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By: AdsBridge Global Ltd. From United Arab Emirates
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Affiliate marketing is no longer one of those hit-or-miss games. Since it's early days it has evolved much more to become scientific and manageable, thanks to large number of programs and services that have been developed to provide you detailed reports regarding performance of your ads. However, just like any major industry affiliate marketing industry also suffers from the problem of crowd.

Just as there's no shortage of affiliate marketers, there's no shortage of ad tracker programs as well. In such a condition, choosing one becomes very difficult. Fortunately, we've been able to find one nice ad performance tracker for you called AdsBridge. Here we're going to review it and have a look at all its major pros and cons to identify how good or bad it is for affiliate marketers.

Landing Page Builder

Using multiple programs to manage your ads may be a bit daunting sometimes. Wouldn't it be great if your ad performance tracker can provide some functionality to design (or at least tweak) landing pages as well? AdsBridge does precisely that. It's not just an ad performance tracker — it also has a landing page builder so you can use just one program to measure performance of your campaigns and then tweak them.

The only complaint that I had with their landing page builder is that it's somewhat lacking in functionality. In short, it's not as flexible as having a developer or a locally installed software to tweak your landing pages. So it may not allow you to change the design of your landing pages drastically, but it'll at least allow you to make some minor (and sometimes even some major) changes that you may need.

Automatic Campaign Optimization

Thanks to this technology, AdsBridge can optimize your campaigns for best performance automatically. It has got algorithms built into it that're developed to implement some of the best advertising and marketing strategies. It can automatically tweak your campaigns according to those strategies to maximize performance.

Other Major Benefits

Besides these benefits, AdsBridge has many other benefits as well. For example:

  • Free: Arguably the biggest benefit of this traffic tracker is that you can start using it for free. Means if you don't like it for any reason, you won't risk anything. The basic trial version, which you can get for free for 30 days, is good enough to get you started and give you an idea of basically what you can expect if you opt for a paid subscription. Then if you like it, you can proceed with one of their paid subscriptions.
  • Cloud Based: Being a SaaS platform, AdsBridge doesn't require you to install any programs on your computer that will consume memory. You can use it simply from the cloud and continue to manage your business – not some piece of software
  • Great Multi-Campaign View: AdsBridge provides you an amazing overall view of multiple campaigns depending on what you want to see. For example, you can organize multiple campaigns into groups and then view the performance of any specific group.  
  • Mobile Ready: With smartphone penetration on a steady rise around the globe, you can't leave mobile marketing out of the window anymore and optimize your campaigns for desktop users alone. Fortunately, AdsBridge ad tracker allows you to track the performance of your ads on almost all devices - including mobile phones.


Overall we can say that AdsBridge Traffic Tracker is arguably the best ad performance tracker that anyone can use to monitor the performance of their campaigns. With it's landing page builder, bot detector and highly professional support it's a complete package that every affiliate marketer must try at least once. Give it some serious thought!

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