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By: Apowersoft Ltd.

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Are you looking for something to create your professional presentations? Do you want to create presentable tutorials or video? Stop paying large lump-sums to a camera operator or a recording assistant. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can be their substitute.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a multipurpose, handy screen recording software that can professionally record videos. It comes with various tools and functionalities to record and create images, videos, and screenshots.


  • It provides various audio input methods.
  • Allows you to schedule your upcoming recordings.
  • Allows securing your files through a password.
  • It allows saving audios and videos in various formats.


  • Limited editing features are available.
  • One cannot use scheduling functions in a trial version.
  • Watermark appears on the images and videos in a trial version.


Recording Tutorials and creating professional presentations is not facile. You require a million efforts to create a marvelous one. Creating a remarkable professional presentation is necessary if it can earn a promotion. Isn’t it?

You were invited for some video conference, but you could not manage to appear, don’t worry, Apowersoft screen recorder Pro would not let you miss those conferences. Recording some video call or scheduling a recording are among some features of this screen recording software.

There are several other features we shall see. We shall try to review the features and functionalities to know if the software is worthy of serving you.

We shall try to find out the interior functionalities and new additions in the software.

It's fun to capture screen

Recording screen is required if you want to show the activities going on the computer screen. If you are a computer geek and keep reviewing some new software or new features of some software, you might need to show your viewers the full functioning of that software. You might require showing them the changes that occur on the computer screen.

You can record it without any camera or cameraman. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro allows you to record the full screen of the computer or a selected portion.

The video icon at extreme left allows you to record the screen or any desired area of the screen.

As you can see in the image, the software allows you to have a full-screen capture, a region capture, an audio capture, webcam recording, and some specific area around the mouse.

The full-screen capture allows you to record the entire computer screen, which means that viewer can see your entire screen from the menu bar to taskbar when the video plays. In this capturing, you cannot select any specific portion to record; neither can you hide any part of the screen. You can see the changes you make on the screen while the video plays.

The software provides various editing tools and a few more features to edit the screen. We shall discuss these features in upcoming sections.

The other feature is the region capture. Some of you might not like to reveal your entire computer screen to the viewers; instead, you want to record only a specific part of the screen. Region capture helps you to achieve this. Region capture allows you to select some specific portion of the screen for recording.

For this, it introduces a frame, which can be dragged to select some area on the screen. The area you choose is that portion of the screen which the viewers see during the video plays. You get the same tools to edit the video which you get with the full-screen capture.

Audio capture is another feature. Though the icon shows a video recording camera, it also allows you to record audio. We shall discuss the audio recording feature distinctly in the next section.

‘Area under mouse’ is the feature which allows you to select and record some specific area around the cursor. It means if you move the cursor while you record, the software only records the specified area around the cursor. The points at which the cursor moves through, in the entire video, the area around those points can be viewed during the video plays.

You can choose the resolutions of the area from those that are available in the software. You cannot choose any resolution other than those that are already available in the software; neither can you remove the available resolution.

This feature is useful if you want your viewers to focus only on the area you work on in the video. It is utilitarian for making tutorials, where students are required to concentrate on some specific area or various areas at different points of time. You cannot choose a different resolution of area for every different point in the video. Once you select a resolution, it remains the same for all points of the screen for that video.

If you use a trial version, the software pops up a window before beginning the recording. You cannot record a video longer than 3 minutes. The trial version of the software automatically stops the recording after three minutes. There are few other limitations regarding the screenshot and editing features.

Webcam recording

Through this feature, you can record the webcam videos. You can record a video call, a video conference, or a skype call. You might need to record a call if you missed it at that time. Gone are the days of table conferences or a face to face meeting, whether with your boss, or some client.

If you are required to tell everything about a conversation with some client, you no longer need to document and remember it. You can show the recorded video and let the person know what exactly you talked about.

