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JPEGClub is an independent group that writes the library for JPEG-related operations, primarily dealing with JPEG compression technology. It also provides various JPEG-related tools or software that can be used freely. The JPEG software is constantly being updated, with the newest version available since January 17, 2016. The next version is planned to be released in January 2018.

Compression Tool

The JPEG compression tool from JPEGClub, or also called cjpeg, is a tool that has the main function to compress JPEG files, turning a big JPEG file size into a smaller file size without any loss in quality. Generally, you can use this tool to compress any JPEG file with some available options to keep your preferred results. There are two important features available, which are quality and scale options. The quality option allows you to choose between different quality settings for your JPEG compression without being affected by the subsampling settings. The scale option allows you to scale your JPEG image during compression without any additional resampling operations.

Decompression Tool

The JPEG decompression tool is basically the opposite of the JPEG compression tool. It is also called djpeg, which is a tool to decompress JPEG image file by turning the compressed JPEG file into its normal size. In other words, this tool works to restore the compressed JPEG files to its native file resolution, quality, and size. The most important feature that is available in this tool is the direct rescaling feature, which is the feature that allows you to rescale the JPEG image file directly while decompressing the file, without doing any additional steps. The scale option is also being developed for this tool.

JPEG Lossless Transcoding Tool

JPEGClub also provides the JPEG lossless transcoding tool, also called jpegtran, which is a tool that allows you to resize or scale JPEG image file without losing the quality in the resulting image file. In other words, you get the same quality in the resized version of the image file as the original image file. There are three important features of this tool. The first feature is the lossless resize feature, which is the feature to allow you resize your JPEG image without losing any of the image quality. The second feature is the lossless rotation feature, which is the feature that allows you to rotate your JPEG image file and get the end result that has the same quality as the original. This feature also allows you to perform various image transform operations, not just rotation. And the third feature is lossless crop and drop feature, which allows you to cut and paste the JPEG image file without losing any quality.

JPEG Crop Tool

The JPEG crop tool is a new tool that is developed originally as an additional feature for the JPEG lossless transcoding tool. It has developed to a full Windows application that allows you to crop your JPEG image file without losing the quality in the cropped image. While this application is still in the experimental stage, it already has the fully working function intended for this tool. One of the most important features of this tool that is still in development is the constrained aspect ratio feature, which allows you to crop your JPEG file image with constrained aspect ratio.


If you are working fully with the JPEG image file, JPEGClub provides all the tools that you need to work with your JPEG images in a simple and convenient way. All the tools are designed for various functionalities that can be applied for your JPEG images, such as compression, decompression, and transcoding. The cropping feature is a recent addition to the JPEG software provided by JPEGClub, which provides the experimental use of the cropping functionality in a standalone Windows application. With the regular updates applied to these JPEG tools, you can expect new features to be added in the future.

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