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FindThatLead is an email finding software that offers multiple ways to the user to search email addresses. It can prove to be useful for a variety of campaigns, especially the cold email outreach one. The suite of tools on FindThatLead can help the user in different ways, and scalability is not much of an issue on the platform. You can even send out emails from the platform.


  • Allows searches in bulk.
  • Verifies email addresses that you already have.
  • Finds email addresses from social media profiles.
  • Prospector tool helps carry out broader searches.
  • Comes with an email sender.


  • The social media searches don’t always give useful results.


Do you know what’s more difficult than reaching out to prospects? It is the very process of finding contact information. We often discuss the ways that can improve the conversion rates for when the sales rep reaches out to a potential client.

But how often do we focus on the process of gathering the contact information, which is often the email address? There are a lot of lead generation techniques out there, such as newsletters, contests, freebies, and so on. But not everyone can benefit from such campaigns.

For instance, if you want to send out emails to get backlinks to your site, you can rely on usual email gathering techniques. The situation demands you to find the email address of a specific person so that you can send out a more personalized email with better conversion chances.

It is where an email finding software such as FindThatLead may come in handy. It gives you very specific results and helps you collect apt information for your campaigns.

It offers you to conduct searches for various platforms with varying metrics and volume. You can find the email addresses using social media accounts, you can verify an email address that you already have, or you can even conduct a bulk search.

In this review, we will go through all the features of FTL and see how good it is at finding out the right emails. We will keep a close eye on the accuracy of results, and test out all the features on the platform.

By the end of this review, you will have a much better idea of the capabilities of this tool.

The different ways to search

People usually have different strategies when it comes to finding email information. If you are looking for a specific person in an organization, then your approach might be different compared to what it might be when you try to find suitable candidates for a job.

Oh! Did we not tell you that you can use FTL to scan for employees too? Well, now you know. This tool can be of help to more than just the sales team. We will get into all those kind of searches in later parts of the review, but let us now get into the basic ways of searching emails using this tool.


If you have ever used an email finding tool, then you must be familiar with this way of searching emails. You need to enter the name of the company or the domain, and FTL will scrape out all the email addresses associated with it.

If you have also got a name with you, then it can make the search a lot more specific. There are also the options to make the search generic, personal, or both. It will once again depend on the kind of campaign you have.

One of the common use cases of this feature is when someone is looking for backlink prospects. If you want backlinks from a domain, you can search for emails related to that domain and find the correct contact information.

The results often come along with the name and designation of the individual, thus making things easier for the user. You can identify the email address of the person with authority and reach out to them.

Instead of entering individual domains and names, you can carry out a bulk search, as well. The bulk search comes in two forms- lead search and domain search. You can do the lead search if you also have names and surnames along with the domain. If not, then you can simply go for the domain search all the domain names that you want to consider.

Subsequently, you can download or export the results you get.


It’s surprisingly easy to find social media profiles of people but very difficult to find their email addresses. FindThatLead might be of some help to you if you know of the social media profile of the prospect.

Currently, the feature works for LinkedIn and Twitter profiles only. The drill is simple. You need to enter the social media URL of the individual or organization, and the tool will find out all the related email addresses for you.

However, this section did not impress us much. There were a lot of occasions when we would find nothing. Maybe things would’ve been merrier if a few more social media avenues were included in the list.

There is an option for bulk search in this segment too. The only required condition is that the list must contain at least one column with LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. We preferred this way as most of the times, we would get some results to work with.


How often have you sent an email to a prospect only to find out that email never got delivered because the email address was incorrect? FTL helps one verify that the email address they posses is correct.

You can enter the email address in the space provided, and the tool will tell you if it’s correct or not. It is as simple a feature may get, but adds a lot of potency to the campaign. It can help you make sure that the emails from the campaign do not end up in the spam folders of recipients.

If your outreach campaigns are suffering from higher bounce rates, then a simple email verification might be able to help you tackle the issue. Often, it is the unreliable email information that leads to campaign failure.

Just like other tools, you can input search query in bulk for verification, as well.


We all appreciate having the ability to find out select emails. But if you have a big outreach campaign in mind that includes reaching out to tons of prospects, then searching for emails of individuals might not be the smartest plan.

It will take a lot of time and effort, and the process doesn’t even guarantee a satisfactory ROI. There will also be times when you won’t have a clue of how to boil it down to individual prospects, thus making the process more difficult.

