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Detailed Reviews is a social media intelligence platform (as the company calls it) primarily dedicated to providing ease in handling and growth of Twitter accounts.

They have recently added options for managing LinkedIn and Facebook social media profiles as well.

The main function of the application is to suggest follows and unfollows, show top tweets, schedule your posts, and generate reports for the growth of your Twitter profile. For accessing the LinkedIn and Facebook management features, you need to upgrade to the business plan.


  • An Easy to Use Application: You can set up your account within a few minutes. Learning every aspect of the application is not a time-consuming task. Usually, no external help is required after one gets familiar with the software.
  • Check your Unfollowers: There is no such feature available on Twitter by which you can know who has unfollowed you. Perhaps, checks the complete list of followers and matches it with the previous list which let us know who has unfollowed.
  • Best Time Identifier: The software itself identifies the best time for scheduling tweets. By default, the selected period has a length of three hours.
  • BlackList and WhiteList: If you wish not to see a particular profile in the list “consider to follow” or “consider to unfollow,” you can add them to blacklist and whitelist respectively.
  • Separate section for high-value members: According to the number of followers, creates a separate section for high-value members, and further divide them as influencers and supporters.
  • Find Positive and Negative Mentions: There are multiple media managers that allow you to know about the mentions. has taken the automation to the next level by letting you know which mentions are negative and which ones are positive.


  • A very few accessible websites: You can only connect to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn through Amongst these websites also, management features for Twitter are prioritized.
  • The dashboard can be improved: There are many features present on the dashboard. Still, the application needs to perform smart research to find out relevant tweets and articles and show them on the dashboard.
  • Unable to select multiple days for Recurring Posts: Although this feature helps a lot to increase the engagement, the efficiency decreases when you are not able to select multiple days of a week when you want to publish the post. They must enable this feature as it is a small change which can make much difference.

Overview or we can spell it as Commun-I-T sounds similar to word community, proudly owns a long list of 450,000 customers including the top brands such as Wix, McDonald's, and TEDx. The service is offered by Great People Ltd., the company that owns and maintains the

It is important to select the correct management gear for handling any of your social media profiles. You need to choose the one which is reliable and secure, and a value for money product at the same time.

Besides, value for money and security, several characteristics must be discussed for a concrete conclusion. In this review, you will find the positive and negative sides of the important aspects.

We will let you know whether is it easy to use We will also analyze how results are obtained with what level of effortlessness.

In every review, we strive to shed light upon the provided as well as the missing features. At the end of the review, you will get the overview about every element of That would help you to decide whether you can face the issues while using the software and are they solvable or not.

Ease of Use

It may become complicated when you handle a website through a third-party application. The third-party application’s user interface obviously differs from the existing website.

Social media platforms have their inbuilt tools and methodologies for developing the presence of a profile. But these are not particularly inclined towards the growth; some users use these platforms just for knowledge, entertainment, and connecting with people.

Therefore, social media websites keep their user interface simple focusing on the experience of users. On the other hand, these cloud social media management programs which target mainly the growth, need to make the UI comparatively complex to set as many features as they can.

It is a challenge for and other social media managers to have more features and lesser intricacies.

To overcome this, has followed the traditional way of categorizing the features under a menu bar.

Appreciably, this method delivers every feature on the surface of the interface. To find any feature you don’t need to dig deep inside the menu.

Every section is dedicated to its purpose avoiding the unnecessary details which may make the user interface complicated.

Getting started with the application is also not a tough task. When you sign up to create an account, you need to add the Twitter account that you wish to monitor through

All the data will get imported as soon as you create the account. Whenever you make any changes in your Twitter account, it will be visible on this application also.

This is pretty easy for anyone to start using the application. Also, once you learn the application, using it is as comfortable as an old shoe.

The hard task is to get leads from the efficient use of the website. It doesn’t only depend on the application alone, but also on the user. must perform its share of tasks in an intelligible way.

The upcoming sections would enlighten the reader about the efficiency of which is required for expanding your followers.


Generally, dashboards provide information about profile insight and growth. However, has prioritized content from a different perspective.

Instead of providing the information regarding the growth of your profile, it shows the tasks that you need to perform to expand the profile more.

