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By: NovaStor.

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With the entire world seems to be moving towards the internet, data backup has become a necessity, even if you are a moderate computer user. Data backup is as necessary as protecting your data from being misused. It is important not only in the professional sphere, but in homes too. The NovaBACKUP by NovaStor is an impeccable file and data backup software that is probably the best amongst its contemporaries, if not the outstanding achiever.

Although NovaBACKUP is slightly expensive for backup software, it is totally worth every penny invested in it. Military grade encryption adds to the charm of it and assures the user of the security. You save power, money and time with this one!

Besides that, NovaBACKUP has been conferred with many awards in the US where it has emerged as the top backup software in the past few years.

Backup: Getting started

The NovaStor NovaBACKUP is a smartly designed backup software that is simple in the interface, but extremely powerful and resourceful to use. It comes packed with all basic, advanced and super features that the user might need to get started when it comes to backing data up or even work like a pro with it.

As a user, you have the option of choosing from backing up the entire hard drive of the system or a few selected files that might be crucially important. All this data can be backed up to local, external devices like pen drives, hard drives, etc. or it can be stored online on clouds like Google Drive, SkyDrive, OneDrive or the Dropbox. Also, NovaBACKUP comes with a free 2GB of storage space when you join the NovaStor family!

Auto shut down

The exclusive and most notable feature with NovaBACKUP is its auto shut down feature. It often happens that as the user, you might have to sit as an attendant while the process of data backup is going on. The NovaBACKUP solves this problem as it can shut the system down automatically after the backup is done, if you choose so. The speed is super-fast, you’ll save time and money, plus you won’t need to sit throughout! Also, the backup process runs in the background, so you can continue working on the computer during the process.

Speed and Security

Amongst its competitors, NovaBACKUP software by NovaStor is the best when it comes to the speed of backing data up. Technically speaking, it provides four times faster speed than other contemporaries in the market. Also, you need not run full backups every time new files or folders are created, thanks to the incremental backup feature.

The safe and secure software comes designed with a military grade 256-bit AES encryption technology that reinstates faith of the user in fool proof software. The files will remain encrypted in that form until the user decides to decrypt them when they need to be recovered. So, all the data stored will be safe and cannot be tampered with.

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery feature lets the user recover all the data that might have been lost when the system crashed. The speed of recovery is almost magical and you can restore every wee bit of information with the image backup of the system, which includes system settings, preferences and the actual files and folders that make up the data.

The software is enabled with disaster recovery which lets the users recover all of their data right at the moment the system crash might have taken place. What’s more, the process is as easy as a walk in the park.

Super-efficient customer support

What sets the NovaBACKUP software apart from the others is the way the developers are always ready to support customers with any question or operation. In times of crisis, as in the times when everything goes haywire and the data is lost and you have no idea what to do, all you need to do is call their customer support who will guide you through a step by step process as to how you should use the software to restore your data. The exclusive 24-hour customer assistance comes in handy at such times.

In addition to that, there are many how-to videos and the email and phone support by expert tech officials that assure you of the best help when it comes to your data. The users also have access to various support articles, blogs, and FAQs that might help them to resolve issues on their own.


The NovaBACKUP software by NovaStor supports almost all variants of Windows systems. It can even restore the entire Windows server on the same or any other system without much hassle. The easy to use software finds itself in the top notch scale of backup software, thanks to its advanced level of features like the auto shut down and the extremely efficient speed.

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