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ManageFlitter has been working with more than 2.8 million Twitter accounts since its launch date in 2010, and it is growing larger day by day. The service was developed by 89n Pty Ltd, a company that specializes in the creation and development of various web applications. The other products released by 89n include CheckDog, EmailSociety, and TourCow. ManageFlitter is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.  


The PowerPost feature allows you to ensure that your tweets are seen by your followers. If you think that your tweets are never seen by your followers, which creates a bad Twitter engagement for your business, it might be caused by tweeting in the wrong time. PowerPost helps to determine the best time for you to post your tweet, which ensures that your tweet gets seen and read by your followers and creates good conversation with them. This feature is especially useful if you want to send an important announcement to your followers.

Account Analytics

There are very little Twitter management tools that provide in-depth analytics for the Twitter activities of their users. The account analytics feature allows you to monitor and track the effectiveness of your overall Twitter marketing activities. This includes uncovering the long-term trends in your Twitter account, so that you can identify the tweets that get read the most, and the tweets that don’t work effectively for your marketing. The analytics tool can also monitor the engagement rate between your Twitter account and your followers, and it helps to identify the accounts that are inactive and lack engagement with your account.


Unfollowing other Twitter users are as important as following them. If you don’t regularly perform some unfollowing activities, your Twitter account may follow the users that don’t really bring any benefit to your business. And if you are following more bad accounts every day without properly unfollowing them, it might affect your business image negatively. With the Unfollow tool from ManageFlitter, you can unfollow the bad accounts, according to various criteria, including the users that are not active on Twitter, the users that don’t have any profile image, the users that don’t follow you back, and many other criteria that help you to get rid of the unnecessary following on Twitter.

Follow and Search

The Follow feature from ManageFlitter helps you find the users that might be interested in your business, and follow them. Some of them may follow you back, since they are interested in your business, but some others may not do so. With the Follow feature, you can find the right Twitter users to follow, so that they can follow you back. You can also copy the followers of other users and see if they follow you back or not. You can follow a number of Twitter users at one time. The Search feature on ManageFlitter allows you to search for relevant users with various criteria that meet your business needs, such as location, interest, keyword, account age, and more.


ManageFlitter is a powerful Twitter marketing tool that you can use to add more followers to your account and increase your Twitter engagement rate. The setup process is easy, and you don’t need to do any complicated stuff in order to use this software. You simply sign in with your Twitter account and connect this software with your account, and it’s done. However, since the pricing plan for the software is quite expensive, especially if you want to get all the features, it might not be suitable if you want to use it to manage a lot of accounts at once, unless you have the budget for it. However, for managing one Twitter account, this software works best and it can bring the best result for your business.

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