Windows Driver Updater

Driver update software helps you to automate the driver update process and keep all of your drivers up to date all the time. It means that you don't need to manually visit the manufacturer's websites just to download the drivers for each of your devices. There are many driver update software that you can choose, with each offering different features that you can use. Here are some tips to choose the right driver update software for your computer:

Driver Booster

Gives you the complete tool to update your drivers quickly and efficiently to keep your computer performance at the best condition.

By: IObit.


Provides an affordable solution to keep your drivers up to date all the time, with the driver database for more than 2.3 million devices.

By: Innovative Solutions.

Driver Easy

Gives you an all-in-one driver updater tool that can be used by individuals, businesses, and technicians.

By: Easeware Technology Limited.


VueScan is an online platform that provides drivers and software support for all types of scanners.

By: Hamrick Software
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Driver Genius

Provides a comprehensive driver update solution for your Windows computer with the silent and automatic update process for all of your drivers.

By: Avanquest Software

Driver Reviver

Ensures that you are installing the right drivers with this software, since they are taken from the original manufacturer’s websites.

By: Corel Corporation.

Driver Support

Provides a trusted solution for your driver problems, as well as allowing you to optimize your computer performance effectively.

By: Driver Support.

Smart Driver Updater

Provides a simple way to update your drivers automatically and fix the problems related to outdated and incompatible drivers in your system.

By: SoftCity.

Driver Update Software Buying Guide

When you buy a new device for your PC, such as a printer, you need to install the driver that comes with the device in order to make it work properly. Without installing the driver, you cannot make the device work properly with your computer, and in some cases, your computer may not even be able to detect the device. This is why drivers are important for your devices, since they are needed to keep your hardware running in the way that it is intended to be. Not only it is important for you to install the drivers for your devices, it is also important for you to keep updating the drivers to the latest version in order to make your devices compatible with your computer all the time.

Why and When you Need Them?

When you upgrade your operating system or apply some new updates from your operating system, some of your devices may stop working properly, due to the drivers being incompatible with the new operating system. This is a common problem, and the solution is to download the latest drivers for your devices in order to make it compatible with the new changes in your operating system. While it is easy to fix this kind of problem, the problem with updating your drivers is when you need to update the drivers of all your devices at the same time. If you have a lot of devices connected to your PC, it would take a lot of time to update the drivers for all of those devices one by one.

This is why driver update software becomes necessary. You simply need to install the driver update software, and run the process automatically.

Automatic Update Process

The first thing that you need to consider is the automatic update process that the software has. Some software only allows you to perform the updates manually, even with one click. A good driver update tool should allow you to perform the update automatically, or better, it should offer you to update your drivers silently in the background. In this way, you don’t need to deal with all the hassles of doing the regular updates manually.

The Driver Database Size

Each software has their own database that contains various types of drivers. A good driver software should have a large database size that contains millions of device types from various manufacturers. It should also allow you to find drivers even for devices that are no longer supported by the manufacturers. Depending on the size of the database, you might either be able to find the drivers for your devices or not.

Backup And Restore Process

The backup and restore process is an important part of any driver update. When you download the wrong drivers for your device, it might cause instant system instability if you install those drivers on your system. The solution is to roll back your previous update and use the previous drivers to keep your system stable. A good driver update solution should have a robust backup and restore process, and it should even make this process automatic for you.

Driver Update Quality

Some drivers may give you the performance boost for your devices, whereas other drivers might be bad for your devices. Thus, you must ensure that the driver update doesn’t affect your system performance negatively. A good driver software should give you only the correct drivers for your devices, and these drivers should be free from any viruses and other malicious threats before being installed on your system. This is to ensure that your system is secure and stable after performing the update.

Additional Features

While the basic driver update features are enough to keep your device drivers up to date, it is good to choose the driver update software that offers additional features, such as hardware info and monitoring tools. If you need to choose between two software with the same price, choose the one that offers more additional features, so that you get more value for the investment that you make.


Keeping your device drivers up to date is important to keep your computer performance in a good condition. Nothing can frustrate you more than having your computer freeze or crash because one driver is missing from your system. That’s why it is important for you to pick the right driver update software to keep all your drivers updated. By choosing the software with the right features, you can ensure that you get the best driver updater tool for your system, which can help you to keep a stable system performance all the time.