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Detailed Reviews is a tool catered specifically towards cold outreach email campaigns. It helps the user find the prospect’s email address from the internet, and then use them for the outreach campaign. You can use it for drip campaigns, verify email addresses that you already have, track the emails you sent, and much more. is particularly good at finding email addresses from LinkedIn, and the browser extension turns out to be handy, as well.


  • It offers multiple ways to find email addresses.
  • Find out companies based on technologies they use.
  • Boolean search makes it easy to use platforms with huge databases.
  • Allows one to create detailed email campaigns.
  • Comes with link and email open trackers.


  • The browser extension is available only for Chrome.


Cold outreach campaigns are difficult. You need to convince strangers to take the action that is supposedly mutually beneficial for you as well as them. However, it is not the only difficult part of the job.

Finding the right strangers for the campaign is a challenge in itself. There is no point in sending out emails to those who either don’t have it in their capacity to do what you want them to do or have nothing to do with the campaign.

Finding the right prospects for outreach is crucial to the success of the campaign. You need to be sure of the emails you add in the campaign as the higher bounce rate can end up sabotaging the entire outreach.

Finding the prospects manually can be an exhaustive and time-consuming job. Manual email hunting is fine as long as you don’t have to go through a vast niche. If there are way too many leads to inspect, it’s better that you take help from some specialized tool. is among the very few tools that assist you through all the stages of an outreach campaign and not just the list building portion. You can use it to inspect domains, companies, and social profiles to find relevant email addresses.

Once you are done with scraping emails, it also helps you launch the cold emailing campaign. And doesn’t stop just there, you can still use the tool to track the emails.

In this review, we will go through all such processes and see how easy it gets to handle the campaign with By the end of this review, you will have a much better idea of the capabilities of the tool.

Finding email addresses offers plenty of ways to its users to find out the email addresses. It will all depend upon the information that you already have, the needs of your campaign, the probable size of the campaign, etc. when it comes to deciding which method works best for you.

Let’s go through some of the ways you will have at your disposal for finding email addresses.

Domain search

Domain search is among the most common ways of researching emails from a company or organization. It allows you to find out all the emails associated with a domain or subdomain in a matter of a few seconds.

Domain search on will show you all the email addresses it can find related to the domain and also have some suggestions related to other domains.

Domain search isn’t necessarily the best way to find email addresses for an outreach campaign as most of the time you will get way more addresses than what you need. It can turn out to be a hassle to filter through all the unnecessary noise.

Most of the results from domain search won’t be personal emails, and you might end up getting confused as to which ones are more useful for you.

But if you are looking forward to finding all the emails associated with the domain, then won’t disappoint you. You can select the useful emails from the results and add them directly to the list you want.

Social URL search

It is much easier to discover the social profiles of people rather than finding their email addresses. lets you find email addresses of people from their social media profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can create a list of all the social media profiles you are interested in, and upload the same in the Social URL search tool. The tool will then provide you with all the email addresses it can find associated with those profiles. charges one credit for every email address you get from it. The Social URL search tool would charge you only for valid email addresses it finds for your list.

There will be a prompt notifying you about the number of valid email addresses obtained for your list. If you are willing to spend the said number of credits, you can go ahead and unlock the email addresses.

Social URL search has the potential to turn out to be your most used tool on the platform if your targets happen to have a recognizable social media presence.

One should keep in mind that this tool is catered for Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you start using, you might notice that it is surprisingly good at finding email addresses of LinkedIn profiles.

Emails from names

Let’s say you have a list of individuals from various companies and organizations that you want to target for your outreach campaign. The list contains the name of those people and the name of the company for which they are working.

Finding the email addresses of all these individuals could’ve been a mammoth task if it weren’t for a tool such as All you need to do in this case is to create the list in the format prescribed by them and upload it.

The tool will scour the internet to find email addresses and give you a prompt at the end of the processes. It will tell you how many credits you need to spend to look at the email addresses they have collected.

Once again, you will have to pay for only the valid email addresses. The tool can turn out to be extremely useful in case you are trying to reach out to top executives of organizations. Their names are easily available on the website itself, and can do the rest of the legwork for you.

The browser extension

We saved the best one for last. There will be specific circumstances when you use the tools mentioned above for finding out email addresses. For all the other scenarios, you might find yourself utilizing the browser extension.

If you go through the walk-around video from, you will notice that they place high importance to the step in which you download their Chrome extension.

Once you have the extension installed on your browser, you can freely explore the internet and scrape out all the important email addresses you want.

All you need to do is to visit the website that you are interested in and click on the extension icon. It will show you all the email addresses that it can find on the website.

You can then select the addresses that you find useful and save them into the list of prospects. In step of this process, you need to visit Snov’s website or leave the website that you are analyzing.

You can go through multiple websites in no time and end up with a significant number of outreach prospects.

Things get even more fun when you use the extension on LinkedIn. You can use the LinkedIn search feature to get a list of people with a specific skill set, or working in a particular region, or working for a specific company, or any other filter that you’d want to use.

Once you have the list, you can click on the extension icon, and it will give you a list of email addresses of the individuals on LinkedIn's list. were smart to use LinkedIn filters to their advantage, and you should also act smart and use the feature.

The only improvement we can suggest in the department is that they should avail the extension for browsers other than Chrome, as well. It will help them attract more people onboard.