In the last section, we have discussed that a social media manager must be judged on the basis of how it performs his share of tasks. readily provides you with the activities that you need to follow as steps. Because of that, you don’t need to plan a lot to move forward, and it saves time as well as effort.

The dashboard is categorized under various subsections. For reviewing these subsections, we first need to explain you what are its contents.

As you can see in the image, the topmost section contains the top tweets. Scrolling down will bring top articles on the screen.

If you go down further, you will find the profiles that it recommends you to follow. There is also a dedicated section which brief you about the Growth, Engagement, Activity, and Reach. However, it is present in a statistical format, and a complete insight would only be available in the Report Section. suggests you sharing the top tweets and articles, analyzing that it will bring more engagement. Similar reasoning is provided for the follow suggestion.

That won’t be enough as it still requires more to grow your platform presence. In the present world, not just the user but the application needs to be smart.

The application knows all about our Twitter account, including what kind of content we usually post and share.

On that basis, it could generate a list of trending keywords and hashtags that we can use in our upcoming tweets. In our opinion, if such features are included then only, we would have an intelligible software.

The follow suggestions are present on the basis of their inbuilt algorithm. We tested this algorithm for a brand-new Twitter account that contains no content. And we have no idea who is Lucy Potter, and why asked us to follow her.

Perhaps, these suggestions are random because judging which content would be useful for us is not possible for the software. We have no previous content added or have not provided any information to the application what kind of profiles we would like to follow.

Our twitter was showing a reach of 50 impressions whereas according to, the social reach of the tweet was zero. We were confused how is it possible? Hope we will receive its answer when developers read our review.

According to us, it is a synchronization failure. The cloud software is unable to synchronize the impression that one receives from a tweet. You can check the image providing a clear representation of the number of impressions:

Now, as the dashboard has disappointed us, with lower hopes we are moving to the next sections, trying to stay positive about the application.

Tracking Followers and Unfollowers

A social media profile with great content and no followers is futile. When the content is not reaching to the world, its creation is pointless.

The essential attributes that social media managers must have- trackers detecting increment and decrement in the number of followers.

When it comes to, there are very few features that are really necessary. In the menu section, that you can see in the image, you will find many options.

On the top, you can find the list of recent followers which you can discover from your Twitter account also. However, makes it easy for the users to handle different Twitter accounts from one platform.

Following the sequence, you will find a list of profiles that recommends you to follow. Again, this feature is present on Twitter itself. But the profiles recommended by Twitter and are different. has not disclosed the method by which the recommendations are added. As we discussed earlier, according to our observation, the selection is done randomly.

We followed our own Twitter profile created specifically for experimentation through another Twitter profile to see the changes that appear after the activity.

Surprisingly, the recent follower list is still empty even when the dashboard shows the increment in the number of followers.

That’s strange as such a huge bug would never go unnoticed. It is possible that it takes time for to synchronize the information from Twitter account. That lag can cause the issue as one can’t instantly get the changes on the profile according to the changes made on the Twitter profile.

After learning about the followers, it is important to know about the unfollowers also. It gives you the idea about decline in the popularity of your Twitter profile.

The username and profile of the person who unfollowed us appeared when we go through this section. By active sessions, engagement with our profile, etc., the software suggests us that whom we must unfollow.

When the user is not active or doesn’t engage with our tweets, they automatically appear under this section.

However, it is possible that there are people whom you do not wish to unfollow irrespective of their level of engagement. In that case, you can place them in the whitelist.

After that, the Twitter Manager won’t suggest you unfollow the person. Similarly, there is a blacklist that stops recommending to follow a particular person if you put that person in that list.

There is a third section which separates influencers, supporters, and engaged members from the rest of the followers. However, how places someone in this category is unknown to us as we are not authorized to go through their algorithm.

In this case also, we are not sure how this would help to earn engagement. Perhaps, sharing their content, or following their keywords would aid the growth.

But if we are using a third-party application for handing an account, there are obvious reasons to expect more.

If the application itself suggests the keywords depends on what influencers have used, we may easily take advantage of that knowledge.

Although it separates high-value members, we still need to make attempts to find out about the type of tweets these high-value members post. These tweets may or may not be relevant to our profile.

