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Heat Map Tracker is a self-hosted heatmap tracking solution for any website, which offers various features without any usage restriction or limitation. The software was launched in 2014 by Matt Callen and Mark Thompson. The goal of the software is to help website owners track user behaviors in their website, so that they can improve their website conversion and sales.

Instant Visitor Monitoring

Once you have installed this software into your website or CMS platform, you can immediately monitor your visitors’ activity within your website. Heat Map Tracker allows you to analyze your visitors in real time, and see what pages they visit the most and what pages they don’t like to visit. You can also see which parts of your page get the most attention from your visitors. Aside from that, you can see when your visitors enter your website and how they leave your website. You can use the analytical data to improve your website performance over time.

Multiple Heatmaps

There are three types of heatmaps that are provided by Heat Map Tracker: click heatmap, eye-tracking heatmap, and scroll heatmap. The click heatmap allows you to see exactly what your visitors are clicking on your website. It records each click on all of your web elements, including images, navigation, forms, and more. The eye-tracking heatmap allows you to see what your visitors are attracted to. The software gives you the visualization about what areas of your website that get the most attention from your visitors. The scrolling heatmap allows you to find out how deep your visitors are scrolling your page.

Live Visitor Recording

The live visitor recording feature allows you to track each visitor’s movement within your website and see how they interact with your website. Then, you can play back the recording of your visitor’s movement anytime. In this way, you can see the reason why your visitors stay on your website, as well as the reason why they decide to leave. This is especially useful if you want to know why your visitors are abandoning the opt-in form or shopping cart within your website.

Site Analytics for Your Clients

Not only can you use this software for your own website, you can also brand this software and use it for your client’s website. You can create sub-accounts with this software and let your clients to log into the sub-accounts easily without giving them the full access to the software. The software also comes with the automated PayPal invoice sending, so that you can charge your clients easily with the usage of the software. Moreover, it comes with unlimited updates and enhancements, which ensure that you and your clients always use the latest software version available.

Mobile-Friendly Platform and Cloud Data Storage

You can also use Heat Map Tracker to track your visitors’ behavior when they visit your website via their mobile devices. So, you can keep yourself informed with your visitors’ activity no matter what device they are using. With this feature, you can also measure the performance of your mobile-responsive website, so that you can improve the performance of your mobile website as well. You can also store your heatmap data on the cloud, with fast, scalable, and secure cloud storage for all website types and sizes.


If you want to get the full benefit of a good heatmap tracking software, Heat Map Tracker is one solution that you have to try. It doesn’t give you any unnecessary functionalities, so that you can truly focus on monitoring your visitors’ activity and improving your conversion rate without getting distracted by unnecessary features. Moreover, it provides you with all the heatmap features without any restrictions or limitations, whereas other similar services may give you limited usage for their software. By installing the software on your own server, you get the full control of the software, and you can even profit from the software by selling the service to your clients.

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