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SEOprofiler comes with an array of tools that help one to improve website rankings across search engines. The platform deals with everything ranging from auditing the website to monitoring what the competition is up to. The vast and detailed set of tools on SEOprofiler leave out hardly any aspect of SEO, and therefore, help improve rankings in most of the cases.


  • Thorough website audit helps one optimize the website for better rankings.
  • Helps you identify the right backlink sources.
  • Takes care of both on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Easy to conduct competitor research.
  • Finds out keywords for paid and organic campaigns.
  • Provides detailed white label reports


  • It might take some time to populate results for keyword ranking.


Search engine optimization deals with such a wide range of issues related to websites that it’s nearly impossible for a human to take care of it.

If the website is big or old enough, then the webmaster needs to deal with millions of backlinks, hundreds of pages, thousands of keywords, and plenty more all the time. These numbers keep on piling up with time, leaving the webmaster with more workload.

SEOprofiler is one of the many tools that help one tame this beast called SEO. The SEO tools differ the way they offer to manage things for the user, and we will go through the ways of SEOprofiler in this review.

SEOprofiler has been there for quite some time. It gathered a lot of applaud from its users, and we will see if it still deserves all those laurels it is resting upon at the moment.

The platform is meant for both individuals and agencies. We will examine the quality of white label reports that it generates for agencies. And for individuals and beginners, we will assess the ease of use.

The SEO market is overflowing with tools that promise to improve rankings, but not all of them manage to stay true to their words. Often, the lofty promises fall short, sometimes even leaving the website in a worse position compared to where it was in the beginning.

An SEO tool must stay updated with the latest changes that search engines introduce in their algorithms. The review will go through this facet of SEO tools.

By the end of this review, you will have a better understanding of the capabilities of SEO profiler. We hope it will leave you in a better position to judge if the tool is worth your time and money or not.

Know where you stand with rank tracking

The first tool SEOprofiler offers its users is the rank tracker. It is all about ranking in the SEO business. The higher you rank, the better it is for business.

You will find that the platform has multiple ways to tell you where you rank on the world wide web. It will check your ranking for specific keywords that you add in for monitoring.


The entire rank tracking section on SEOprofiler is based on the keywords you add in the monitoring section. They do not allow one to import files containing keywords. And it can sometimes be a challenging task for the user to add a high volume in the monitoring tool.

They let you add tags along with keywords. Tagging makes it easier to filter results in the later stages. Apart from that, it allows one to be specific about the location. You can mention the region and city that you are interested in while adding the keywords.

It may take some time for the tool to populate results after you have added the keywords. If you were thinking of getting straight to the business, then rank tracking is not the section you want to be in.

However, once the information is available, you will have plenty of ways to monitor the rankings.

The first way is that you get to see the metrics associated with individual keywords. The tool displays search volume, keyword difficulty, regular position, extra position, and so on.

The regular position column shows the ranking of the website for the usual results on Google. The extra position refers to the modified ranking once the user applies the filter for the region, news, map, image, etc.

This section will give you a fair idea of how much you need to work to improve upon the rankings.

The ranked pages section shows the user two categories of pages. Firstly, the ones are bringing in more traffic from Google, and there are the ones that are ranking higher on Google. You can find out the correlation between the content of the page and the rankings to improve content strategy.


SEOprofiler tells you about the performance of different keyword tags too. So, if you have an online clothing store, you will be able to assess the performance of pages listed under sweaters and caps separately (if you have provided appropriate tags along with keywords).

Google allows the user to search for terms under different forms such as news, images, videos, etc. Often the search page has the result as a snippet. SEO gives the user a summary of rankings of the website under these different categories.

If you are targeting a specific region or content type, then this feature might come in handy to you.

If we talk about the first page of search results, a small shift in rank can have huge impacts on the traffic on the site. You might have entirely different traffic trends on moving from 2nd rank to 1st rank.

SEOprofiler lists out all the opportunities that can help improve rank and traffic with minimal efforts. It provides the user with three kinds of opportunities. It would be the keywords for which you can rank 1st, the ones which can get you in the top 3 position, and then the ones which can have you one the first page of search results.