The Twitter Feeds options deliver you the information about the trending tweets. However, here also, you need to find the shareable tweets manually.

Lead Engagement

Under the lead section, you will find the results based on the keywords that you have added.

For adding the keywords, you can click on the “Add keyword” option. You can add as many keywords as you want. Under this section, all other tweets which do not contain the required keyword will be filtered out.

That permits the user to find out the community to which he desires to connect. You can easily go through all the tweets and find out which amongst them could be useful to you.

With this easy way, you can follow a profile or engage with it through the comment section. However, free users are only allowed to have ten leads per day.

It is not necessary that you filter the profiles through the keywords present in the content. You can also choose to add keywords which will search in the bio of that profile.

That is more trustable way rather than the previous case as a keyword in a tweet is dedicated to only one tweet, but if the keyword is present in the bio, it means all the tweets would be somehow related to that keyword.

You can also track the activities of your competitors. It will let you find the potential followers who would be amongst the top influencers’ followers.

These wicked ways would drag you forward decreasing the distance between you and your aim.

Tweet and Scheduling

They have kept this section useful as well as simple at the same time. There are multiple features which make the posting effective.

Let’s first discuss the scheduling of a tweet and features which make its upload effortless and effective.

It is very important that at what time you Tweet. In the whole day, there would be a specific time when comparatively more people would be online. Posting a tweet at that time would be beneficial.

Whereas if you post the Tweet when lesser number of users are active, the reach of the Tweet would be lesser.

It would be tiresome to manually analyze the best time for posting. Therefore, a social media manager must have this feature. by default sets a range of three hours as the best time by analyzing your Twitter activity. However, if you want, you can change it as per your choice.

We do not suggest making any changes to the time that is automatically selected by time.

The best time which selected matched to the best time detected by us. That proves the software is reliable. Most of the engagements to our tweets belong to the time that the app has selected.

You can also check and uncheck the weekday(s) when you wish to post the content. The default frequency of posts is two posts per day, but this can be altered.

Although the next feature is a basic one, it is one of our favorite social media elements. It is easy to generate automated messages, and it is a powerful way to win the attention of your followers.

However, you may lose attention of some of the followers when you use the free version. This is because, when you send the automated message,’s link is sent along with it.

That would ruin the whole purpose of sending a message. The follower will know that the message is automated which may place a bad impression on his mind. Still, this issue can be solved if you use the premium plan.

One more attribute that they offer here is the Recurring Campaign. You can use this feature for thanking the new followers or when you are supporting a cause.

The FAQ section provided us with the information that we can select multiple weekdays. While attempting it from the software, we were only able to select one day of the week.

We are not sure if it was a drawback, or there is a hidden procedure to select multiple ways. But, if the user can’t find the possibility of selecting multiple days, it will highly limit the functionality for this feature.

If you are planning to use, the next section will express the contribution of the software in the growth of your profile.


Report section not only lets you understand the growth of your profile, but it also explains to you how effective the application is.

In the report section, you get a summary of your profile which gives you the following details which are shown in the image.

You can view the reports of various periods to learn about the growth of your Twitter account. offers the opportunity to check the reports for custom dates.

The report for user engagement is also generated. Although Twitter shows the actual number of impressions, here it always appears zero. That could be a sync bug that may keep bugging the users.

You can export these reports as PDF or Excel. If the reports show justified growth that means is worthy enough to continue.


Although has provision to add Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, we can’t make conclusion about that as it is only available for the premium version. However, we can state that is particularly devoted to handle the Twitter account.

Option to manage Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are newly added and even the website shows that they give higher priority to the features added for Twitter. So, we recommend you to only use the product if the major requirement is to manage the Twitter account.

For Twitter management, it has more options than most of the social media managers including Social Report and SocialPilot. Still, some limitations come along with the application which can be removed easily.

The dashboard doesn’t show the actual number of impressions, and thus, you need to go through your Twitter account to know about it.

Similarly, as we stated earlier, options related to scheduling can also be improved. Small changes in recurring campaign, customization options of message campaigns, etc., would improve the engagement.

If these small changes are made, would provide better insight of the Twitter accounts.

In our opinion, the product is worthy of a try, but only if you wish to handle Twitter using it.

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