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A team of three run this self-funded company and they claim to offer direct support without outsourcing to destinations across the world. A huge amount of confidence sees the company offering a $250 money-back guarantee for new customers who are ready to go beyond the free trial period.


It is possible to track links with a lot of customisation that should make it easy to identify the performing links compared to the non-performing links. ClickMagick provides the ability to ensure that even cloaked links look as per the user requirement on sites like Facebook, which uses the generic information. One can enter their preferred title, description, and even images for the cloaked links.

Filtering Automated Clicks

Automated clicks may provide a bloated look to the overall numbers and ClickMagick claims to offer a solution by filtering clicks from the likes of anti-virus software, bots, and search engine spiders. Filtering out the real clicks helps the user focus on improving the performance and reducing the amount spent on fake clicks. The system detects fake clicks from the IP address and it is not limited to just the user’s account. It scans the entire ClickMagick database to accurately focus on addresses providing fake clicks.

Uptime Monitoring

ClickMagick prevents wastage of real traffic by monitoring the uptime of a link. It notifies the user should there be a downtime. The system can even be programmed to send text messages in case of a downtime. This gives the ability to reroute traffic or even pause the adverts. It is also possible to get reports from the automatic traffic quality analysis, which uses an algorithm to identify sources that are not good.


Faster page load times after the user clicks the link usually results in better user experience. Page load times are often affected by having the tracking scripts on the own server. ClickMagick works around this problem by using cloud-based tracking scripts to reduce the processing times.


The ability to add predefined traffic settings allows easy and efficient use of the rotator facility at ClickMagick. The system is even designed to detect mobile clicks and limit them if necessary. Users selling solo ads can specifically benefit from this feature as it works automatically to improve profitability.


Pop-ups can also be included to the pages and they can be tuned in such a way as to increase the appeal of the site or increase conversions. ClickMagick provides customisable options for the pop-ups and they include aspects like timing, dimensions, and duration. The system also accepts a wide range of pop-ups, while it also provides the ability to create a custom pop-up using a full-fledged HTML editor.

Wide Support

Support to different ad platforms is provided on ClickMagick. While the likes of Google and Bing work with PPC ads, CPV ads are provided on networks like LeadImpact. There are even solo ads and the banner ads that have existed for a long time. ClickMagick can even work with the links on forums.

Little Details

ClickMagick makes it easy to organise the links, and even the rotators, based on groups. The IP and domain manager helps add custom rules to the IP addresses and domain. This can be useful by blocking or allowing specific addresses or domain.


ClickMagick is a comprehensive click management tool that focuses on improving efficiency, which in turn can lead to better profits. The easy-to-use interface is bundled with additional features like pop-up ads and countdown timers being available at no extra cost.

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