The fact that there is always the option of viewing ranks separately for Google, Google Mobile, and Bing results, makes things a lot simpler for the user.

They also mentioned how they consider the search for a single keyword under the three search engines as only one. A lot of SEO tools would classify such a search as three different ones, hence leaving the user with fewer available searches.

The rank tracker monitor trends and shifts in rankings. It would notify the user whenever there is a steep shift in the rank upwards or downwards. You will end up with better insights into how search engines work.

Some sections point out the content gap on the website and suggest keywords related to the ones user is monitoring.

The rank tracking section on the platforms is extremely detailed and thorough. All the filters let the user get as specific as he wants, and the different methods available to browse the result provide a lot of freedom to the user.

Get rid of errors with the website audit

You never know which shortcoming on your website might start hurting your search engine rankings. The competition is brutal and leaves almost no room for a mistake, especially when you are eyeing for the prized top position on SERP.

Search engine algorithms have gone smarter over the years. They have not only gotten much better at identifying the relevant content for the user, but also take care of the user experience. It is the reason why a slow loading page won’t get a better rank even though the content deserves it.

SEOprofiler would audit a user’s website to find all such errors and shortcoming. The audit would not only find out the things dragging your ranking down but also warn you about some of the bad practices that you might be adhering to.

The overview page of audit ranks these anomalies in the decreasing order of criticality. At the top, you will find the errors which are harming your search engine rankings. Then there is a warning section followed by notices. Both these sections won’t have as direct of an impact on the rankings as errors, but they will be a negative influence for sure.


One can address all the issues based on the degree of their impact on rankings. The checked files section works as the directory for finding errors on the website. It comes with so many filter options that it becomes a cakewalk for the user to find a file with a specific error.

You can browse the files by file types, error types, HTTP code, indexability, title, AMP factor, size, and so much more. However, it might require some level of expertise to use this tool to the fullest of its capabilities.

Another advantage of site audit is that it can also help you get a broader sense of trends on the website apart from finding errors. The audit will tell you about the most popular capitalized words on the website, pages with most content, pages with the least content, and most popular anchor texts for internal and external links.

Presence of duplicate content on the website makes it difficult for the search engine to determine which page is more relevant to the user’s search query, and somehow it ends up doing bad for your search engine rankings. SEOprofiler would point out all forms of duplicate content on the website, including paragraphs, titles, and meta descriptions.


The search engine crawlers take the help of internal links on the website to determine the importance of pages. It is something similar to how backlinks affect the search engine rank of a page or the website.

Ideally, you would want the internal link structure of the site to be such that it gives due importance to certain pages. The audit report would help take care of this letting the user how many clicks is it taking for one to reach different pages of the website. There is also an assortment of details of most linked pages and images on the website. It tells about external links originating from the domain, as well.

The performance section is all about page load speeds and file sizes. No one likes slow loading websites, not even search engine algorithms. SEOprofiler helps one take all the necessary steps needed to bring down the page load time.

Website security might not have that much big of say in dictating search engine rankings, but it won’t hurt to keep things in order in this section, as well. The security section takes care of most of the security holes, big and small, on the website.

Indexability, sitemap, technologies, and devices are among the topics that this audit deals with. Indexability section ensures that your pages are accessible for search engine crawlers and show all the information related to that.

The technologies will tell you about different integrations and technologies synced with the website, and the devices section will help you make sure the site works well on different kinds of devices.

The audit goes deep into the sections to dig out all the possible issues. There might be cases when it plays a significant role in improving search engine rankings.

The ‘link’ between website and top rankings

Backlinks help search engines determine the quality of information or content present on your page. The search engine algorithm considers a variety of factors when using backlinks to gauge the quality of content.

The relevancy of the link and the authority of the site providing you the backlink are the top factors. SEOs often find collecting backlink as the most difficult task of the whole process of improving rankings of a website. The chase becomes even difficult if one is a relatively smaller player in the niche.

