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Social Oomph social media management tool can make life a lot easier for those who do not have much time to control and organise their multiple social media profiles. This tool is helpful and easy to handle. Social Oomph is an ideal tool for those who want to effectively manage twitter accounts as it has a variety of features to manage twitter. As mentioned above, it doesn't support all famous networks though.

Features of Social Oomph:

SocialOomph offers both free as well as paid versions for managing multiple social media accounts. Although paid offers many features, the free version also gives access to many cutting-edge features such as keyword tracking, use of premade drafts, quickly view mentions, URL shortening and much more. Although free version only offer access to control five twitter accounts and no other social media accounts.

For facebook or other social network, you must upgrade to paid version that also unlocks many other productivity features. Below is a quick overview of some leading features of SocialOomph.


This social media management tool has a whole separate set of apps to boost your Twitter profile productivity. The user does not have to stay online all the time to publish their tweets and posts and share pages, they can schedule it for a specific time whenever they wish. It can be a time when they are not logged in, or in the condition to come online or the time when they are asleep.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus

The Social Oomph social Media management tool offers unlimited access to unlimited numbers of profiles on these sites. The users do not have to login to their profiles every time they want to post a comment or status update or upload photos. What needs a mention here is the security factor. The users do not have to provide their account details and credential to the Social Oomph team, rather they use the technology provided by these social media sites.

Employees Feed Social Accounts via Email

If someone sends you an email with any social message, it gets mentioned on the account that is referred to by the email. Once the emails are automatically tagged by the author, they cannot be overridden and falls under the user’s control. This entire process is customized as per the user’s wish and not all emails are directed to the social media sites for publication. The user chooses whose emails are to be published and any other emails will get automatically ignored.


The user can fix the date and time when he or she wants to publish the posts. Even uploading the photos to the many social media profiles at once cannot get easier than this.

Keyword Search

Keyword research is a very good opportunity for the users to find the people of Twitter profiles that are talking about the topics that they are searching for. However, searching does not mean that you are following them at once; you have to manually approve the profiles first in order to follow them. This means that users can maintain the quality of friends on their friend list.

Mimic Others' Follower List

The user can mimic or replicate the others’ profiles and follow those profiles that they are following. When the list reaches 500, the user can delete the older entries that Social Oomph will automatically provide to you.


Social Oomph social media management software allows users to pick a deal from three different plans, viz the free, professional and unlimited. The free plan allows users to access all the basic features of the software for free. With the professional plan, users can avail all the features of the program free for a trial period of 7 days. The user has to upgrade their program after 7 days, failing which the entire thing will revert to the free mode. The unlimited plan presented by social oomph allows users to access up to 5 twitter accounts with payment options after every 2 weeks.


Twitter profiles of the user will get organised and reach the zenith of optimization through this single app, called the Social Oomph. It is a good way to make social networking easy and simple.

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