You only require to set up a webcam with your computer system. You can also choose some other app to make a call. When you select the webcam, the software allows you to select a webcam from the previously installed webcam software. If you have several applications for webcam, you can choose any of them to make a call. If there is merely a single software, the software automatically launches it when you select the webcam. Besides, you can also select the output resolution of the webcam recording. The resolution is generally calculated in frames per second. The resolution would decide the number of images you see in the recording in one second.

Once you record a video call, you can save it and watch it anytime you want.

Audio and audio input

A video comprises of both the visuals and the voice or audio. A video seems incomplete with suitable audios in it. In Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro, you can record the audio separately or with the video.

You can also record audio separately; without a video.

You can record the audio through the microphone, an inline connection, or the system audio.

You can also record the audio during the recording of a video. The software provides you this feature with the other various editing and drawing tools.

While you record a video, you only have the option to record through the microphone; you cannot record it through an inline connection or system audio. The audio you record plays in the background while the video plays.

Audio input

As we discussed, the audio you record with the video accepts input only from the microphone. However, the software allows other mediums through which you can record the audio. Other than the microphone, you can choose an inline medium, which means you can connect some external devices to record an audio or you can choose the system audio.

The image above clearly shows the audio input methods you have with the software. You can select any of the three audio input methods. Either you can have any of the three methods, or you cannot have any of them by selecting ‘none.’

‘options’ provides you some customizations in the quality of the audio. You can select either the default audio quality, digital audio, or an HD audio. The software also provides options relevant to the webcam software you use to make a video call. If there is more than one webcam software, it provides quality options for every software. If a single software is there, it provides the options relevant to it by default. The same window allows you to set the volume and change the volume of different audio devices through a slider available there.

You also get customizations for playback sound. You can choose different devices and can adjust their volume. You can manage the volume of the audio of other applications of your system to reduce the noise and improve the efficiency of the recording.

The screenshot

The above image is a screenshot captured using Apowersoft screen recorder Pro. The ‘screenshot’ option introduces a blue frame with a circle. You are required to move the circle to select the area to capture the screenshot.

During the capture, you get various editing and drawing features to capture a colorful or edited screenshot. We shall discuss these features in detail.

We already discussed it in the video section that a watermark of showing the name of the software appears on the image if you use a trial version. The only disadvantage of this is that the watermark spoils the presentability of the image. However, you can crop the watermark portion of the image using other photo editing software, but you might need to compromise with the quality of the image.

The frame that appears to capture the screenshot is not very handy to use. It might become cumbersome for some users to drag the pointer and to reach precisely to the point at which one wishes to capture the screenshot.

Moreover, there are no customizations in the screenshot. You can merely capture the screenshot and save it. Though there are various editing options, they do not help in capturing. They can be used to edit and draw on the image.

Don’t miss something important

It might have happened a few times that you missed the beginning of some video conference or say, video call, or sometimes the entire conference. Alternatively, you are supposed to be a part of a video call, but you could not manage to be there.

Do not regret it. You can schedule and record the video and watch it some other time that suits you.

Apowersoft screen recorder Pro helps you to schedule your recording and watch it later.

To schedule the recording, you are required to enter the name of the task and set the date, time, and duration of the recording. If you need to record the same video with the entirely same time of beginning and duration, you can choose to repeat the recording. If it is something, you wish to do every day you can choose ‘daily.’

The task scheduler allows you to choose the area that you want to capture in the scheduled recording. You can choose a full-screen recording or can choose an area of your choice. Once you make this choice for some video, you cannot change it after the recording starts, at least not in a trial version.

Moreover, if you do not want to record the video instead, you only require the audio of the recording, you can go for ‘only audio’ option.

If you do not want your PC to proceed with any other task after finishing the recording, you can allow it to shut down after recording.

At the bottom of the scheduler window, you find a task list. It is the collection of all the previously performed tasks and the upcoming tasks.

It is indeed a significant feature, but unfortunately, if you do not use an upgraded version, you cannot use these features. In the image of the window enlisting trial version restrictions clearly states it. Thus, if you use a trial version, you cannot use the task scheduler and its features.

Augmenting the images and videos

We mentioned several times about the drawing and editing features of the software. In this section, we shall look at them in detail.