FTL offers an impressive solution to deal with the situation. With their prospector tool, you can end up with thousands of relevant and correct email addresses in just one search query.

Let us explore the feature before we get into some of the possible use cases.

Unlike other tools on the platform, prospector allows the user to widen the scope of the search. You can focus your research locations, companies, job titles, and a combination of other attributes.

The first three search fields on this tool are location, job title, and industry. If your campaign is focussed on a region, you can specify the location to zoom in on the results.

Same goes for the job title field. If you want to find the email addresses of only executives in a specific department of the company, prospector allows you to mention that during the search. This way, you can filter away the unnecessary information and focus only on what you need.

The industry filter takes it up a notch by making sure you don’t reach out to people who have nothing to do with what you are trying to achieve, and they fall nowhere near your scope of the target audience.

The other filters allow you to mention company name and size. This feature might come in handy when you have a specific company in mind or if you are planning to target organizations of a specific size.

For instance, if you launched a SaaS product that has more to do with small and medium-sized businesses, then company size filter will help bring more relevant results to you.

The keyword field, however, is the one that we liked the most. It adds up endless possibilities to the mix. With pre-defined search fields, users often feel that they have nowhere to mention specific information before the search. But the keyword field throws those doubts out the window.

With so many details mentioned, you’d expect the tool to come up with some useful results. And so it does, with a lot many of them.

Prospector will help people looking forward to building an email list for cold email marketing. It can help recruiters find suitable people for a job opening. It can help NGOs to find the correct email addresses of influencers, and so on.

Prospector is the highlight of FindThatLead. It is a cakewalk to use this feature, but the kind of results it provides can most certainly be the key to the success of your campaign.

Email sender

The next thing you would want to do after collecting all those email addresses is to send out emails.

All of us are aware of the amazing email marketing tools available these days. They come with a lot of amazing features such as automation and conditional workflows. However, you need to pay the price for all those wonderful features.

If you are using one such tool and making use of the features, then you can skip to the next section. But if all you need to do is send out simple emails to prospects, then you might not have to leave FTL platform after finding emails.

Outreach campaigns involving cold emails do not require a lot of fancy features or automation. All one needs to do is send personalized emails that would stimulate a positive response from the reader.

You can use FTL’s email sender for these purposes. It allows you to import the email contact list and send out bulk emails. You use the custom fields from the email list to create personalized and engaging templates, as well.

The email sender won’t offer you tons of beautiful templates like other platforms, but you might probably don’t need them for the outreach campaign.

The entire process is simple enough. You need to import or upload the email list and create a suitable template for the campaign. The tags allow you to include personal information from the list to the mail. You also get a signature maker to make your emails look slightly more credible and professional.

The next step would be to schedule and send the email. The scheduler allows you to pick a suitable time and time zone for delivering mail. And with just one click, you would manage the entire campaign on a single platform, right from the process of finding email addresses to sending out the emails.

Let’s discuss the accuracy

Not all the email addresses you discover on FTL need to be going to be accurate. Systems often have flaws, and FTL won’t always be able to provide you with accurate results.

A 2016 interview of FindThatLead CEO Gerard Compete reveals that they were dealing with an efficiency rate of 43% at that time. It means that for every 100 searches you do on the platform, you will find 43 email addresses.

But FTL has improved ever since, and we are sure that they have improved upon the previous numbers. Even though you might be getting more results per search, the email addresses can still be inaccurate, and FTL uses color to show their confidence level on the accuracy.

They use dark green color for fully verified email addresses and a slightly lighter green color for high probability guesses. For web email, you would get a purple color. The orange color denotes the results of the emails that haven’t been verified yet.

If they don’t find the email address, they use the red color. And if they are unable to find any sort of data, you would see grey color in the results.


There is a high probability that you might end up finding FTL more useful than what you expected. The tool comes with a lot of features for an email finding software.

The different methods of searching the content, the tools to verify addresses and send emails, and the prospector, bring a lot to the table.

It would work well for small and large campaigns alike, and it even helps others along with the sales team. The credit system allows you to keep track of how many searches you have left in the account, and the option to refill credits takes care of the rare periods when you need to make more search queries than usual.

We liked what we saw on FTL and would encourage our readers to give the tool a try. There is a free version available with 50 search credits available each month. It might be a good place to start for most of you.

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