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E-goi is a marketing tool which provides an array of features to take care of various marketing needs of the customer. It combines other modes of marketing, such as SMS and push notifications along with email campaigns to provide a comprehensive solution to the marketing needs of the customer. They have a relatively fresh take on how one should approach marketing. We found it based around the idea that one can and should use other methods to support email marketing campaigns.


  • Allows one to create dynamic segments for contacts.
  • Easy to use email editor
  • Can send recurring emails, RSS-to-email, and do split testing.
  • SMS and push notifications for better marketing.
  • Can create detailed automated workflows.
  • Allows to create landing pages, sign up forms, surveys,


  • Can have a better editor for forms and pages.


Of all the ways you can use to reach out to users, emails are one of the easiest and effective ways to go about doing the job.

When we speak of sending out emails, we mean the ones which follow all the rules and regulations imposed by regulatory authorities around the world. Since it involves the recipient agreeing to receive emails from you, there is a high chance that the user will also be interested in the content of your email.

As you get more and more people in your mailing list, it makes complete sense to get some software to handle the task. There are plenty of email marketing tools with varying capabilities and prices to help you manage the emails.

E-goi is also one of them. The noticeable feature of E-goi is that it offers much more than just an email marketing solution. You will find plenty more in the package. There is SMS notifications, web notifications, and much more.

Since other features on the tool are only to complement its email marketing capabilities, we will not be scrutinizing them as hard as we do the email automation part.

They market themselves as one of the best email marketing solutions for beginners, and we will keep that in mind while going through the features.

By the end of this review, you will have a better idea if E-goi might be the solution to all your email automation woes. You will also get to know how efficient the auxiliary features on this product are.

Managing lists and segments

The first part of starting an outreach campaign is to have the necessary information about people who you need to reach out to. In the case of email marketing, those are email contacts.

If you have already got a subscriber list or a mailing list, then you can straightaway include it in your account. If not, then we will deal with the topic of making a mailing list later in the review.

You can manually type in contact info, paste it, or import them in the form of various files. In any case, you should not have much problem importing contacts into your account.

All the contacts you import go in a list. When sending out emails or SMS or voice messages, you can directly mention the list, and everyone in the list will get the notification from you.

However, you may not always feel the need to send out emails to a complete list. Depending on the condition, there will be a lot of occasions when you need to reach out to a select group of users.

It might be that you want to reach out to only those users who have still not opened up the mail, or you may want to reach out to people from a specific region. Segments help users to get through such tricky situations.

Using segments, you can filter out contacts by any field you have saved. It can be a region, name, age, etc. You can even use stats, such as how frequently the user interacts with your mails, to sort out users.

The most useful part about segments is that once you save it, the contacts in it keep getting updated along with the saved metrics. And since segments are dynamic, you don’t need to worry about updating them all the time.

Create beautiful emails in few easy steps

The content of email matters. Email automation tools do all the tedious work of sending out emails to various people, but it is the content of that email, which has a significant role to play in the success of a campaign.

Whether it is an invitation to check out the new post on your blog or a sales offer, if you are not able to get the user to do what is beneficial for both you and the user, then your email went useless.

If the recipient goes on to check your email or if she clicks on the offer link you provided, then you may call it a success. For such things to happen, you need the email content to be concise, compelling, and clear.

E-goi helps users create emails along the same line using the editor available on the tool. Apart from using the editor, you can opt for other methods to create an email, as well. You can choose to create one from scratch, choose one of the saved email templates, and you can also import one.

If you choose to create the email using one of their templates, then you will be presented with some impressive email templates. You can browse them against various categories and be quick with the selection process.

E-goi doesn’t offer a lot of email templates like other email marketing services, but they provided one of the most beautiful collections of email templates we have come across on such tools.

After selecting the template, you need to mention the subject of the mail and specify the language. You need to keep in mind the subject of an email has got a lot to do with the user opening the email to see it. So, make sure you provide an appropriate title for the email.

