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Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software launched in 2014 by Tapfiliate B.V., a company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The focus of the company is to build one of the best affiliate tracking software on the market, with continuous improvements following the principle of Kaizen. The company applies Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvements, in the development of Tapfiliate to ensure that it always brings the best value to their users.

Easy Launch Configuration

Building an affiliate program with Tapfiliate is simple and easy. You can have your affiliate program setup in just five minutes - all you need to do is integrate your website with Tapfiliate, and setup your program. Once you've done this you can start adding affiliates and tracking your affiliate program right away. If you're not in such a hurry, you can add various marketing assets into your affiliate program and setup welcome emails for your affiliates. This way, when affiliate's start to sign up they will have great onboarding experience as well as marketing materials to start promoting your program right away

Top-Notch Affiliate Tracking Features

There are three affiliate tracking features that stand out, these include asset management, fraud detection, and automation. Tapfiliates asset management feature allows you to store and manage your marketing assets within the platform. Your affiliates can then make use of Tapfiliate's one click social sharing to share these directly from their affiliate accounts. The fraud detection feature ensures that each affiliate conversion is legitimate, and comes from actual purchases without the possibility of fraudulent transactions. Tapfiliate also offers their clients the possibility to setup various automations via the platforms 'Triggers' feature and Zapier app. For instance, you may want to automatically add your affiliates to mailchimp list, this is possible with a simple (and free) Zapier integration.

White Labeling & Branding

Tapfiliate allows you to brand your own affiliate program, so that you can keep your professional business brand intact while using this software. The branding feature offers customizable sign-up and sign-in pages for your affiliates, as well as sub-domain and custom domain. You can also swap out the Tapfiliate logo with your own logo, giving your affiliates a fully branded experience. In addition to that, the domain aliasing feature allows you to mask your affiliate sub-domain with your own domain name. This feature comes with the built-in SSL support to keep your domain secure.

Custom Commission Structure

The flexibility of the software allows a plethora of different commission events. For example, you may choose to reward your affiliates for driving sign-ups, or per-purchase, or you may even want to offer your affiliates a recurring commission for subscription-based products. The platform also makes it possible for you to decide when and how you would like to payout your affiliates. This way, you can manage your affiliate program the way that works best for you and your team of affiliates.


Running a successful affiliate program has everything to do with the quality of the affiliate tracking software that you have. Tapfiliate allows you to run your own affiliate program, and it offers robust features that you can use to ensure the success of your affiliate business.

The customizable commission structure helps you to take control of how you run your affiliate program, so that you can run your affiliate program the way you always want it. The branding feature helps to keep your brand name intact within your affiliate platform, so that your affiliates can build a better relationship with your brand as they are building their business with you. Overall, this is a recommended affiliate tracking software if you want to build a professional affiliate platform for your business.

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