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Campaign Monitor is an email marketing and automation software for small and medium businesses that is created and developed by Campaign Monitor, a digital marketing company based in San Francisco, London, and Sydney. The focus of the company is to provide small and medium businesses with the robust email marketing and automation tools that can help to grow their business. The company has helped various businesses around the globe, such as tech giants, media publications, and nonprofits, to grow and expand their business with the power of email marketing.

Simple Drag-And-Drop Email Creation

With Campaign Monitor, creating email promotion messages is no longer a difficult thing to do. The software not only let you to create your email with the drag-and-drop function, but the software also ensures that you can create the kind of email that is not going to be ignored by your subscribers. There are various templates that you can use within the software, and you can customize how your email messages look by editing the elements of the email template.

Personalize Each Email That You Send To Your Customers

In today’s digital marketing age, there is no longer a place for generalized email marketing campaigns that don’t acknowledge the diverse interests of your audience. Remember that your audience has diverse interests, so it is important to create personalized email for each subscriber so that they can give a full attention to your email. This software provides the tools that you need to personalize each email that you send to your audience by calculating the audience information and their behavior data when they read your email or use your website. In this way, you can create a super-targeted email campaign that sends personalized email to each one of your subscribers.

Various Sign-Up Form Templates To Grow Your List

It is not only important for you to take care of the subscribers that you already have, but it is also important for you to add more subscribers to your list as well. Campaign Monitor gives you a lot of sign up templates to attract more people to subscribe to your mailing list. You can put the sign up forms anywhere you want to use it to attract more subscribers to your list. You can put the template on your website, social media page, blog, and other places. You can also customize the sign up form according to your preferences.

Test, Optimize, And Track Each Of Your Email Campaigns

To ensure that your email marketing campaign is successful, you have to test, optimize, and track your email marketing campaign carefully. This software gives you a complete set of tools to test, optimize, and track each of your email campaigns to measure your success rate. With the split testing feature, you can run two similar campaigns and see the one that produces the best result for your business. Then, you can optimize your campaign to make it produce a better result. With this tool, you can always improve your email marketing campaign, and your business can only grow the more you use this software.

Integration With Various Business Apps

There are various business apps that are available out there. Chances are you are using one or two of the popular business apps on your website. The good news is that Campaign Monitor can help you to automate your email marketing promotion without the need to abandon these apps that you already use. The software can be seamlessly integrated with hundreds of business apps that are available today, such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Facebook, Google Analytics, and more. And if you don’t know how to integrate your apps with this software, then the customer service is always ready to help set it up for you.


Campaign monitor is more than just an ordinary email marketing platform that you can use to launch your email marketing promotions. It is jam-packed with various features that help to boost the success of your email marketing campaign. It is a complete package to ensure that your email marketing promotion can really grow your business and expand it to the next level. With the complete all-in-one automation solution, running your email marketing campaign is no longer a difficult and boring thing to do. There are various templates to try, and there is a sure way to track the success rate of your campaign. It’s a dream tool for any small and medium businesses that want to expand their email marketing campaign to the next level.

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