They offer a drag and drop editor with all the necessary elements you would want to see on an email marketing tool. There are elements for buttons, widgets, text, title, HTML, column, and everything else. If you prefer the option of creating an email from scratch, then you would come on the same editor eventually.

The editor holds no bars when it comes to designing the email. You can see how the email looks on various screens and make sure it is responsive. After all, a significant fraction of the audience uses mobile devices to check out emails.

Offers multiple campaign types

Even though you get to make this choice first on the tool, we are discussing the ways you can send out the email after the creation part. Similar to other email marketing tools, E-goi also offers multiple ways to send out emails.

Let’s discuss all the listed methods.


This is the most basic way of sending out email across all email automation tools. It is as basic as it gets.

You create an email and then send it out to a list or a segment. E-goi allows you to send the email right at the moment or schedule it for later. There is nothing exciting when you decide to schedule the email for later.

The tool allows you to choose only the date and time of the broadcast. Some tools come with the feature where the user can ensure that emails go out according to the local time of the recipient. However, you may have use segments for such a function in this case.

Recurring emails

As the name suggests, you can use this section to send out emails at a regular interval. The schedule can be weekly, monthly, daily, annually, or even a custom one.

If you have a particular type of email to take care of Monday blues of your subscribers, then you can schedule it as recurring email. Another application can be to send out festive emails. You don’t need to remember to send greetings every season.

Another variation of such emails can be birthday emails. E-goi has created a separate category for birthday mails, but we think that it could’ve been easily incorporated within recurring emails.

With this section, you can take care of all those mails which need to go out at a regular interval and do not change with time.


These kinds of emails are also a norm on email marketing tools. The ability to send out emails for RSS feed is one of the biggest requirements of bloggers and websites with newsletters.

It ensures that subscribers and users stay updated with all the new content that goes live on the website, and as the manager of all that content, you need to worry much about advertising the latest piece of content.

The process of creating an RSS-to-email campaign is slightly different from others. You need to provide the blog feed URL first. You will not have the usual options for creating an email this time. There won’t be a plethora of options when it comes to templates.

Instead, you will have to choose from one of the ways you want the feeds to appear in the email. You can then select the theme and proceed with other requirements.

You can set the tool to send out emails every time you have a new post, or you can set it to send out emails periodically.

You will get almost all the scheduling options you had in the recurring email section.

The noticeable feature about this section is that there were no unnecessary complications and you can glide through the entire process without much of an issue.

Split testing

Of all the features that you will come across on email automation tools, split testing is the one which these services like to flex the most.

There is no doubt that you can make it one most potent weapons in your arsenal if you use it correctly. Under split testing, the user can send out variants of an email to a small fraction of users and see which one performs better.

Depending upon the results of this sample test, the better performing email is sent out to the rest of the group.

The method of split testing varies from one platform to another, and E-goi also has its unique way of split testing.

They put no restrictions when it comes how much the variants can vary from each other. You can choose multiple emails you want and use all of them in the testing. The usual way of split testing involves modifying only a single attribute across emails to ensure it is easy to identify the element which made the difference.

Even though E-goi has got no restrictions, you can exercise some and vary only one feature among the variants. You can then choose what percentage of the mailing list should receive the test mails, and for how long the test will go on.

When it comes to deciding the winning variant, you get to choose what are the parameters for winning. It can be the open rate for each mail, the clickthrough rate, etc.

We liked how E-goi provided all the parameters for split testing on a single page and ensured there is no confusion while setting up the test.

There is more than just email campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, E-goi offers other ways of marketing along with email campaigns. Let us briefly discuss all these different offerings and their possible benefits.

SMS and Smart SMS

Can you remember the last time you met a person who didn’t have a mobile phone? Exactly! Everyone carries a phone around these days and spends a good amount of time staring at it. SMSs are more likely to seen by a user as compared to a lot of other marketing mechanisms.

If you have the necessary credentials and permissions, then sending out SMS can be a great way of marketing. You can use E-goi to create campaigns similar to what we saw in case of emails. It can be broadcasts, recurring ones, or even some automated ones.

