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One of the prevailing issues while tracking the rankings for specific keywords as well as a particular search engine is inaccuracy. This becomes evident when you track for the same keywords using different tracking tools that give varying results although the difference is not that huge.

Another issue with these tracking tools is that they are desktop-based due to which they need manual activation whenever a need arises to check the rankings. It also means you need to start the same computer, which obviously prevents anywhere tracking.

Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that can resolve the issues of imprecision, manual activation, and device dependency; RankWatch can be your reliable option. It is a cloud-based tool that tracks rankings, analyzes sites, monitors backlinks, and generates visually appealing custom reports quickly to help you make informed decisions quickly and accurately.


RankWatch is accessible through one of the four plans namely, M, L, XL, and custom tailored. You first need to choose the frequency of updates namely daily or weekly, which sets the number of keywords supported by each plan. Next, you choose the plan duration that can be 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year, which directly changes the price you pay. You need to choose the custom tailored plan in case the number of keywords supported by any plan is less or more than what you have fixed.

The M plan is the basic plan and comes with features such as daily/weekly rank refresh, city rank tracking, automated alerts, white label reporting, multiple logins, and competitor analysis. While the L plan comes with all M plan features plus pure white label interface, the XL plan derives all features of the L plan as well as boasts the account manager utility.

User Interface

The RankWatch dashboard is easy to navigate. Once you log in, the tool allows monitoring how your site is performing for different keywords on various search engines. All you have to do is enter the keywords and the relevant search engine name. It takes no time for the tool to show the tracking results in a graph.

Universal and Local Tracking

Unlike other tools that are based on localized IP, this one utilizes the targeted country IP while searching for a location. For example, if you are searching a keyword on Google.uk, the tool will pick IP from a UK-based location to track rankings. This helps to obtain the exact results and offers clear insights to the effort required for accomplishing the set goals.

RankWatch also helps in locating your local rankings and monitoring Google Maps rankings. It also saves the local rank tracking history for weeks and months, which you can download in XLS or PDF. Obviously, these files simply impress your clients with their sites’ local listing performance. You can also track Citybased ranking by selecting particular city.

Hidden Opportunities

The tool is capable of suggesting the keywords that you have not yet optimized but are worth optimizing in order to rank better. The suggestion also includes long tailed and city specific keywords, similar keywords etc.. making the list comprehensive.

Competitor Analysis

The tool is smart enough to track and report your competitors’ SEO activities. It makes you aware of your most challenging competitor along with its site’s ads and keywords that you have used along with their rank. The tool also allow you to track your competitor's PPC keyword activity, their ad copies along with organic keywords.

Reports and Alerts

The tool lets you generate customized reports to pull down keywords in PDF or XLS format. This saves much time, as you need not check keywords manually and generate your own report. Another cool feature of this tool is the ability to obtain an email alert when a specific keyword rises or falls in rankings.


RankWatch is an affordable choice for any business for whom rank accuracy and local SEO are top priorities. It is also suitable for freelancers and non-profit organizations.

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