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By: TapClicks, Inc.

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Raventools is a suite of utilities covering every aspect of online marketing (except for a few minor aspects). It utilizes the assistance of other prominent tools such as Google Analytics in order to leverage available data more effectively. This is definitely an extensive tool combining virtually all aspects of internet marketing in to one powerful software.

SEO Research

Raventools tend to pay equal attention to all parts of internet marketing and SEO is certainly one of the most important. Raventools can integrate with Google Webmaster Tools to give you a quick snap shot of impending issues so that you can fix them quickly. You can pick up data from other prominent tools such as Moz to benefit your researching process and gain a more valuable insight.

One such tool that may be losing popularity in recent times would be the link building tool. With Google's latest algorithm updates, artificially targeting backlinks no matter how legitimate they seem to be are quickly frowned upon and penalized. Nevertheless it is a useful tool to consider which keywords to target.


Integrate Raventools with Google Adwords for a greater insight and quick understanding of where you stand in terms of conversions and other important metrics such as Quality Score. Raventools also makes life easier for internet marketing agencies by providing easy to interpret reports that can be directly shared with customers.
The PPC section may not be as comprehensive as some of the competing tools but in combination with the rest of the utilities, it is still well worth the buy.

We could safely say that this may be one area that Raventools may be slightly lacking.

Social Media

With more social media outlets available as days pass by, in can be difficult to keep track of them as well as your brand and stay active at the same time. Raventools simplifies the process by bringing all relevant social media networks under one dashboard. This gives you the opportunity to effectively manage all content shared.

Another benefit is you get to keep a track of your brand and what the outside world thinks of your practices. Metrics are also provided to keep a track of what works and what doesn't with your social media profiles so you can focus on the positive results and ditch ideas that aren't taking off.

Content Marketing

Raventools brings a component that is virtually the most important to climb search enginge rankings which is good, appropriate content. Few internet marketing tools explicitly focus on content itself and Raventools provides two noteworthy features; one is to provide ideas for new content, the second is to analyze and optimize content for search engines and better reach. The former is a common problem experienced by bloggers who tend to run into a case of writer's block every once in a while.


Whether it is to personally keep track of your efforts or keep your clients informed, reporting is one of the most crucial and also time consuming tasks. With Raventools, you have the option of generating detailed, presentable reports with just one click. You can combine data collected from other third party tools such as Analytics and Adwords to add more spice. In addition, you can schedule reports which will keep you in good terms with your clients for being responsible!


With the large umbrella of utilities they focus on, there is no black or white answer as it may be suitable for some and not so much for others. Your best bet would be to try the free trial for an entire 30 days and then make your decision at leisure. If you are looking for an overall internet marketing strategy, this should certainly pay dividends.

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