Push and web notifications

Web notifications are a great way to grab the user’s attention. You can use them to remind the website visitor to finish purchasing the product in the cart, remind them to subscribe to the newsletter, tell them about various offers, and so much more.

E-goi will help you take care of web notifications too. You can use the web browser to promote your service and stay more relevant to the user.

It allows you to take help of analytics and send out notifications which are in sync with visitor’s real-time activity.

You can have various campaigns under notifications too. You can get more sales, achieve more subscribers, and do so much more using them.


No email marketing tool can exist without some automation features in the current scenario. In fact, email automation tool is the more common term used to refer to this category of software.

E-goi is more than just a regular email marketing tool. It provides so many other avenues for the user to go about marketing a product or service.

The usual automations you expect from an email marketing tools is the ability to set it up to send out emails depending upon various situations.

The good news is that E-goi comes with the usual automation capabilities that you expect to see on any such tool. And the even better news is that you can imply all these automations on the multiple marketing avenues present on this tool.

It means you can not only include emails in automated workflows, but you can also have SMS, voice mails, and notifications in them.

The presence of such a feature opens up the door to so many possibilities. You can easily design complex workflows and let the software do a majority of the legwork.

You can create branches within a workflow you design and make use of conditional logic to take care of different actions that the user may or may not take.

Let us have a quick look at how you can create on such automated workflow on this platform.

It begins with the tool providing you choices between creating a new workflow from scratch, using one of the templates to create one, and to import one. For most cases, using a template can be helpful.

The template section for workflows presents you with a few examples as to what can be some of the use cases. You will find the ones to win back engagement from contacts, to get feedback, to deploy a follow-up series and so much more.

Irrespective of the method you choose to create a workflow, every automation will start with a trigger. The trigger can be some action taken by the user, such as clicking on a link or subscribing to some letter. A trigger can also be the fulfillment of some condition stated by you, such as the occurrence of a date.

For triggers, you will have actions. The actions can be sending out emails, waiting, adding or removing tags, etc. You will find various elements under the triggers and actions tab on the workflow builder. The builder is a drag and drop type, so you can simply place the elements in a logical sequence to complete the workflow.

You can be specific about every trigger and action you add in the workflow to ensure you get the desired results. On the workflow builder, you can connect one element to another to state the course of action for the workflow.

E-goi allows the user to have branches in the workflow, and you can even create loops. It was a pleasant surprise for us to discover that the automation section came with so many capabilities. Some of the features available here can’t be found even on some of the prominent email automation tools.

Forms and surveys

Since it is usually the landing pages, popups, surveys and other similar elements which are at the forefront of lead generation campaigns, most email automation tools ensure that they provide some assistance in this case, as well.

Things get easier for the user since they can take care of lead generation and outreach campaigns on a single platform.

E-goi allows users to create various kinds of forms and pages too. You can create landing pages, sign-up forms, surveys, and so much more.

They don’t sport the most efficient of editors when it comes to designing such pages and forms. However, one can’t help but notice the various kinds of forms available on this platform. You can browse them by different categories listed on the side panel.

You will get a few template options for various situations, but there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the design front.


There is no doubt that E-goi is more than just a usual email marketing tool. However, we did not focus much on how good it is at sending SMS or voice mails during the review. Our points of interest were the features related to email marketing, and one should use this review only to get an idea of the email marketing abilities of this product.

Starting from the basics of email marketing tools, you can create beautiful emails using the editor as well as the available email templates.

The campaigns take care of all the possible needs of a user. You will find everything ranging from RSS-to-email to split testing. Setting up these campaigns is as easy as it gets, and then you will get automations to sweeten the deal even more.

The automation section has got more to offer than what you would get on many popular tools in the category. They even took care of lead generation by providing a section for various kinds of forms.

The analytics sections and consumer support add up to the whole package. They sport multiple languages which open up the possibility for you to deal with a wider variety of audience.

We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this tool to newcomers in the field. The product seems spectacular, even without the mention of other modes of marketing.  

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