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Backup4All is a backup software created and developed by Softland, a private software company founded in 1999 and based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company is focused on providing various software products that help the users to solve various computing problems using innovative development solutions. Their main product, Backup4All, is a product designed to help the users to prevent data loss in their computer with various backup configuration options available.

Block-level Backup For Large Files

This is the feature offered by Backup4All that allows you to create the modified block data from your backup. So, instead of doing a backup of the entire file, you can simply take the blocks of data that are important for you. This is useful for doing backup for large files, as well as doing backup for important information in a large quantity, such as emails, messages, and more. As in the case with doing a backup of your emails, you can use this block-level backup feature to backup only the messages that you get, without including the full information of each message. If the sender is the same, you don’t need to backup the full message information, but instead, you only backup the messages sent by the same sender.

Smart Backup Type Feature

There are various backup types that you can use with this software, and each type is useful for different occasions. The smart backup type feature allows the software to determine the right type of backup that is necessary for your system at a certain time. In this way, the software adapts to the circumstances of data transfer in your computer, and assign a backup process that is suitable for your current circumstances. It helps you to save your time to determine the backup type every time you want to perform a backup process.

Automatic And Predefined Backups

As a comprehensive backup solution, Backup4All offers automatic and predefined backups to allow you to make the backup process smoother for you. With the automatic backup feature, you can schedule your backup process for a certain time or period, with certain types of files that you need to backup. There are also specific actions that you can choose prior and after the backup process. With the predefined backup feature, you can configure your backup preferences to make the software perform the backup operation according to your predefined configuration. This is useful when you use this feature to perform backup for specific programs or applications.

Ransomware Protection System

The main potential threat that you can get in your computer is the threat of ransomware, which can lock all of your important files and demand payment from you before you can unlock them. With this software, you don’t need to worry about the ransomware attack, since this software helps you to protect your computer against ransomware in its various forms. This is because all of your data can be backed up regularly to either local storage or cloud storage. In this way, any ransomware attack cannot affect you since you have your data copied on other storage media.

Standard And Mirror Backup With Zip Compression

Backup4All uses the standard zip compression format when it performs the backup process. So, all of your backup files are stored as zip files in your backup storage. This ensures that your backup files can easily be accessed from any device, since you can open the zip compression format with any device. There is no limit to the zip file size that you can create with this backup software. Additionally, you can mirror your backup with the zip compression as well, ensuring that you have more backup data ready in other places online. The backup file transfer is done with a strong encryption system.


Data loss has been a problem for many Windows users, and it becomes increasingly important for you to protect your data from any type of data loss by doing regular backup process. While you might be able to do the backup process using the regular backup and restore feature, there are too many limitations that may put your data at risk. Backup4All allows you to backup your data in a more secure and reliable way, so that you can ensure that your backup data is safe, and you can restore them anytime you need. It offers various features that any regular backup software may not be able to give, which makes this software highly recommended for anyone who wants to keep their data safe on their Windows computer.

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