWYG editor for creating different variations, advanced HTML, java script and CSS editor, automated test optimization, unlimited number of tests, etc.


ABTasty includes effective personalization techniques that can be efficiently used for conversion optimization of your websites. It helps in designing the most suitable path for every traffic segment of your website and hence with the help of this you can easily personalize the experience of your visitors in as simple way as you perform different tests. By using this you can utilize the same interface and the same automation for creating your segmented marketing campaigns in a lucrative manner. You can also quite efficiently take advantage of what you learn from your tests in personalizing the experience of the visitors for all the different user segments. As it allows you to use the right message at right time with right visitor. ABTasty also helps in identifying the most effective message.


With the help of reporting ABTasty lets you evaluate different things that count for the optimization of your business. It defines your business indicators that assist you in measuring everything that you need for effective conversion. It can help you in analyzing your visitors’ engagement, the turnover generated, and your conversion rate along with average cart value. It saves different business indicators for each of the variations and then it calculates the performance differences with the original. It also provides you proven statistical reliability indicator that tells you whether the differences are really significant or not. By using this you can increase the range of things that you analyze as it can be integrated with other web analytics and conversion optimization tools quite easily.


ABTasty feature set includes editors that can change your pages in whatever way you want as with the help of its editor you do not need any technical knowledge for making effective changes to your website. You only need to add HTML code of ABTasty and then you can simply let your aspirations guide you. WYSIWYG editor of ABTasty lets you create different variation in the most effective yet convenient manner. By using this you can make whatever changes you want to your web page. ABTasty also enables you to make changes without having any need to change the underlying HTML or CSS codes. It also lets you easily change a headline or button copy and if you already have strong CSS, HTML and JavaScript resources then you can edit the source directly from its editor.


ABTasty allows you to create all your tests from the same interface just by using few clicks. You can use it for all the tests from the simplest to the most complex like A/B tests or A/B/C tests, etc., along with the tests on pages behind logins, multivariate tests (MVT), multi-page tests (tunnel), etc. It includes good targeting behavioural options for all levels. It also precisely defines the pages and visitors for including in your tests as it incorporates unlimited criteria such as content types, navigation behaviour, URLs, or device types. IT also allows you to use your own data for the test targeting purposes. You are also allowed to configure your test the way you prefer so if you want to test only a portion of your website or wish to set up an automatic launch date or like to exclude any IP, you can easily do that too.  


ABTasty is greatly suitable for improving conversion of different websites as it helps in meeting the need for a high degree of analysis and agility in different technical and dynamic sectors where decisions are needed to be backed by data not on intuitions. It previews all the variations in multiple browsers and offers unlimited number of variations per test. It also offers traffic modulation per variation and can perform tests on the protected pages, funnels, or multi page. It can perform unlimited number of testing by including standard test targeting options. ABTasty is also useful in performing advanced targeting and it also incorporates the feature of automated test optimization. It can also be integrated with third party analytic tools and hence it is worth for conversion optimization.

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