Gather information about companies and organizations

There will be times when you wouldn’t know how and from where to begin the process of finding the prospects.

We’d say the best way would be to get back to the drawing board and identify the needs. With this simple step, you’d be able to know at least the kind of organizations or companies you want to target, and will make the rest of the stuff easier.

The company profile search tool allows you to generate a list of companies based on multiple factors. You can look for companies within a specific industry, having particular specialties, with a set range of the number of employees located in a particular country or location, and so on.

You can use one or a combination of these filters to get a list of organizations that match the needs of your campaign. will also give you the number of emails it was able to find for the particular organization. It is entirely up to you how you want to proceed with the research from this step forward.

You can either select some companies and save them under a list for later analysis, or you can analyze the organizations individually.

You can have a look at the company profile. It will include generic information such as locality, size, industry, etc. Below this description, you will find a list of email addresses.

It would include both generic as well as individual email addresses. You will be able to see the name of the person and his role in the organization. The email address would be obfuscated, and you will have to use credits to view it. has the right tools for one to analyze businesses and companies with ease, and you will find this section of the platform useful in a lot of use cases.

Technology checker

If your campaign focuses on a specific technology and wants you to identify and reach out to the players in the niche, then might have already done the job for you.

The technology checker on the platform helps you identify the platforms available in various technologies, and finds out the websites and email addresses you might be interested in.

You will see a list of technologies under various categories. You can go through these categories and select one or many of these technologies. You can also use the search bar for the same.

The results of the search will show you the different websites using those technologies and the industries they are related to. You will also be able to see the size of the organization, the location, and the language they use.

The information will help you make a better decision as to which of the companies will be more suitable for the outreach campaign.

Linker (Boolean search)

Linker is definitely one of the more interesting tools available on this platform. You can find it analogous to company profile checker in some ways, but it focuses on humans rather than organizations.

There are all these massive platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Upwork, Indeed, etc. where you can find people and organizations with different attributes.

Boolean search allows you to utilize the databases of these platforms to find the individuals you are looking for. Once you are in the right place, will give you the email addresses of individuals you are interested in.

There are only three search fields within Linker. You get to mention the job title, skills, and location. Linker can prove to be a great way for one to find individuals to hire, as well. will give you links to various platforms based on your search entries. You can then follow these links and inspect the kind of results it shows. If you feel that the available results might be beneficial for you, then you can use the Chrome extension to check the email addresses associated with them.

Linker is a great way of finding the right individuals, and sometimes even organizations.

Launching campaigns

Once you have gathered all the email addresses you need, the next step would be to reach out to prospects via email. And guess what, will help you with the email campaign, as well.

Unlike other email hunting tools, has a full-fledged email campaign that comes with a whole lot of automation.

If you are already using a CRM or an email marketing tool, you can still export leads to those platforms. However, if you wish to manage the entire outreach campaign from just one platform, the has got you covered.

The first step of the email campaign would be to connect the email account. You can have either a Gmail or SMTP account integrated with the platform. Then there are a few settings you would want to take care of.

Some of the leads in your campaign will have more than one email address, and you can decide if you want to send out messages on all or just one of them. To improve the deliverability of the campaign, you can make sure none of the emails go out to unverified and ‘accept all’ emails.

‘Accept all’ refers to emails on those domains that accept emails to all kinds of addresses on the domain. The situation makes it difficult for one to verify the correctness of an email address. offers two kinds of tracking. You can have link tracking, that is, you will know when the recipient clicks on the link provided within the email. You can track the incident when the user opens your email.

The campaign section on is not just about sending emails but about achieving goals. Along with emails, you can have triggers, delays, and goals within your campaign. It is much like what email automation tools offer.

There are four elements that you can place on the canvas using the drag and drop mechanism. These are email, trigger, delay, and goal. You can add and arrange them on the canvas as the campaign requires.

The email elements mark the instances when sends out emails. A trigger is usually to check if a condition is satisfied, and delay is the time before the subsequent action should be taken.

You can create as comprehensive and as complicated of a campaign as you want.

When it comes to creating the email, you can either use the template provided by or manage things on your own. The email builder comes with all the basic tools that you might need for the job.

You can schedule the emails to go out on specific days and times. The scheduler gives you enough flexibility to get as much success for the campaign as possible.

Once the campaign is live, you will get all the analytics and reports you need to stay informed. You will be able to see the number of people who interacted with the email, how many of them reached the goal you set, how many of the emails remain unopened, and so on.

The campaign section on is probably the best that you will see on any email hunting tool.

Conclusion is slightly different from the email scraping tools we are used to. It offers newer tools and methods for one to find the email addresses.

Tools such as domain and social URL search allow you conduct both broad and microscopic searches. You can use both personal and generic information to find out the appropriate emails for the outreach.

It is clear that wants more and more users to utilize the browser extension for the search. We also found it to be quite a convenient method to find the emails.

They also provide enough to research companies and organizations. The freedom to find out about organizations most suitable for the campaign helps save a lot of time and effort. The technology checker tool made the process even more accurate.

The email campaign section on is more advanced than what you will see on any email finding tool. It allows the user to set up follow up emails based on triggers, and the trackers also help one make important decisions.

You can try out without registering any credit card info. It is a wonderful opportunity for all the email hunters to try out this slightly unconventional email finding tool.

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