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By: Movavi Software Inc. From USA

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Why search for different tools for merging your videos with desired audios when you can get it all at one place. What if you missed a video call? Alternatively, you want only some content of a large file on the screen of your computer. A screenshot would do that for you.

If your voice is the thing that is required and not you personally, sit back and relax. Recording audio for the required video is all you need to do.  If you are too lazy to stand and present yourself before the audience, you can try Movavi Screen Recorder.


  • Various cursor customizations.
  • Various effects.
  • Can save the file in any format.
  • Easy sharing.
  • Records keystrokes.


  • One cannot capture videos longer than five minutes in a trial version.
  • Watermark appears on the video screen in a trial version.
  • No tags can be added to videos while uploading using a trial version.
  • Limited editing features.


Screen recording is something that allows you to keep the content of the screen with you even after the screen changes. Is that all? Is this the only purpose to own one of them? A screen recording software can do much more than that.

Through this review, we shall try to find out what this screen recorder has to offer you. We shall look at its different features and functions, be it be recording features or editing features. We shall also squint into its pros and cons. We shall finally conclude to decide whether it is worth having it or not.

You can record your screen, your audios, and capture the screenshot. You can schedule the upcoming recordings. You can schedule the recording that suits best to your need and time. 

We encounter many apps or software for the entirely same purpose, and so is with the screen recording. Whether you should choose Movavi Screen Recorder over other software or not, let’s find out.


We mentioned the primary features of capturing screenshot and recording video. We shall try to elaborate on these features and look out if there are any customizations. We shall try to understand the modus operandi of the options available in the software.

Let’s navigate through the options one by one.

The 'capture'

The first option we see on arriving at the software’s home screen is capture. As soon as the option capture is selected, it displays the few sub-options namely; ‘select capture area’ to select the area one wants to capture. It can be a minute area to the entire screen. Secondly, ‘start recording’ to begin with your recording, ‘take a screenshot’ to capture the current screen, another option is ‘schedule recording’ to set a time limit for your recording or to schedule the time you want your recording to begin. Finally, ‘quit’ closes the application.

Capture area

Capture area, as the name suggests, is the area one wants to capture for showing during the video plays. This area appears on the screen while the background audio plays. We shall discuss audios in a while. One can choose the full-screen capture area or can select an area of his own choice by dragging the mouse or manually.


Once the selection of a capture area is complete, you can begin with recording your video.

One cannot have a soothing view of the video in a trial version, as a watermark reading "Movavi Screen Recorder trial version" appears right at the center of the video screen which makes it of little use for professional purposes.

For recording audio, you are required to connect a microphone to your PC. If you want to play the audio in the background of some video, you can select the desired capture area during the audio is being recorded. You can also change the frame rate of the video within a range of five to sixty. Also, you can have a preview of your recorded video.

Recording audio and video simultaneously may seem cumbersome to some users, particularly the beginners.


Unlike recording videos, taking a screenshot is easy. You merely need to adjust the “orange circle” to choose the area you want to have a screenshot. F8 is the short cut key for the same purpose. There is nothing much to mention about the ‘screenshot’ of this screen recorder.


If you present some video on some subject and you want your audience to indulge in it entirely, but suddenly you strike a key. Alas! The audience distracts, and you might lose the purpose of your video presentation.

The option ‘Effects’ allows you to choose whether to record or not to record various keystroke sounds.  You can choose if you want some specific keystrokes to be recorded and keep some of them silent during the video plays.

Once you make this choice, you are left with no alternatives to amend it. The most you can do is to cut and remove the entire part of the recording that constitutes the keystroke. It increases the editing efforts of the user.

You can also add audio already available at your pc.

It provides the various effect you want your cursor to possess. One may or may not like the way his cursor appears depending on the targeted audience.

Like if you create a video for some professional purpose, you may like a sober cursor to appear.

In the same way, a video targeted at kids may require a colorful and glittery cursor. Various customizations in color and size are available. No constraint of version applies over these options.

Timing features

Movavi Screen Recorder provides various timing features for your screen recording. Like, you schedule a recording by adding a ’task’ and record it later. If you are using a full version, you can limit the timing to continue the recording. In the trial version, you cannot record a video which exceeds five minutes.  Let’s have a look at them.

Schedule recording

To schedule your recording, click at the clock icon or navigate via capture option. Schedule recording takes you to further three sub-options; not to schedule any recording, set time limit of the recording, and schedule recording.

The former is; if you changed your mind of scheduling the video and don’t want to schedule it, you select this.

The other one is to set the time limit. Like if you want to record the screen only for eight minutes. You can set the time limit to eight, and it would automatically stop to record after the ‘eighth’ minute.

Later one is to schedule the recording. If you want to record the content of the screen which would appear after some time, you can schedule it by adding a task and time to start the recording.

Frankly, All the above sub-options are futile if you are using a trial version. The image above shows that in a trial version, one cannot record a video longer than five minutes.

Volume features

There is nothing new with the volume features. Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to adjust the volume for the system audio and microphone. You can keep the system volume null if you want to record your audio, but for recording a video call, the system audio and the microphone audio should have a considerable volume.