Relevant links for authoritative sites boost search ranking, and the fishy backlinks lead to the website getting penalized by search engines. SEOprofiler has tools to take care of both areas of concern. There are a link analyzer and a link builder on the tool. Collectively, the two tools can take care of most of your backlink woes.

Link analyzer gives a summary of all the backlinks pointing towards the domain. It would give users the percentage of unique links, trusted links, and the links pointing towards the home page. The link influence score gives an idea about the overall quantity of links pointing towards the website.

The summary lets one filter links under different attributes. This part seems consistent across all the tools and is helpful for the users.


The link disinfection section will show all the suspicious links. The ones that might be having a negative impact on your rankings. They even attach a risk score with the link to give the user an idea of how harmful the link can be for the website. The score varies from 0 to 100, with higher meaning more suspicious.

It would be advisable to take care of this section before trying to look for other links. The rankings can’t go anywhere if the website is not in the good books of the search engine.

The rest of the backlink analyzer provides users with all the information associated with backlinks available on the website. It goes into top anchor text, pages with most backlinks, domains providing the greatest number of backlinks, and so on.

The analyzer would even break down the data in terms of countries, link context, age, LIS score, and so on. There will be everything that one can ask to monitor the backlinks available on the site.

Now that we have understood how to manage the existing backlinks using SEOprofiler, let’s get into how to get more backlinks.

Once again, there are multiple ways to go about business. The first path of action is to use the link influencer tool. The tool will help cherry pick the backlink sources that link to at least two of the top-ranking websites for a keyword.

The user can list out the competitors and find out the link sources that are supposed to be most beneficial for rank improvement.

But getting links from top sources is never an easy task. Sources with great influence and authority stick to certain standards, and it might not be possible for you to obtain links from such sources all the time.

The keyword domain finder would help you find plenty of potential backlink sources for a given keyword. It displays the relevant attributes to give the user an idea of the kind of influence a backlink from the source might have on your website.

It is supposed to be relatively easier to acquire backlinks from these sources compared to what the case might’ve been in the case of ‘influencer’ links.

The opportunity finder would let you type in a keyword and then provide refining keywords for them. The refining keywords can then help you find potential backlink partners. The tool essentially widens your scope and helps you explore sources that you might’ve never thought of.


Link building can be tiring and gruesome for beginners. It takes search engines time to start recognizing your website if it's relatively new. And it’s never an easy going for new websites in the business of link acquisition.

SEOprofiler helps you gain some traction in the beginning. It lists out a collection of backlink sources that are not only easier to convert, but some of them are even essentials for a new website. It wouldn’t take one long to get through these, and there will be a substantial number of backlinks pointing to the domain by the end of the process.

If your website is about a local business or anything that should be present in local directories, then the local hubs section of the tool is going to be useful for you.

The tool lists out all the directories in which your websites should be mentioned. The tool comes with multiple advantages. It will make it easier for locals to find you, improve the state of indexing by search engines, and prevent anyone else from hijacking your online presence.

One needs to keep the website dynamic with the regular inclusion of new content on the website. The new content means that there is now both an opportunity and necessity to add backlinks to it. SEOprofier would take cue from your listed competitors and find out backlink possibilities for the new content.

There is hardly any facet of backlink acquisition and management that you can’t take care of on this platform. The user has the option to focus on key areas of backlink management. It can be to get more links as a beginner, to get high-quality links, to get rid of bad links, and so on.

It is difficult for one not to appreciate the thoroughness. Backlink has acquired so much importance in search engine rankings that you don’t want to have any flaw in your backlink game, and SEOprofiler seems capable enough of assistance.

Optimize web pages to get into the top results

As you remove all the flaws from your website and accumulate the relevant backlinks, the chances of your website showing up in the top results page will improve. However, once you reach the cream of search results, minor adjustments can have a serious impact on your position in search results.

SEOprofiler comes with a dedicated section to help the user optimize web pages. One should not confuse this one with the site auditing tool. Site audit was to get rid of errors and make sure everything is in order, while page optimization helps to make the webpage more SEO friendly.

The first tool in the series is the Top 10 Optimizer.

