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In a world where the social media determines a major portion of your recognition and virtual success, the Buffer App adds a new dimension to make your life easy and sorted. Controlling all the social media profiles can now become extremely easy and optimised with this new application namely Buffer.

Features of Buffer App

Buffer is leading social media management app offers free and paid plans to help users to control multiple social networks at once. Their awesome plan offers additional features and option to control up to ten social media accounts from the control panel.

They also introduced business plans such as Small Business (for 25 accounts and 5 team members), Medium Business (for 50 accounts and 10 team members) and Large Business (for 150 accounts and 25 team members).

Scheduling Posts

The user can add any post, like any page or post a picture that he or she wants to share in sometime later. Simply by adding the posts on the queue to wait, the users can manage them to be posted on an optimal time.

Clicking on the “clock” in the “schedule” tab, the users can “set” the days and time on which he or she wants to share the posts.

You can delete or remove any post that you had scheduled. Or you can also pause the post to be shared for the time being by simply clicking on the "schedule" tab to disable or turn the days off. Everything will be paused, and when you come back again and turn the days on, the sharing and posting will continue as per the instructions that the user has given.

Customer Service

They always answer to any of the queries of the user. Usually, 80% of the mails are replied within 6 hours of the reception of the mails. From any difficulty regarding the logging in into the Buffer App, to the difficulties or queries regarding any malfunction going on in the user’s profile, the team members of the Buffer App provide help.

Organise and Control

The Buffer App provides the users to organise and control their social media avatars in a very easy to handle the way. It can manage all your posts, the time of posting them and the distribution of the posts in the various social media sites – all without having the user being present. It also lets the user get a clear idea about the number of clicks on the links.


The app is designed with the aim of ease in mind. The user has to simply add his or her profiles on the left-hand side. By tapping on the “schedule” tab, the user can customise the days and the times on which he or she wants their posts to be published on the profiles. Then by typing or pasting the post in the “what do you want to share” box that the user wants to publish, he or she can buffer their posts and profiles. Any user, whether tech-savvy or not, can handle the settings easily.


The Buffer App usually lets the users add only one social media profile per social media site. So, if they want to add two Facebook profiles at a single time – this means that if you want to add your personal Facebook profile and your official business page both at the same time, it will not be possible through the free app. The user will either have to remove one profile from the setting, or will have to pay a $10 per month for their Awesome Plan, which lets the users add up to 12 social profiles on the same network.


Buffer App social media management software allows users to not only manage their social media profiles amidst a hectic schedule, but also allows them to organise the posts and analyse the likes and comments on them.

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