While recording the screen or capturing the screenshot, we get several options that help us to augment the recordings. You can draw various shapes, lines, and any shape of your choice. You get to choose various colors. Also, you get a few customizations in the size and thickness of the lines and shape you draw.

You also have the option to blur any part of some image. The image above shows the arrow icon that allows you to draw an arrow on your image. there are some shapes to draw them directly, and if you wish to draw some other shape other than those which are already available, you can draw them using the ‘pen.’

You can also add some text to the image. You get customizations in the size and color of the font of the text. The text icon introduces a text box which allows you to enter any text of your choice. The undo option allows you to discard the previously made changes. Like, other screen recorders, it also has an ‘all clear’ option which discards all the drawing assignments on the image at once. It means you can discard all the changes at once. You do not have an eraser, but the undo option we discussed serves the same purpose.

You have the options to save or print the image. If you have a printer connected to your PC, you can directly print the image through the software. You also get various options to share the image. We shall discuss these in a while.

The image below shows an image that is edited using Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro.

Sometimes, the software requires a plugin to allow editing. When you choose to edit directly from the home window, the software begins to download the plugin without any consent of the user. When some user installs some software, the software is supposed to be equipped with every necessary file, modules, and plugins. So, the plugin downloading in the middle of the editing might become irksome.

This software provides enough editing and drawing options as compared to other contemporary screen recorders. It is also a fact that there are several screen recorders with more options in editing. The sharing options it provides directly after editing the image is noteworthy.

Save and share your creation

After editing the image or a video, you might like to share them with your friends or colleagues. As we mentioned about the printing option is useful if you want to share a hard copy of the image. However, it is not possible practically to share the hardcopy with everyone you want. You might need to email the image or share through some other medium. You might also like to share the image with several people at once, or you might want to share your creations through some social media platforms. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro allows you to achieve all these.

The software allows you to upload the image through ReCloud. You can also upload the image in Google Drive, or Dropbox of your system. It allows you to save your image to use them in the future.

The software also allows you to share your videos on YouTube. While uploading through YouTube, you are required to provide a title to your video. You can also add some description of the video in addition to the tags. Unlike some software, the trial version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro does not prevent you from adding tags.

The video you created might be some tutorial or something scientific. It can also be some sarcastic or funny video. You can choose various categories for your video while uploading it.

You can also choose the privacy of the video. Either you can upload it as a private video or as a public video. The former does not allow everybody to watch the video. Only you can watch it. The later makes it public and thus everybody on YouTube can watch it. By signing in through your Gmail by entering valid credentials is one way to upload; instead, you can sign in directly through your Apowersoft account. It also requires authentication.

Authentication is vital in the eyes of security, and it also helps to keep a record of the number and kind of the uploaded video.

If you want to share your image immediately after finishing the editing, the software provides you various sharing options in the editing window.

The share icon provides you platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest to share the images. You can directly share your image if you are already logged into your account of these platforms. Alternatively, you can sign into these accounts. The software allows sharing only a few popular platforms. However, some Instagram users might not be happy with its absence.

The editing window also allows you to email the image directly through outlook. Naturally, you are required to have an outlook account. If you do not have one, the software generates the following message.

Another noteworthy fact about the email sharing is that the software allows to email only through an outlook account. It certainly disappoints Gmail users over there. We discussed above uploading the files through various software and platforms. The software provides you another platform to upload and save the files; Screenshot.net. While uploading your file, you can secure it by a password. It ensures the security of the file. Naturally, to open the file, one would require entering the password to ensure authentication.

Once you upload an image to Screenshot.net, you can view it by accessing the site and providing the required password. The site also allows you to edit the image by providing a few editing options.

Moreover, it allows for editing it through Screen Capture Pro. Therefore, Along with the conventional storages like Google Drive or Dropbox, you get additional storage for your files.

Other tools and options

Except for some, the tools and functions that we have discussed so far are standard in almost every screen recording software. In this section, we shall try to find out some more tools or functions which makes Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro different from other software of the same kind.

