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By: Marketizator Friends SRL From Romania

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Marketizator is a company that focuses on the techniques with the help of which conversion rate of e-Commerce Websites can be optimized. Company was founded in the year 2012. Headquarter of the company is in Bucharest, Romania. Marketizator is basically an application that allows marketers to create different experiments for increasing their conversion rate without having any need to get the assistance from their IT team. The tool increases conversion rate with the help of 3 in 1 platform that includes personalization, A/B Testing and Surveys. The whole idea behind this product is to empower marketers with the help of which they can perfectly understand the traits of visitors of their websites.

CRO Platform

Marketizator includes CRO tools that help in increasing the conversion rate in the most effective manner. CRO is basically a conversion rate optimization tool that allows marketers to undertake an apt qualitative research with the help of which they can find out useful insights straight from their customers. It brings together different crucial disciplines such as statistics, graphics, copywriting, ergonomics, and hence it helps in maximizing the revenue from PPC, SEO and different other forms of online promotion that pull traffic on any website. Different other benefits comprised by CRO tools are their ability to keep tracks of vital KPIs and their competency to recover abandoned shopping carts. It also segments traffic, adjusts budget spending, and finds out useful insights that increase profits.


With the help of surveys Marketizator captures leads and gets different valuable insights. The whole system of surveys includes a properly organized pattern that incorporates questions types, advanced segmentation, custom skins, survey initiation types, branching logic, lead generator, frequency, scheduling and reporting. Questions types include 6 different marketing questions e.g. small text response questions, multiple choice & multiple answers questions, scale questions and so forth. The segmentation system used by Marketizator includes more than 35 combinable criteria for doing survey and this makes this application different from other similar tools in the market. You can also customize your survey window with the help of custom skin feature and all other features are also unique and useful.

A/B Testing

Marketizator also includes the feature of A/B Testing that can be effectively used for determining if any specific change made on a webpage can make an influence on the conversion rate of the websites in a productive manner. With the help of A/B Testing offered by Marketizator you can freely change any text, image or color on your webpage without taking assistance of any programmer or designer. You only need to identify a segment of visitors with their specific needs and then by using WYSIWYG editor you can modify a webpage in a manner that will appeal to them. Then with the help of A/B test you can know which version of the page provides more conversion. These tests are basically quantitative tests that enable you to obtain high value information about behaviours of customers.


The feature of personalization offered by Marketizator lets you identify a segment of visitors that you wish to address by using any personalized message. There are such a variety of creative artworks are offered by company such as multiple formats, advanced segmentation, custom variables, OnPage variables, conversational scenario, on-exit intent, inclusion of multiple pages and so on. You can quite easily choose a readymade template from the great collections banners, ribbons and pop-ups that are offered by company. You are also allowed by the company to design your own customized template. Company offers 11 different art works that can be quite easily used and for using them, no any programming skill is required. Personalized experiments can also be displayed on the multiple pages.


The most amazing part of Marketizator is its ability to do more than just A/B testing as it includes website personalization and visitor feedback facilities. The feature list of Marketizator includes custom survey URLs, data analysis tools, embeddable surveys, multiple question types, online surveys, question branching, templates, etc. WYSIWYG editor is amongst the best features of Marketizator that makes it better than its competitors. The working interface is quite easy to use even if you are not an analytics savvy and if you are good at analytics then you will find that you have everything in your hand even for the most complex segmenting and targeting procedures. It efficiently helps in communicating messages and contents to the specific audiences and all this make it worth to buy.

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