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iCare Data Recovery Pro is a disk data recovery program that is used by computer users to recover accidentally lost data, files, and folders from digital devices. The software is capable of rescuing data from most of the common issues like computer failure, virus attack, corrupted files or drives, bad boot sectors, accidentally deleted partitions, Master boot records, and raw file system. The ‘Deep Scan Recovery’ feature scans every inch of the affected hard disk to find the specific data file.

iCare Data Recovery software is available in both the free and paid versions. The free version, though, is limited by the number of users and uses. It can only recover a specific number of files and data. The paid version of the software, known as iCare Data Recovery Pro is sold with different licenses to suffice the needs of different types of users.

Deep Scan Recovery

iCare Data Recovery Pro software comes with a special deep recovery mode that can search each and every possible file and folder on your hard disk to find and recover the lost files. It makes use of the raw mode for better scanning of deep ends of the digital media. The software is even capable of scanning for a file with its old file name or based on its folder structure.
Once it finds the file, it can easily recover and restore it in the previous form. Users are given the option to recover the complete folder, drive or just a specific file.

Read-Only Scan Mode

The read-only scan mode available with this software lets it scan the affected drive only in read-only mode, such that it does not create or write any new data to the lost drive data during the scan. This avoids the chance of getting the original data overwritten or replaced by any new data. Users are advised to install and use the iCare Data Recovery software on a separate drive from the one where the data lost.

Note: After the recovery of a file, make sure to save it to a new folder or drive, rather than the
same one from where it has been recovered.

The Recovery Process

The installation and recovery process of iCare Data Recovery Pro is very simple. Users first need to download the software from the website. Once downloaded, the software can be easily installed by following the simple steps. After the installation, users will have to open the recovery wizard. There you will find 3 scan modes, Deleted file recovery, Deep scan recovery, and Lost partition recovery.

Choose an option that best fits your data recovery needs. Deep scan recovery is, though, the most favorable option among the three. Once you select an option, the software starts scanning the specified drive or folder. It then brings back a list of files and folders that were all found on the lost drive. Choose the one/s you need recovered and proceed with next step. Save the file in a different folder from the one you recovered it from.

Recovery from Various kinds of Data Loss

iCare Data Recovery Pro software is capable of recovering various kinds of data loss caused by different calamities, including formatted drive, drive not formatting error, drive/file converted to a raw file system from NTFS/FAT32, CHKDSK error message, accidental permanent deleting (Shift + Del) of a file or partition, factory reset by accident, unreadable memory card, damaged memory card data, virus attacks, wrong partition formatting, damaged partition table, MBR, power surges, Norton Ghost images, etc.

Recoverable Files

iCare Data Recovery Pro can search the affected drive for a large number of supported image, audio, and video file formats. Whether you accidentally lost an image file, an audio, or one of the videos from your computer, this software is capable of finding and recovering it. Some of the supported file formats include images (JPG, GIF, PSD, and many others) files.


All in all, iCare Data Recovery Pro is a decent data recovery tool that will recover for you any lost file, folder, data, partition or drive, from the deep end of your digital media device. For now, it is only compatible with Windows systems. Try the free version before purchasing the paid one. The software can recover any accidentally deleted files, inaccessible or raw files, damaged data, virus affected files, partition errors, formatted data, factory reset, and hard disk crash. So it basically covers all kinds of data recovery options one can imagine.

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