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Balsamiq Mockups is a mock-up creation software created and developed by Balsamiq Studio, LLC, a privately-owned software company founded in 2008 and based in Sacramento, California. The focus of the company is to create high quality software to help developers create a better software for their products, companies, or projects. The Balsamiq Mockups is the tool that helps developers to turn their ideas into reality when it comes to software creation.

Lots Of Hidden Features To Explore

Balsamiq Mockups provides lots of features for the users to use, but most of them are hidden until you really need to use the features. This is in line with the simplicity philosophy of the company, which hopes to make the design process as simple as possible for the users. Therefore, they don't want to disturb the users with too many features while they do their design process. Instead, they make it as simple as possible and only show the features when the users need it. In this way, the design process becomes a smooth and seamless process for the users.

Collaborate With Your Team In The Same Project

This software is designed both for individuals and teams to work on their projects. The collaboration feature allows the users to work on the same project together. In this way, each team member can provide the design about the current mock-up, and then use the feedback to improve on the overall design. For instance, when you create a software, you can work easily with the software developers, so that your design can be fully compatible with the software code that they create.

Simple And Easy-To-Learn Software

Using Balsamiq Mockups is very simple. Even though first-time users might have difficulty to navigate the software at first, it is really easy to learn, and the users can figure out the way to use the software in just a few minutes of using it. There are various tools that make this software easy to use, such as drag-and-drop system, sketchy wireframes, quick add elements with your keyboard, template creation, lots of UI components to choose from, and so on. You can simply use all the tools to create the design that you want to see, and then export your design to PNG or PDF format.

Limited Interactivity In The Design Phase

At the start of the design phase, it is quite easy for the users to stare at the blank screen because they have a lack of ideas to put into the design. Also, the software options that fill up the screen might make it even more difficult for them to come up with the design that is good for the project. This is why this software is created with limited interactivity. While it might be seen as a disadvantage, the limited interactivity of the software can help the users to follow the design flow smoothly, by building their design from small chunks instead of creating a big design mock-up at once.

Available In Various Platforms

When you decide to download the software, you can use the software in various ways. But before that, you have to know that the software has the free trial version that allows you to try the software for free for a limited period of time. Once you've decided to purchase the license of the software, which is a one-time license without any hidden fees, you can use the software on the desktop, as a web app, as well as using it as a plugin for various platforms.


While creating a design mock-up can be a real pain, especially in the part where you need to put your design idea into the screen, Balsamiq Mockups can make the process painstakingly simple and easy. The software is designed both for new and professional designers that want to simplify their design process and create high quality mock-ups that they can use to build a better software. Without a good design, software or any other products can turn into a nightmare for the users. This is why this software can help you to make the design process as simple as possible, with the features that you can use as you need it. 

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