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With the increased awareness of top rankings bringing in more profits to an online business, it is becoming common for several SEO professionals to run hundreds of campaigns each with several keywords, simultaneously. Tracking the performance of all these campaigns on just a single search engine giant called Google is certainly a massive and tiresome task if it is not efficiently automated. This is exactly why you will prefer to have the Rank Ranger tool.

With the ability to show accurate Google rankings, the Rank Ranger SEO tool offers daily keyword rankings reports as well as insight into the landing page performance, links, and site traffic. Through its smart yet simple interface, instant collection of real time data, and 100% white label reports, the tool has revolutionized the way of tracking SEO efforts.


Broadly, three scalable packages are on offer namely, Scalable 250, Scalable 500, and Scalable 1500 (these figures represent keywords supported). Each plan varies as per the keywords and sites supported, number of competitors, and users supported. Moreover, you can choose a 30-day free trial for any of these plans to explore the features. All packages come with 100% white label reporting, daily rank tracking, and export utility.

In case of different requirements, you can choose an Enterprise plan that comes with Scalable package features as well as API access, custom reports for selected countries, customizable queries, and multilingual support.

User Interface

Rank Ranger offers an extremely easy to use interface that hardly takes a minute to set up. It is also simple to comprehend and navigate it, even if you might know only the SEO basics. The interface shows quickly visible tabs, neat graphs, and labeled columns to offer all required data. Much of the tracking process is automated after you specify the kind of real-time alerts and email reports to be delivered.

To provide SEO professionals with a huge collection of essential data, the tool tracks the search engine rankings, market shares, and search volumes of your sites as well as of your competitors' sites.

Rank Ranger also monitors how the pages and links of these sites rank, pulls all relevant data from other tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and reveals whether pay per click ads or organic top rankings are effective in fetching the traffic.

Campaigns and Reports

The ability to organize the SEO data into campaigns is the strong point of this tool. The tool allows managing unlimited number of campaigns, each having different number of keywords, through a single user account. It also enables to group these campaigns into different categories or profiles, for instance, by company, year, or niche.

In addition, Rank Ranger permits you to decide how you want to organize your data; you can set it to generate automated or on-the-fly custom reports emphasizing the most critical SEO. You enjoy matchless flexibility in terms of customization!

White Label

The Rank Ranger tool is a completely white label. This means that you can place your own company's logo on the report. In this way, you do not reveal your trade secrets to clients, as to how you obtained such valuable SEO information. Apart from that, if you want to offer your clients with your own rank tracking solution, Rank Ranger also offers white label user interface and custom URL to access platform. This is an ideal soluton for digital marketing agencies.

On-page Optimization

Rank Ranger detects and rectifies deficiencies for boosting page content quality, spies on a competitor's keyword usage, and determines whether or not a page is easily understood. On-page keyword density tool allow to to check keyword desnsity and make sure if the page is relevant enough for keyword or not. Similarly there is a readability testing tool which checks page for character, syllable, word and sentence counts to determine readability of the content. Better readability is ideal for user enagament.

Market Reach and Integration

The tool not only can help determine a domain's market reach but also offer insight into the keywords not provided by Google Analytics. It also allows integrating the SEO data into third party applications. As mentioned on official website, market reach tool can calculate approximate keyword volume and provide total monthly reach in a pie chart.


With different features and metrics integrated, RankRanger is ideal for those who are getting started with SEO.

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