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SERP Book is a rank tracker tool for evaluating, measuring, and improving the keyword and website ranking results. It helps to identify keywords that can make your pages rank well, which simply ends up making your SEO strategy more effective to give an edge over the competitors of your niche. It allows users to track ranking for Google, Yahoo and Bing. For Google, their rank tracking depth is 300 results meaning, they search within first 300 results to track keywords.

Unlike other tools, SERP Book is able to collect keyword rankings that you can directly share your clients. It is completely reliable because the results are not only easy and quick to obtain but also accurate to be viewed from any device, especially while on the go. Moreover, there is no need to manage proxies manually, as this is automatically taken care of, by the tool.


SERP Book comes with the maximum number of plans for meeting varied requirements. Currently, it has seven plans on offer namely, Basic, Essential, Professional, Extreme, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Enterprise+.

Each of these plans differs in terms of keywords/domains supported and obviously price. However, all of them offer bihourly Google updates, daily Bing and Yahoo updates, daily Alexa, PageRank, and Backlinks updates, White label PDF and Excel reporting, e-mail alerts, and category link sharing.

Set Up and Dashboard

The set up is quite straightforward, as it is Web based! The dashboard is also neatly organized for facilitating hassle-free navigation. To get started, you can create a category, add domains, and submit keywords. Creating a category is an easy way to organize the keyword collection for better manageability. In short, the tool allows monitoring multiple keywords through different categories.

For instance, if your site is selling cameras, you can group the keywords according to famous brands such as Sony, Canon, and Toshiba. In case you do not wish to have one of these brands later, you can delete that keyword category, while continuing to utilize the geo-targeting feature as per your audience.

The dashboard also shows the tracking details through charts, so that everything is visible at a glance, rather than reading long textual pieces. Just hover your mouse over the visual and you see the details of tracking on three search engines namely, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Category Sharing

The ability of the tool to share a category with your client is unique and handy. You can share a link for viewing a specific category so that the client knows what you are doing to check and improve the rankings. Admirably, you share the LIVE results of keyword positions in a category, which further facilitates instant planning for developing a new SEO strategy.


Unlike other rank tracking tools, SERP Book allows you to write notes related to your campaigns and keywords, in the charts itself. When you combine these details with the accurately stored historical graphs, you can easily spot what works more effectively for that campaign. At least, you will never forget the critical details that can help improve the site ranking.


SERP Book lets you create Excel ranking reports that contain important columns, such as day, week, and month ranking; page rank; backlinks; and monthly search volume on Google. You can even generate PDF reports that are 100% white labeled using own company's logo or name.

Instant Notification

Whenever there is a change in the rank position of any submitted keyword, SERP Book notifies it to you instantly via an e-mail. This means there is no need to wait throughout the day to know your keyword positions. The instant notification triggers when keyword enters or leaves from top 1/10 or 100 ranking as set by user.

Developer API Access

The tool allows using a custom application to access the tracking details. You can build your own dashboards or backends or extend your existing SEO related applications.


SERP Book is perhaps a flawless tool for tracking and improving the SEO efforts to beat the online competition.

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