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Sendible is a social media marketing software that provides a simple dashboard to manage all your social media services in one place. The software was launched in 2008, and the company is based in London, England. In 2015, Sendible has worked with more than 20,000 companies to help them improve their social media campaigns and grow their business online.


The collaboration feature from Sendible allows you to manage your social media accounts with your team, giving you the ability to manage large social media networks efficiently. With this feature, you can assign various tasks, including time-sensitive tasks, to different team members. While you can allow your team members to manage your social media accounts and update your social media status, you can approve each content before being published on various social networks. The Sendible calendar allows you to assign various schedules for your team, and your team members can see their tasks within the calendar and get notifications to do it.

Customer Relationship Management

Sendible is designed to build a better relationship with your customers with a built-in CRM tool. It can help to manage your entire sales process, with the ability to launch SMS and email marketing promotion. With this feature, you can help to generate leads for your business automatically, and ensure that you build a profitable relationship with your customers. Not only that, you can also allow your team members to help generate leads for your business, which makes your job in converting your social media contacts into customers a lot easier.

Monitor Your Social Media Interaction

This software has a complete monitoring tool to help track all the social media conversations about your business. With this feature, you can determine whether your social media conversations are positive or negative. This way, you can keep a positive brand image for your business, by tackling the problems before they get worse. This feature allows you to know all types of news regarding your business, either they are posted on social media or the web. Thus, you can always on the lookout regarding how your customers talk about your business. You can also join the conversation in those social media platforms easily to keep the conversation flowing positively.

The Complete Social Dashboard

The Sendible dashboard gives you various tools to manage and monitor your social media accounts effectively. You can manage all your social media accounts and monitor all your social media activities from within the dashboard. It displays all posts and comments made by your social media contacts in one simple page, which gives you to the simplicity to reply to them as well. The dashboard also gives you the analytics of your social media activities across various social media channels. You can request the report of your social media activities with one click. Not only that, the dashboard also displays the success rate of each content that you share by measuring their effectiveness and distribution.


If you are looking for a good all-in-one social media marketing software that allows you to manage unlimited services, then Sendible is for you. It gives any type of business the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign. With this software, you are equipped with the best marketing tools for your social media audience, no matter what social networks you are using, and no matter how many of them. You can access Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and more within one simple dashboard, and monitor all your activities from there. Though the price might be a little expensive, the benefits that you get from using the software can bring a quick return for your investment. 

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