The tools section leads you to various links of other software of Apowersoft. You can directly download these tools or say software from these links. It provides a direct link for software like iOS recorder, ApowerEdit, Apowersoft Video Converter Studio, APowerMirror, and many others. The option ‘More’ leads you to a webpage that contains several other Apowersoft products.

This feature fails to prove its utility in the software. If one wishes to download some other software, one can directly visit the link to download it.

Thus, the tools section does not contain tools; instead; it is a collection of URLs of other software of Apowersoft.

The option next to tools is ‘share.’ This option allows you to select any of the available platforms to share the selected file. The available platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, and Bebo. The software requires you to login in the account of the platform through which you wish to share the file. If you do not have an account, you can create one.

What else?

Though we have discussed almost everything about the software, there are few more things to look. The settings option allows you to make changes in a few features of the software. You can change the location at which the files save; alternatively, you can change the format of the output file, frame rate, bitrate, and a few more.

To change the location of the output file, you can browse other locations and select any of the locations of the computer. By default, the software saves the files in the C drive of the computer in a folder that the software creates itself.

The next option allows you to change the format of the output of the video. You can have WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, and a few more video formats. By default, the software saves the videos in MP4 format. You can also choose the frame rate and bitrate of the video. The frame rate can vary within a range of 5 to 50, or you can select the ‘Automatic’ frame rate. Similarly, the bitrate can be automatic, or you can choose from the available bitrates which lie within the range of 2000 to 20000 kbps.

Moreover, you can also change the codec and quality of the videos.

Similarly, you can choose the audio format and quality of the saved audio file. To change the audio format, you can have MP3, OGG, or AGG formats.

The software also allows you to have some customizations while capturing the screenshot; you can choose whether to capture the main panel or not and secondly, you can allow or disallow the cursor to be a part of screenshot image.

For screen recording, you get multiple options to have several customizations regarding the cursor, recording region, and efficiency. While you navigate through these options, you get a few more customizations.

You get some setting options for mouse and shortcut keys. You can find various mouse styles of different color and size. For shortcut keys, you have the option to enable or disable the shortcut keys. You can make a few changes in the hotkeys that are already available. You can neither add nor can remove any shortcut key.

If you do not want the software to load the webpage of the platform at which you upload file, you can disable this setting. You can also permit the software to launch itself as soon as the windows load at your computer on switching on the power.

Lastly, you can choose various languages in which you run the software. The software offers almost nineteen languages; which include English, Spanish, French, Suomi, and many others.

Help and support

Sometimes you require help and consistent support for the smooth functioning of the software. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro provides you support through various mediums. These mediums can be tutorials, the online community, or technical support.

For beginners, the software provides tutorials to let them learn the functioning of the software. The tutorials cover almost every feature and function of the software.

The Apowersoft online community is where you can get reviews of a product, answers to your queries, and FAQs. These are the frequently asked questions about the software. In the community, you can interact with other users to know more about the software.

The software also allows you to give some feedback regarding the software and its features. You need to provide your contact information in case the support team wishes to revert to you. You can also attach some file to strengthen your point. It can also be a log file.

The software allows you to visit its official website and gather information regarding the updates.

Final words

At a glance, the software appears to be a flawless screen recorder. Features like screen recording, screenshot capturing are standard, and they function as they do in some other screen recording software.

The saving and sharing of files is something that makes it stand out of the queue. It provides various platforms to share your files. Not many screen recording software allows sharing through this number of platforms.

The security of files, particularly in ‘Screenshot.net’ is another smart move to make users inquisitive about it.

Supporting several formats of audio and video formats is another feature that makes it more utilitarian.

The help and support team are quite helpful and allow users to have a smooth functioning of the software.

Lack of editing functions is one of the few things that make users tedious about it. The appearance of the watermark in images and videos, time limitation and Disallowance of using scheduler functions in a trial version does not let it reach to the verge of user’s contentment.

A few improvements on these grounds can let the software remain in the race with other software of its kind.

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