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By: Expect Referrals, Inc From USA

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Expect Referrals made its entry into referral marketing in the year 2010. Based in Orlando, Florida, the company aims to become the best software product in referral marketing that bridges the gap between consumers and businesses.

Design and Customization

The design and layout of your referral widget is an important aspect in getting more referrals from your customers. Stylish and intuitive design formats also help your customers stay engaged. Expect Referrals provides its users trendy and professionally designed templates with multiple layout options. A template editor allows users to customize images, text and styling based on their requirements. A 15mb image upload storage space is also provided to handle custom imagery that you may want to use. Text editors, integrated spell checkers and auto scale image sizing options allow complete control over the design requirements of your referral program.

Reward Options

Your product and its benefits should be the real reasons for your customers to refer you. However, the rewards you offer for referring your products must also add to the motivation. With Expect Referrals, users can opt for redemption based incentives as well as Multi-Tiered Bonus incentives. While the former helps you reward customers who actually get others to buy your product, multi-tiered incentives allow you to create multiple levels of referrals to encourage even more sharing. Giving special high-value rewards to customers who bring in multi-tiered referrals can help you grow your business exponentially in a much shorter time.

Mobile Optimized

More and more, people are connecting with each other through their smartphones. For any refer-a-friend program to be successful, it must be mobile ready. Expect Referrals' referral software offers a mobile platform that allows customers to refer your products quickly and on the go. The software also automatically generates a downloadable quick response (QR) code that can be scanned to immediately connect to your mobile site. This makes mobile sharing a lot easier and quicker.

Social Sharing

Expect Referrals' template editor allows you to add a Facebook Like button right in your referral widget. In addition, the software posts or tweets your offer directly to your customer's chosen friends when they log in to their Facebook or Twitter account. This allows your customers to effortlessly spread the message about your product via popular social channels.  

Referral Reports

In addition to setting up suitable reward programs for your advocates, it is extremely important to monitor the health of your referral marketing system. Expect Referrals' visual charts give you a quick snapshot of your referral program. Metrics such as the number of referrals, referrals over time, top 5 customers, referral sources, social media stats, etc. help you tweak your reward program to get the most out of it. The reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for further analysis or to upload to another system.    


Expect Referrals supports the referral software through a customer ticket system. Users can also contact the Expect Referrals team via email. A knowledge base section allows users to obtain the latest software updates, get answers to their questions from the community, and share feature suggestions. A ROI calculator is also provided for users to find out if their referral system is generating a profit.   


If you're looking at expanding your business with the help of a customer referral program, Expect Referrals offers a stylish, fully customizable option that can help you increase your customer base quickly. Mobile and social sharing possibilities allow you to reach out to a wider audience, and flexible reward options ensure that your customers stay engaged. A comprehensive reporting system also lets you keep an eye on the profits that your program is generating.

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