There aren’t a lot of SEO tools that have a section dedicated to getting the user’s webpage in the top 10 search results of Google. Well, SEOprofiler is the exception here. They claim it’s easy to get into the top 10 results if one follows their recommendations.


You can enter the URL of the webpage you want to see in the top 10 results and the keyword for which you want to rank. The tool will then go through what the present top results have on their pages and create a set of optimization recommendations for you.

Keep in mind that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The tool might come with too many things for you to do. It will all depend on the current state of your page and the difficulty of the keyword. SEOprofiler encourages one to enter longtail keywords as common keywords can be extremely difficult to rank for.

The optimizer provides a score to the webpage for the targeted keyword. The user then has to work on improving the score based on recommendations.

Search engine algorithms have gotten better at determining the quality of content on the page rather than matching it with a checklist of SEO recommendations. You might find a greater emphasis on this section in this section of SEOprofiler.

It will come up with recommendations such as to base the content around a topic rather than keywords. There will be some weight on readability as well.

Speaking of readability, there is an entire section of the tool dedicated to it. The readability checker would test website content against the same tests that Google algorithms use to determine readability.


There will be two scores based on two different tests. However, things might get a little foggy here. These tests give out scores that tell how knowledgeable a person must be to understand the content easily.

You will have to figure out the competence level of your audience and then try to achieve the relevant score.

Google features certain results based on the kind of content one is looking for. The featured content might be a snippet from the website, a stat, listing, image, guide, etc.

The webpage needs to have JSON-LD structured data markup to appear in these exclusive features. SEOprofiler helps increase the probability of your content appearing in the featured section by providing you the suitable code for your markup.

All you need to do is choose the type of markup and provide relevant details. The tool will then provide you a code to paste in the header. The process is simple enough and can help your page reach that prized featured section.

A little bit of work in the optimization section can add a serious boost to your campaign.

The ‘key’ words to the kingdom

No matter how smart the algorithms get and show results based on the relevancy of the content, one still can’t undermine the importance of keywords in search engine rankings. Keywords lay the foundation for PPC as well as CPC campaigns.

Since the whole idea behind search engines is that a person enters some words on in the search bar and search engines show all the relevant results around those words, keywords are always going to remain at the center stage.

It’s a must for any SEO platform to have a keyword research tool, and there is one on SEOprofiler too. It shouldn’t surprise one that the keyword tool has loads of features. There are some features here that you won’t get to see even on platforms built specifically for keyword research.

It starts with the keyword suggestion tool. It’s the same drill that we have seen across all the SEO tools.


You enter a keyword and get keyword suggestions around it. There are all the different metrics associated with results to help you filter them. The metrics cover everything ranging from volume and keyword difficulty to CPC and the position of seed keyword.

SEOprofiler offers the user to carry out this research under 72 countries and languages, and it is one of the special features of this keyword research tool.

Another popular method of keyword research is to find out the keywords that successful competitors are already using. One of the advantages of finding a keyword this way is that you get a collection of keywords that you know are already working for someone else.

The keyword spy tool will let you know of the organic and paid keywords your competitor is ranking for. SEOprofiler leaves it up to the user to find a worthy opponent. We feel that they could’ve helped the user in this process a bit by finding out the competition.


However, if you know of the sites from the same niche and doing well, you can heed on all the keywords its uses in different campaigns.

You can not only extract keywords from entire domains, but SEOprofiler allows you to be specific with the research and net out all the keywords present on a web page. But one needs to keep in mind that the WDF keyword analyzer would find out the keywords embedded in a web page. It isn’t necessary that all those keywords will fetch you higher search engine rankings.

The tool allows to add some conditions such as how many times the keyword should appear in the webpages and what should be its length.

You can use the WDF keyword analyzer to know what keywords your competitors are going for on their most important pages.


There is a section called collected keyword, and it shows all the keywords that you have accumulated overtime on the platform.

It comes with a bundle of other tools that help one to improve upon the keyword collection. You can add more to it or chisel away the unnecessary and suspicious ones. We won’t go in-depth for these auxiliary tools, but let’s get some idea of what one can do using them.

