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By: Microsite Masters, LLC From USA

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Microsite Masters is relatively a new SEO tracker in the market but is proving highly effective for those who need to track several sites at once on daily basis. It is a web-based rank tracker that accurately as well as automatically tracks the rankings in real-time for corresponding keywords and sites on Yahoo, Google, and Bing daily.

The tracker enables the Internet marketers and SEO companies to centralize the management of monitoring their organic campaigns through a single, intuitive dashboard where keyword sets, sites, projects, and ranking data are easily accessible. Unlike some rank trackers, this tool tracks the rankings quite accurately, as there is no reliance on proxies.


There are six plans on offer: Free, Mom’s Basement, Affiliate, Super Affiliate, Agency, and Agency Elite. Each plan tends to differ as per the keyword and domain limits, user accounts supported, and some advanced features on offer, such as alerts, API access, and white label and scheduled reports.

Setup and Dashboard

Although neat, the mobile-friendly dashboard is a bit tricky to get a hang of, in the beginning. However, this is compensated with a project wizard that guides you stepwise. This makes it very quick and simple to set up SEO campaigns, as you only have to specify your domain and keywords for tracking.

The ability to track ability eliminates the need for you to wait for hours, which is essential for proactive monitoring. Ranking can change even in a few minutes and the tool exactly tracks that, which means you know what is changing daily. The dashboard also comes with API integration feature that allows you to work with other SEO service or software.

Management of Multiple Projects

The ability to create several projects is simply the favorite of many SEO professionals. Doing so helps categorizing sites and keywords for quick and focused management through a single interface. You can view all projects at once together with the number of sites and keywords, rankings on three search engines, and change in the rankings.

At the time of writing this review, the platform allows tracking country level and city level keyword tracking for organic and paid search. They supports Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

The Keyword View

The Keyword View of the dashboard shows the ranking of each site for a particular keyword along with its ongoing competition. The cool part is that you can see when your site goes up or down along with that of the competition in a particular country and on a specific search engine. So, did I build a link or an algorithm got changed? Why my competitor’s site is up? Isn’t this great info to use?

ROI Tracking (Notes)

Microsite Masters allows adding notes while making a change to a link building strategy or site. It also tracks the updates automatically, which resulted in increased ranking along with the ones that did not affect the ranking at all. You can even share the results with your clients by exporting them. This is a killer feature that ultimately draws a perfect SEO blueprint for your sites.

Deep URL Tracking

The tool allows tracking a specific page/URL within a domain, and not only the domain itself. This is a handy feature when you wish to know when your specific page is ranking without caring whether someone else’s page is ranking or not. The best example of this feature is parasite SEO!


You can get this feature with all paid plans. It shows the best and worst improved rankings at once. This is great if you are monitoring multiple sites, as you can see what is faring well and what is not, without going into each site.


Microsite Masters is a reliable option for those who are in need of professional but affordable tracking service. You can get started with a free version in case of any doubt and later upgrade if you wish to track for more keywords and domains.

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