Other features

There are several other features that one may require to know.

This screen recorder allows you to make some modifications before you make a screenshot. Like, you can disable the countdown before the beginning of the recording of the video. You can choose whether you want the control panel to be the part of the screenshot or not. Enabling or disabling the blink while capturing is another feature you might want to know.

Saving your files

To save your files, you can choose the location on your computer. Your screenshot gets saved in the format you choose. It supports PNG, BMP, and JPG file formats. It may be disappointing for the users who like to save their files in PDF format.

Shortcut keys

There are some default shortcut keys like F10 to start or stop the capture, F9 to pause or resume the capture and F8 to take a screenshot.

However, you cannot add any other shortcut key, but the software allows you to change the default key combination to that of your own choice. 


You are creative. You like to edit the things and want to get something innovative out of them. This is what editing does. Right?

Editing is carried out for a better presentation of images, videos, and audios. The sole purpose of editing is to remove additional attributes or adding some newer ones to adore them.  Let us see what editing features this screen recorder has for its users. Does it have enough of them?

Editing features in Movavi Screen Recorder comprise of editing audio, editing video, and editing screenshots.

Editing audio

Merely audio means there is no image shown on the screen, but in screen recording, it is required to have an image (screenshot) in the video whether it be a minute one. To edit audio, you have alternatives to cut those segments of the audio that are inaudible or are unnecessary like unwanted silence at the beginning and end of the audio.

The trial version does not come up with many editing features.

Editing video

To edit a video in Movavi Screen Recorder, you do not have many options you can merely cut the videos to divide them into segments called frames and can save them.

Again, the trial version is limited to only a few video editing features. Even the full version does not have enough of them.

Editing screenshots

Unlike audio and video, screenshot in this movavi product comes with more editing options which do not mean that one can have enough of them, at least not in a trial version. 

Features like adding different arrows, frames, and drawing lines help you edit your screenshot. Fewer customizations in color are also available. There is no option to add any text or quote to your image.

Show the world what you’ve got!

After putting this much of effort into the video, it goes in vain if the world does not witness it.

You can share your videos with your friends, family, colleagues, and the world. You can find an option to share your files under ‘preferences’ while navigating through settings. You can share your videos through YouTube or Google drive. It requires you to sign in using your mail Id and password.

In the trial version, you are not allowed to add any tags or captions to your videos while sharing. In a full version, this limitation does not occur.

Safety and privacy concerns

Security always tops the list of issues to be considered while buying a product.

Screen recording means to expose the content of your computer, which contains personal data also.

One might want to know about the information that is to be provided to install the product. No one wants to share much information online at this time of several security threats.

Don’t worry, this movavi product completely respects the privacy of the user and does not demand any information that one might not like to provide.

During installation, this movavi product asks to access your stats usage. Other than this, there are no issues regarding security.

In a nutshell, it is safe to use this.

User interface

Ab-initio the attribute which grabs a user’s attention is the interface of the software. Well, the way a software looks may not matter much for a programmer, but the user using the software may form an opinion regarding it merely by the first sight of the software on the computer screen.

Movavi Screen Recorder has various options at its home screen. One can soothingly find required options by navigating through them.

Some of the options are redundant, which makes it ambiguous to operate. For example, ‘settings’ consist of some options which are already available on the home screen.

One cannot make any changes in the theme of the software. The noir screen may make things tedious for some users.

The webcam

To record a video call, you require a webcam. Once you set the webcam up, you can call and receive calls and record them. You also get options to change some settings of the webcam or the video recorded through it.

Of course, if one does not set up a webcam to the computer, he cannot access any setting or modification options related to it. Once the webcam is set up, you have enough of them to have a quality video call.

Language options

Not everyone is a linguist. There are only few people who understand many languages. You might understand only French and Spanish, but not English, or you understand English but want your Chinese friend to operate the software for you. You only change the language and select the one you understand the best.

The options on the screen of the software appear in the language that you choose. You have fourteen different languages to choose, which include languages like French, English, Spanish etc.

Help and support

Everybody requires some help while working on some new entities, whether it be a device or software. What’s better than anybody who is there for you every time and helps you. You can always rely on customer support for this software.

The help and support team of Movavi Screen Recorder understands that not everybody is a master at every new software or technology, so they have their user manual consisting of some basic instructions. The FAQ section is to answer the frequently asked questions.  

The support team can also be approached via social media platforms like Instagram.

You can give them feedback about your experience with the software through ‘leave feedback’ option using emoticons or by writing a feedback message.


We have come to the end of this journey of the review. Considering all the points, it seems that this screen recorder was developed to let everyone acquire a tremendous screen recording experience. Though the fact of possessing some limitations in the trial version cannot be overlooked, some attributes like security make it something that can be allowed to serve.

Some newer additions in the software, particularly in the editing section; like providing more video editing features can raise the graph of the number of users. The appearance of watermark on the video screen in a trial version out straight makes it futile due to lack of clarity of screen while the video plays.

Yes, the software cannot satisfy everybody’s contentment, but considering it completely nugatory too would not do the justice. 

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