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ClickThroo is a landing page optimisation platform founded in the year 2011 for solving the problems of online marketer. It offers an attractive interface. It is an ultimate marketing platform for the different advertisers, brands and agencies. It conveniently helps you in easily building of landing pages, tracking of your conversions, optimizing and segmenting your users, and a lot more. The company has designed modern and cutting-edge landing page templates that are easily adaptable to your branding. It also includes good segmentation and personalization features. The feature set of ClickThroo includes A/B testing, campaign management, design templates, lead capture tools, analytic and reporting, drag and drop editor, social sharing widgets, WYSIWYG editor and so on.

Campaign Management

With the help of ClickThroo landing page marketing platform you can perfectly plant, set and deploy your campaign management. It helps you in creating a logical testing framework that optimizes your return on investment. It helps in creating a reader friendly website that will continue to popularize your offerings to your global audiences even when you sleep. It ensures that your site has an easy navigational structure and an interactive contact us section that can be easily found. It encourages your clients to provide direct feedback and it also helps in tracking visitors that let you know from where people are landing at your website. ClickThroo also tracks volume trends by analyzing the changes in your business volume and hence it perfectly checks the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Tracking & Reporting

ClickThroo tracks different clicks, numerous conversions or form submissions by location, device, referrer, variety of keywords, different traffic sources, day of week or landing page variations, and even more in real-time along with hundreds different report combinations. ClickThroo also provides weekly campaign performance reports along with different weekly updates of any alterations to your testing roadmap. It also provides you a summary of activity planned for the forthcoming week and in addition all this it also sends over different custom reports types that can be important for your internal system. It helps in recording what content has been placed where by including their dates of submission and approval along with a link of published material that becomes quite useful at times.

Split Testing & Segmentation

The service allows you to segment visitors by their locations, different browsers or device (including mobile) that they use, traffic source, referring URLs, keyword, operating systems, visitor behavior and so many more. It uses A/B split testing for optimizing your traffic segments as it helps in pulling reports on everything. It helps in reducing clients’ bounce rate and it also increases the amount of time that is spent on your website by visitors. ClickThroo minimizes any situations where guess works are to be used and hence it makes your visitors satisfied. It performs tests on different variables of your websites like product and service descriptions, images, headlines, benefits, offers, etc. All these factors help in multiplying conversion of your websites in the most effective manner.

Training & Consultancy

The ClickThroo platform is quite easy to use, powerful and extremely flexible and in addition to all this, it also provides ongoing scheduled one on one training sessions for all the members of your team. Training services are offered through telephone, instant messenger, SKYPE, or any other communication tool of your choice. Company also helps you in excelling your understanding of conversion optimization as it gives you full access to the team of experienced conversion rate optimization specialists of ClickThroo who can efficiently guide you through each phase of the campaign development of your website that keeps you on track in the most organized and competent manner. Company cares about results and knows exactly all the techniques that help you lucratively.


ClickThroo assists you in easy designing of a campaign that aptly centers on a landing page. Different elements like forms and text content can be easily dragged and dropped into the editor for effectively creating a landing page. Along with all this ClickThroo is also immensely competent in segmenting traffic or traffic sources along with ordering things by keywords, etc. and all these set it apart from its competitors. ClickThroo offers live traffic view, integrated traffic sources, custom parameters, click fraud detection, dynamic content, form conversion tracking, third-party integrations including proprietary auto-optimization, etc. and all these are also hosted in the cloud. It is a full spectrum landing page marketing solution that is perfectly designed by having strong focus on conversion optimization.

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