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TrackingDesk is a traffic tracking and management platform provided by TrackingDesk, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The purpose of the software is to help advertisers, especially media buyers and affiliate marketers, to track and manage their campaigns effectively, so that they can get a better ROI. This software is designed to keep everything in check and help you to improve your campaign performance over time.

Quick And Easy Setup

TrackingDesk offers a 30-day trial period for first-time users to let them use the features of the software free for 30 days, before they decide to subscribe. However, what’s important to take a look is the quick and easy setup that the software offers to the users. There are no complicated steps that you have to do before using this software. In other words, you simply sign up, and you are good to go. It has a one-click setup process that doesn’t require you to fill any complex questions. Once the setup is done, your account is integrated with hundreds of popular affiliate programs and ad networks.

Intuitive Campaign Setup

The goal of the software is to help you get the most ROI out of your campaigns. The good thing about this software is that it has an intuitive campaign setup, which gives an easier management for your campaigns. No matter how many campaigns that you have, you can manage and track your traffic effectively from the software dashboard. In each campaign, you can determine the target audience for your promotion, as well as compare each campaign side by side. In this way, you know which campaign works best for your promotion. You can also rotate your landing pages for your campaign by various parameters.

Traffic And Conversion Reports

The traffic and conversion reports allow you to assess the performance of your campaign, providing more detailed insights regarding what you should do to improve your campaign. With the intuitive campaign setup, and many variations that you can experiment with your campaign, it is becoming more important for you to be able to see what campaign works best for your promotion. The reports provided by TrackingDesk cover various aspects of your campaign, providing the best evaluation system for all of your campaigns. This is useful if you are doing a lot of split testing for your promotion.

Campaign Optimization

The campaign optimization feature allows you to always be in control of each campaign that you run within the software. When a campaign is not doing well, you can simply tweak the campaign on the fly and see the real-time results of your tweaks. You can easily add or remove various marketing assets that you have for the campaign, and optimize it in real time. This is by far the best feature that is not widely available in similar software, which makes this software unique. Combined with various analytic features, you are able to determine the success or failure of your campaign quickly, simply by watching the analytics patterns. Then, you can make corrections immediately before you lose more money on your bad campaigns.


TrackingDesk is a software that allows you to track and manage your campaign traffic. It is suitable to be used by media buyers and affiliate marketers. The software dashboard allows you to manage all of your campaigns, with all the detailed information about it. It has a strong integration system with various affiliate and ad networks. The software is intuitive and easy to set up, with detailed traffic and conversion reports to help you assess your campaign performance. The best feature of this software is the real-time campaign optimization option, which allows you to tweak and edit your campaign in real time, as you need it. This is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing tools that you can use if you are a media buyer or an affiliate marketer.

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