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Ever since its inception back in 2001, MailChimp has garnered a strong user base. According to claims made on the official website, the platform is used by 7 million+ users who send more than 500 million emails daily. The platform is feature-rich and permits webmasters, bloggers or entrepreneurs to run email campaigns, send automated replies and drive targeted campaigns with complete analytics and reports.

MailChimp offers mainstream email marketing templates for both SMBs and large enterprises. Even though it is free to start with, the pricing can get fairly expensive if a user exceeds their spending limits. Pro plans are integrated with smart analytic features and technology tools, which makes it a tough contender against other email marketing and opt-in forms services.

Plans and Pricing

The Forever Free Plan allows users to send up to 12,000 emails every month if they have less than 2,000 subscribers. Users are not required to own a credit card, and MailChimp does not bind users to a legal contract. Users are also entitled to analytical reports, graphically representing the revenue that their campaigns are generating. MailChimp provides an Android/iOS-based user-friendly mobile application for easy access.

Collect Emails from Users

Using MailChimp’s email marketing tool allows businesses to not only create and send emails; it helps the company gather information in various ways. This starts with creating a simple sign up form to put on the business’ website. Rather than collecting individual email addresses, the MailChimp signup form allows people to opt into the mailing service. There is also an option to import contacts if they’re collected legitimately and relevant to business.

There is also an option to sync existing customer’s email lists directly from the website’s database with tools such as Zapier extension and much more.

After creating a self-maintaining email list, the users can start creating campaigns. Multi-user accounts are available to help with collaborative projects. The team can share information with one another while in the program.

Social Media Integration

MailChimp offers a simplified solution for social media integration, which means that users can use social networking in addition to e-marketing campaign.

Emails can easily contain social networking links or pages, allowing subscribers to easily share the information in the newsletter. This helps companies build a better subscriber list and encourages people to recommend the products or services the businesses offer. With MailChimp users can Embeded various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pintrest in email content. This way users can see & track what people are saying about the content, or who liked your business by following the links included within the email.

Templates & Import Custom Design

MailChimp offers hundreds of unique email templates to choose from. After the templates are designed or selected, they are sent to a Delivery Doctor for a thorough inspection to prevent emails from being flagged as spam.

While MailChimp provides a visual way to create an email, users are able to insert their own HTML. This allows further customizations in templates and makes each email more unique. After customizing a professional template, businesses can save it so that it can be used again and again. This makes designing the emails faster, saving businesses more time.

Multi-view for Different Email Clients

Depending on the email clients, subscribers use (Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc.) emails can look distorted at times. MailChimp resolves this problem by showing a preview of the email as it would appear in 10 different email clients prior to hitting the send button. This integration is only available in the paid version.

Real-time Graphs and Analytics Tracking

It doesn’t end after users have run an email campaign. MailChimp gives the users a fair insight into what happens to their emails after it reaches their subscribers’ inbox. The software collects and analyzes data to graphically represent it in the member's dashboard through visual representations in various formats like charts, and interactive graphs.

MailChimp also offers a data set called Campaign Reach. This section allows businesses to get an overall look at their email marketing campaigns. Detailed information includes the number of emails sent during the campaign, the number opened, number of emails bounced, and the amount of traffic received as a direct result of the email campaign. Users can also check additional information such as the number of retweets and likes the campaign has gotten. This helps further analyze the business' return on investment, set goals, and see how the email campaign is progressing.

Developer API

MailChimp offers Developer API with plenty of extensions to collect emails in various ways. For example, if a user is selling clothes on his website then he may want to alert his customer about fresh stock he has got on his website or send them limited time or exclusive discount for being a loyal customer. The first thing, however need to be done is to have their email in MailChimp’s email list. This can be done by integrating his storefront directly with MailChimp API, Meaning when a new (or old) customer place an order, he will be automatically added to the email list.

Campaign Management On the Go

MailChimp also has an iPad app that allows users to create, edit or manage campaigns while they are on the go. With the help of MailChimp, businesses can quickly collect emails from website visitors, compose information, send mass messages, and track their success.

Similar Products by the Rocket Science Group

Apart from MailChimp, Rocket Science Group has also developed a fair bunch of other reputed applications and services to ease the life of Internet Marketers. The mandrill is another email marketing product, but it is built along the lines of transaction email services. It is also powered by the same delivery infrastructure that empowers MailChimp.

TinyLetter is yet another newsletter service for people that want to get their message heard. Users can design a sign up form, compose a letter and reply to their readers in simple steps. You can call it MailChimp, without the bling.

Final Verdict

All in all, this email service offers an extensive list of functions and features for all email marketing requirements. MailChimp, just as its brand ideology suggests, strives to make the email marketing experience enjoyable by both beginners and seasoned professionals in the Digital Marketing realm. The comprehensive report features along with their help and support options and free resources to learn the tricks of email marketing are useful for everyone.

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