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The arena of internet marketing today is largely dominated by the social networking media. Enterprises not only need to have a presence in the social media but also need to have an understanding of the entire arena in order to assess and cater to the demands of the customers. And this is where Sprout Social software comes in.

Features of Sprout Social

Sprout social offers variety of features to make social media management a hassle free task. Some of the features includes social CRM, Analytics, Team Collaboration and Help Desk.


With the keyword-monitoring feature of the Sprout Social Software users can get to know how their brand is faring in the social networking domain. This feature of the software looks for related brand searches, hunts for potential followers with similar areas of interests, assesses competition and keeps the user updated on industry news.


The analytics feature of the Social Sprout software allows the user to have unlimited reporting and exporting options across multiple accounts. The software mashes up the group, profile-level and roll-up analytics to present a report assessing the performance as high level or low level. The feature allows the user to have customized account with their own logo making it the best tool that an agency with multiple clients could come across.


For a business to flourish, it is important to take a look at the demands and enquiries of the customers, assess the problem areas and provide a solution to it as fast as possible. And the Helpdesk feature of the Sprout Social software allows you to create, track and manage support issues within no time at all. With this feature, the user can turn the social media conversations into customer service tickets, whereupon, resolution can be achieved by establishing a coordination between the social media team and customer support team.


Engaging and interacting with the customers is a major criterion to succeed in any business. And with the engagement feature of the Sprout Social software, users can achieve this target much more easily and simply. The Response Rate metric allows users to assess how well they have been responding to the demands of their clients.


Social collaboration is another aspect of the Sprout Social software, wherein the user can divide and collaborate the entire workload in their team to produce results efficiently in real time. With this feature you can transmit messages across various departments to find out who can respond to and take responsibility of the work at hand. The real time collaborative feature of the software ensures that none of your efforts are duplicated when responding to the customers.


The CRM feature of the Sprout Social software allows users to handle their relationship with the customers with simplicity and ease. The software keeps a record of the entire history of the customers accessible instantly. You can access the previous conversations anytime you wish to do so- while browsing the smart inbox or while composing a message. And the bidirectional system integration system, users can access the records of the contacts much more easily.


That the entire software with collaboration, smart inbox and all the other features is available for access via mobile can definitely be said to be one of the best features of the Sprout Social software. This feature allows users and team members to interact and stay on a cohesive platform regardless of their position or device.


This feature of the Sprout Social software allows the user to keep track of their posts, schedule and publish them. The feature called "ViralPost" allows your followers' engagement patterns and determine suitable time to publish post. If you're working as a team, you can view entire calendar as a team as well.

Selecting a Plan

The Sprout Social software offers its customers three different kinds of plans to select from, viz, standard, deluxe and premium. The standard plan allows users to handle up to 10 profiles, access all in one social inbox, brand monitoring and advanced publishing features. The Deluxe program along with all the features of the standard program also allows users to access helpdesk and Google analytics integration. The premium plan allows users to access all the facilities offered by the standard and deluxe programs along with certain complimentary features.


With affordable pricing and advanced features, the Sprout Social software can be said to be one of the many social media management software that allows users to seamlessly manage their social media campaigns.

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