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Founded in 2012, Positionly is an online SEO tool provided by Positionly Sp. z.o.o., with the main headquarter located in Warsaw, Poland. Positionly provides a complete SEO tool that allows users to track and monitor their website performance in the search engine, as well as improve their search engine ranking.

Ranking Tracker

The Ranking Tracker feature allows you to track and monitor your website ranking in the search engine, and not only that, you can also monitor your progress on a daily basis. The dashboard within Positionly software allows you to see most of your keywords and how they are performing for your website. You can track your ranking in the global and local search, with Google Analytics integration to complete your website analysis.   

Competitor Analysis

In order to get to the top position in the search engine, you have to analyze your competitors as well. This software allows you to monitor and analyze the competitors within your niche, and allow you to step ahead of their game. With this feature, you can analyze a keyword or a group of keywords and see how your competitors are doing with those keywords. Then, you can evaluate their performance and use the data to improve your website performance for those keywords.

Inbound Links Checker

Unamo SEO allows you to check your inbound links, and gives recommendations on how to improve your backlink building. It also gives you the report whether you have a healthy backlink or not. The software gives accurate data regarding link quality, anchor text, link type, and referring domain. This way, you can always balance your inbound links for maximum performance in the search engine.


The To-dos feature allows you to win your way to the top search engine position in the most effective way. The software provides to-do suggestions to improve your search engine ranking. By following the suggestions, you can gradually improve your search engine position and attract more traffic to your website.

Recent Activities

With Unamo SEO, you can always check your recent activities from time to time. The software gives you notifications about any activities that may result in rank drop, increase in website position, traffic rise, changes in the Top 10 positions for certain keywords, and so on. With Recent Activities feature, you can always take the necessary action as quickly as possible.

Website Optimization Grader

This feature allows you to assess the level of optimization that your website currently has. It helps to point out the problems within your website structure and gives recommendations on how to optimize your website for the best search engine performance. It analyzes your website thoroughly, from the title tags and meta-tags to the website content and media files.

Automated Reports

Unamo SEO allows you to generate your website report whenever you need it. You can customize each report that you generate, such as by customizing it according to the date and time, keywords, and so on. If you are using the software as an SEO agency, you can also brand your report before sending it to your clients. You can also set an automatic delivery schedule for your report and convert the report to various formats.

Mobile Ready

You can download the mobile app version of the software, so that you can use it on the go. With Unamo SEO mobile apps, you can access your dashboard and monitor your site performance via your mobile device. The data sync with the web version of the software, so you always get your latest website performance data. The mobile apps are available for Android and iOS platforms.


Whether you are looking for a good SEO software for a large company or a small startup company, Unamo SEO can give you the complete SEO tool that you need. The features provided in this software are enough to meet your every need to boost your website ranking and attract more search engine traffic to your website. With various pricing options available, you can always pick the best one according to your current needs, and of course, you can always scale up later.

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