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No Internet marketing strategy will show effective results without a comprehensive tracking and optimization system. It is this system that provides an edge over the competition no matter how tough it may be to win. This actually inspired Justin Michie to create, an Internet marketer into entertainment industry. is an intelligent tracking and optimization tool that is both a link tracker and traffic optimizer. It not only tracks clicks and links but also shortens URLs, cloaks links, optimizes traffic, simplifies marketing campaigns, and reports detailed analysis of an online ad or marketing campaign. The tool is designed to give you accurate tracking data instantly in real time so that you can take informed decisions regarding the clicks quickly.

The tool seems to act as a powerful link cloaking and link shortening service that even a naïve user can use the tool easily., can track and report the most lucrative ads or online sources of traffic, allows diverting your efforts and money toward more return on investment.

Setup and Interface

The tool works online, which means no need to spend time in installation. All you have to do is choose the right monthly plan featuring limited number of clicks and links supported, and create your account. The tracking tool is hosted on proprietary servers and is customizable without any coding. The interface or dashboard that you see after login is quite simple.

Link Tracking and Cloaking

The tool tracks a full gamut of data for all links and per click on each of those links. In simple words, you get in-detailed information about each link and click. also shortens and cloak affiliate links. Link cloaking allows hiding the original URL due to which there is no commission loss. You can even create custom branded links with unlimited IDs.

The tool also allows tracking affiliate sales and commissions through its tracking pixel or postback URL option. This is useful for any affiliate network, even the in-house one.

Custom Domains for Branding

Just like most link tracking services allows, If you do not wish to have the default domain of for a campaign, the tool allows using your own branded domain. There is no need of installing or Web hosting at all. You only need to point your domain to the tool’s site and then add it to the online account of yours.

Split Testing

You can easily split test your landing pages for increasing the conversion rates. The tool offers a smart A/B split engine for testing and tracking unlimited landing pages to find the most lucrative pages and redirect traffic to those pages immediately. You can even analyze a comprehensive collection of conversion data required to make your marketing campaigns more profitable.

Real-time Analytics

The tool shows the clicks from all campaigns in real time reports that update automatically. It includes all possible stats along with detailed tracking information on each click per link. You can view almost anything such as sources of clicks, time of clicks, and Web and mobile browsers of the visitors in colorful graphs and charts.

IP Rotation & Redirection

If a click does not trigger a sale in the first go, you will certainly not send the subsequent clicks from that user to that particular sales page again. You will prefer redirecting them automatically to a different landing page or even another site for maximizing the earnings.  Similarly, you might not want a particular visitor to see our site. In that case, redirecting that particular IP address or blocking them is the solution. has all these handy options.

Conclusion gives much more than click tracking and link cloaking features. It is more likely to appeal affiliate and versatile marketers.

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