The long tail keywords often prove to be boon for newer websites with lesser authority. You can add keywords along with the option of adding supplementary words to get a list of suggested longtail keywords from the longtail keyword generator.

There are multiple ways to put together a sentence, and the keyword combiner will help you find all the possible permutations to cover more ground in your campaigns.

The keyword supplementer allows one to add a custom keyword to the entire collection while the keyword replacer allows you to swap one for another. The keyword fixer takes care of all the formatting issues, and there is an offensive word cleaner too.

Not all the keywords you introduce in the ad campaign will help you reach goals. But they will cost you ad money for placing them in the campaign. SEOprofiler helps the user filter out such negative keywords too.

We don’t think they could’ve done a lot more to improve upon the keyword research section. The available modules are more than enough.

It’s not spying, it’s smart work

They say keep your friends close and enemies closer. Well, they can say whatever they want, but if you want to learn some of the best SEO strategies, then learn it from the ones who are already implying those strategies and are present at the top of search results.

SEOprofiler allows you to dissect tactics used by others by giving you an insight into what’s happening around the website. It will give you all the stats it can, and you can then compare how is it different from yours and learn something from them.

The competitor analysis section comes in multiple sections. There are dedicated avenues to assess the paid and organic traffic on the website. If you want, you can have a collective report on the subject too.


Then you can have a look at all the keywords they are targeting for SEO and PPC. It can help you make significant improvements in your ad campaigns.

Then there are sections to show you the top domains referring to these sites, their social media buzz, and the regional distribution of their traffic sources.

There is virtually everything you might want to know about your competitors or the top players in the game. You might also notice that you have most of these things already under previous tools, as most of them had a competitor section.

The platform provides you multiple ways to do the research. The two sides of the coin, in this case, are that the tool gives users a lot of freedom and adds a bit of confusion by providing similar tools in different sections.

There is nothing wrong with learning from the competition. Why would one spend all the time and effort in learning things from scratch when there is already a pool of knowledge available in the form of table toppers.

And all the other perks

It must be clear by now that SEOprofiler won’t disappoint you much on the SEO front. There are all these different tools and ways that it has got to assist you.

The features we discussed were something that you would almost always expect from an SEO tool. Let us now discuss some of the other features which make lives a little easier for users.

If you are in an SEO agency, then reporting becomes important. It is how you propose plans to clients, keep them updated, and even get new customers. SEOprofiler not only helps you create insightful and detailed reports, but it also allows you to put your branding over it.

White-label reports help individuals and agencies alike. And since you can create a report for the tools, you won’t have much difficulty proving your competence to the client.


SEOprofiler even monitors the server uptime for you. Their primary goal is to help you get more traffic on the website. And if the website isn’t even functioning, then there won’t be a single visitor.

It helps you formulate a correlation between traffic and uptime and assists in smoother functioning.

You can connect your Google Analytics account with the platform and bring everything on a single platform. Once it populates the data from Google Analytics, it can help you with website visitors too.

The capabilities would be pretty much that same that you had on Google Analytics, but it will be very much convenient for you to have everything on the same tool.

What do we think of SEOprofiler?

Let us start by saying that it is definitely one of the more competent and capable SEO tools. The complete range of tools allows one to go bananas and analyze everything possible related to the website.

Some might argue that there are plenty of tools in the market that help with backlinks, keyword research, website audits, competitor analysis, and all those other things that SEOprofiler does.

We don’t deny that other tools are doing such things. But a significant number of them come with flaws. Some specialize in only one section, others might not be accurate, and there are very few as detailed as this one.

Having said that, SEO profiler won’t be very easy on your pocket. But the tool justifies the cost in many ways. It’s a fair price to pay if increased traffic on your website translates into profits.

There might be a few instances here and there when you might have to wait for the results or stats, and it can suck all the fun out of the process. But those are supposed to be rare occurrences. You can expect smooth sailing in general.

SEOprofiler allows a one-week free trial with the card details. It is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to get a new SEO tool or not satisfied with the current one.

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